Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Having Lots Of It

Okay, here is another quick note. Sorry, but I don't have much time right now. I just got home from work and am about to go out to dance lessons (K and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons for several months).

Life is still very busy. Work is keeping me running a lot. Still, K and I spend every night together. Sometimes I nap first before I go to her house, or before she comes to mine. We then have fun; lots of fun. I am, as usual, locked all the time, unless I am with her. Then she decides when to unlock me. This is usually followed by some good lovemaking. GOOD LOVEMAKING!! A couple of nights ago, I think I had one of the best orgasms of my life. Last night was a good one too. I get to nurse during our lovemaking and again as we go to sleep. Then, when I get up in the morning for work, I usually nurse for a quick 5 - 10 minutes. Yeah, I know, it isn't much, but it sure is good (big smile). It is a nice way to start my day.

The end is in sight. Our busy time at work is coming to an end within the next week or so. We'll get a little breather and then back to a busy time again. It will be over some time after the first of the year. Until then, we get as much time for nursing and lovemaking as we can. MMMmmm.....good!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Kali Night

Last night was a good one. Wooo Hooo!

I came home from work tired. These long hours are getting tough. I decided that I would lay down and take a little nap before getting together with K for the night. When I got home, I stripped the bed and put on clean sheets, cleaned the kitchen, and got things ready for going to work today. Along the way, K and I did some texting, a frequent activity. We decided that she would come over at her convenience instead of my going to her house for the night. That is a relief for me since I am working the excessive hours that I am. I layed down for my nap before she came over.

I slept about 20 minutes and could not go back to sleep. I decided to take a shower and do a few more things around the house. I went back to bed, clean, in clean sheets, ready to try to sleep more before K arrived. I had no idea when she would actually appear. I had been laying there about ten minutes when in she came. She was already undressed! She came over and slid into bed with me. She took me and moved me to her breasts and I nursed there for a little while. AHHHHH,.... heaven. I'm clean, she's clean, the bed is clean and comfortable, and I am laying there nursing at her breasts: we are both happy. Then the real excitement began....especially for me.

I began to get an erection. Simple, huh? No. I was wearing Kali! (That is what we call our KTB) That was powerful enough as it was. The extra excitement was that a little earlier, I had taken a little bit of Viagra as a preparation for K's arrival. (Viagra is my friend, especially when extremely tired. I don't use it often. I use it more as a little insurance when I suspect I may not be able to perform as well as I would like too. This usually only occurs when extremely tired or stressed.) I don't use much of it per dose. I only take about 25mg at a time, divided from larger tablets.

Wow, what an experience!! I became hard very easily. I was excited to see K! I was excited because I had on Kali, and had been wearing her ever since that morning, when K had locked it on me before I left for work. I had felt Kali's weight and spikes all day long and it had a nice arousal effect. I had taken Viagra. I was nursing. K was feeling me up. K was.....enjoying the experience! She was having fun with teasing me, exciting me, knowing I had Kali on, and that getting too hard meant a painful response. With all the exciting stimulating circumstances, I could not help myself but to get hard. The most intense part of it was that I would sometimes nearly uncontrollably flex the muscles in my dick. This would result in intense pain. I would do my best to immediately stem the flexing before the full force of Kali bit in. Due to all this, and extreme effort on my part, I did not ever get completely hard, thankfully. K, realizing all the time what is going on (except the Viagra: I havent' mentioned to her yet that I had taken some), enjoyed the responses. I was in quite a bit of pain, wimpering often. Yet, she continued to tease me and increase the stimulation. I finally rolled away from her because of the increasing pain. I could not put my legs down, or even hardly move without it causing painful movement in my dick! She reached to tease me a little more and then relented. She unlocked me! Whew.

Then we made love. She immediately wanted me to give her oral. I went down on her and she was WET!!! I commented, asking if she had enjoyed the experience of the pain Kali can cause. She said yes, in a somewhat reserved way. Hmmm... are we discovering a new exciting facet of my dear K?

I don't want this to sound cliched. There is plenty of fictional stories about the orgasms of women and the experiences of men. Poo! This is all true, as is all I write here. But, yes, she came quickly. Very quickly! And it was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed with her, stimulating her while she enjoyed herself. When then moved into position to have sex. I entered her. She was "tight". Another verfication that she really had enjoyed the Kali experience. Now, it was my turn. And I came hard. I do have to say it was exquisite....over the top. Wow!

Before now, Kali has not been involved in our chastity play very much. I've got a feeling that Kali may participate more in our play time in the future.

