Thursday, July 1, 2010

First of all

This is my first post, obviously. I intend this blog to mostly be about adult nursing relationships and mild male chastity play. Of course, it may meander from these main topics, but I will try to keep my discussions centered on the stated topics.

Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR): it is becoming a large part of my relationship with my girlfriend (called herein "K"). This is not necessarily an erotic side of our relationship, though the warm tender feelings sometimes leads to lovemaking. ANR is new to us, however I have desired it for many years.

The male chastity is of very mild nature. There are plenty of other forums on the internet with a slant toward the extreme. Discussion of those more extreme points of view will not be the main source of topics. Purpose of our male chastity play is simply to ensure that all my orgasms are with her. This is not in concern about infidelity. For us, it is merely a loving and playful way to say, "I want all your orgasms to be with me, and not even with solo masturbation." It is not seen as a way for K to try to control me or punish me. K does not try to use it as a means to deny me love making. Rather, she is usually eager to get the chastity device off of me when anytime there is the possibility for love making. It is a fun and exciting thing we share.

Now you have a short description of what this blog will be about. I hope you enjoy reading.

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