After a little clean-up, we snuggled up for more nursing, and we drifted quickly to sleep.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


I often see in different chastity forums the subject of piercings brought up. Why would anyone get a piercing for the sake of chastity play? Hmmmm....

I had played with chastity a little bit occasionally in the past. My only device was the CB3000. I didn't really have an interested keyholder. I for the most part locked myself up because I liked the feel of it and the thought that I couldn't access my dick until I removed the CB. This was fun at first. I would lock the key in a safe that had a timer on it, thereby enforcing a sense of chastity upon myself. I soon learned that the CB was easily defeated. Like so many others who use the device, I found that I could pull my dick out the back, do as I pleased, put my dick back in the device, and never unlock the lock. Of course, the CB was still fastened to my body because I had been sure to adjust the spacer configuration so as not to be able to remove it with out damaging the CB. Anyway, the CB was defeated because I could still manage masturbation.

My next project in the security quest, was to devise a way to not be able to "pull out". I created several posibilities, from strings tied around my dick and locked on too, to making anti-pull out devices much like the KSD. These were somewhat effective, but uncomfortable. The most comfortable was the string option. But.... it was too much hassle and I wanted to take security to the next level. To me, that only meant one thing!

At the same time, I was going through a difficult time. Divorce was in the works and the job was being tortuous. I simply wanted to do something. Something different. Something out of character.... for me, anyway. I had a wild and crazy attitude running through my veins at the time. With divorce pending, CB play wasn't as important, as far as participating with the soon to be ex but, I still wanted to have the security if I were to ever find the right lover that would also be interested in chastity play too. Amongst all that, it became clear that the one thing that I could do that met all this criteria was to get myself a PA piercing. I was convinced....almost.

I started doing a little research. I did definitely decide it was the PA that I wanted. It was supposed to be the quickest to heal, appeared to be the preferred for chastity, and some reported enhanced sexual sensations. I checked out the shops in my area and found the most reputable one. I called them several times, asking lots of questions and gather information. Finally I went to the shop and told the piercer I wanted a PA. I then asked more questions and found out about their sterilization procedures. It included sterile packaging and autoclave. Okay, I was good to go. We went to the piercing room. I pulled down my pants and layed down on his table. Why he was getting everything ready, he turned to me and said that he was now ready to start. The problem then surfaced!

I had been laying there thinking about getting the PA. One thought kept sounding in my head, "You want him to poke a hole through your WHAT??!??!?" I told him that I had second thoughts and decided not to get done right now. He said okay, and that he understood.

I left!

A week later, with perfect resolve, I went there again, layed on the table, and he punched a hole in my dick!

Did it hurt? Yes. Did it hurt badly? Uh.... Yep, pretty bad. My ass immediately came off the table about a foot and I repeatedly said "FUCK!" about 300 times while it was being pierced. That lasted all of about three seconds, honestly. The pain was gone. He then placed in 16 gage CBR and I was done. All in all, nothing to it. Surprisingly!

I have had it now for two years. I am glad I have it. It is fun to have. It does definitely give security. Also, for me, it does give some enhanced sexual sensations and a stronger orgasm. Would I do it again? You bet I would. Was the pain worth it? Yes, all three seconds of it. Really folks, it hurt, but it wasn't that bad. If you are wanting it, do it. It only takes seconds and you will have it as long as you want. And the really cool thing, you can remove it anytime and it will close up, almost undetectable.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

KTB Blurb

Tonight I am only writing a quick blurb about the past little while. The last time I wrote about what devices that we have, I listed three: PA5000, CB3000, and a KTB that I crafted myself. I have since aquired an MCD. From Club FEM. Those last 2 are quite interesting devices to be worn, being quite punishing if an erection even starts to occur. For the past week and a half, I have been in the hairclip, AKA, PA5000. Today was my 1 day off among several in a row that I have worked. Since being at work was not an issue, at my slight suggestion playfully, K Decided to lock me in the KTB. Interesting! I locked it on quickly for her. It was a very erotic affect. I can immediately started to get an erection. Quickly, the KTB made me very aware of its bite! I summoned all the mental energy I had to shut down the erection. She wanted it on me early this morning, and now it is 10 o'clock at night. I'm Now arriving at K's house and wondering how interesting in shall be tonight. I have promised her plenty of oral sex tonight. I am sure she will get it! Kali will come off eventually so that I can sleep good. It is our custom that I do not sleep in it. I am really looking forward to our love making tonight. (BIG smile)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work, And More Work

Ugh! Time has been so short. My employer is keeping me too busy. I'm spending 12 1/2 hours a day at work, with only two days off in the past twenty-four. With the hours I'm keeping there, and getting a little time with K, it hasn't left much time for blogging. I will say though that K and I are enjoying much nursing. We are maintaining the locking too. Being so busy, we haven't had much time to "play" with that part. I'll write more when I can. I apologize for the slow posting. There is much more I want to write about.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why We Like Nursing

Why is it that some of us men enjoy nursing so much? And then there are others that don't seem to get much out of it. Well obviously, I cannot speak for all. As you know, I am a man, at least the last time I looked (this afternoon). Talking amongst some men that I know, there are some that love it, and some that can take it or leave it. There are usually two distinct camps. Don't get me wrong. Most men regardless, enjoy a woman's breasts. It's just that some of us regard them more highly than others. We all like the figure of a lady in our own way. To us breast men though, having adequate breast endowment is important. All the rest is nice about a lady's figure, but the breasts are very high on the "criteria" checklist when we are looking for the lady that meets our desires. Much of that is simply because of what we like to look at, being the visually motivated creatures that we are. Now, my understanding is not from scientific research at all: I wouldn't know how to even pursue that endeavor. However, us men do like to talk too! Those that seem to prefer breasts over other features of the female anatomy, seem also to like to do their share of suckling. I doubt there are many men that consider it nursing or suckling though. This is probably due to the idea that it would make them more of a "baby". Men! They don't like being thought of in any way that could be contrived to mean that they are less of a man or weak. BUT, regardless of what you want to call it, they like to nurse.

"Why?" is still a question. Hmm...

Maybe it is because deep down inside us, there is still a little boy that desires acceptance and love. Maybe it is because we like to feel like someone is taking care of us. Maybe it is because we like the closeness it creates. Maybe I could say "maybe" for a long time. I won't. I can however tell you about ONE man's perspective. It is all the above, in one way or another. I have had discussions with K about the little boy within. Yes, I am a man. I wrote one post that was dedicated to that thought. Still, there is deep within a man, a child that desires closeness, love, acceptance, and care. This matters most in the relationship of his lover. The big strong man still has the child, in my opinion.

The man who does not recognize this inner child, is missing the ability to know himself. I suspect that same man does not know very well how to connect with his lover, and his relationship may be more superficial, or maybe I should say that it may not be as deep as it could be.

K and I enjoy the deepest of relationships. Beautiful. She understands the inner boy, as I do the inner girl. Nursing addresses all the desires of my heart. I feel loved, accepted, cared for, and desired. She nurtures me there at her breasts. She loves me there. She knows it. She can comfort me with her breasts, even with simply holding me there close against them, or between them. And with nursing, she ministers to my heart. It is such a connection that really cannot be described. It is amazing what it does for both of us. It is so powerful, that it can relax us both after a stressful day and have us falling asleep within minutes. It is a form of pure peace!

I know I have said this before, a few times. I must say it again. I love this lady. Nursing is a HUGE part of that. ( And I smile)

Please feel free to share your ideas and comments. Oh, and thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Simply, Purely, Love K

The title says it all.

I love K completely. I am so glad she likes the chastity play, that she has come to enjoy it herself. It is a wonderful thing for us, and I do believe it enhances our relationship, enriching our love. Another part of this post is simply that I love the nursing relationship we have. It warms my heart every time she nurses me. It connects me to her. No, I don't get milk, but it would be great if I did. I would like that! Regardless, with no milk, we still classify this as an ANR (adult nursing relationship). I nurse. At her breasts. Often. Often as possible. For as long as possible. And our love grows immensely.

I do, really, purely, simply, love K. Chastity play and nursing are a huge part of that. (big smile on my face)

Too Busy for Lovemaking

This is day four of several that I am working, as per my present job requirements. It is also day four of being in lock-up again. Of course, I do get unlocked by K every night, as is our arrangement. I am much hornier during this time. We BOTH like that. We made love this past Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We would have made love again last night, but I was just too tired. Getting up at 4:30am and getting in bed too late is exhausting me. Last night, I went home and slept about three hours. I then got up, showered and groomed, and went to K's house. We were both horny and had said so throughout the day. When I got to her house, she was already asleep, which is no surprise since it was 11:45pm. As soon as I went into her bedroom, she awakened and I got her keys for her so that she could unlock my dick from the "hairclip". I slid in bed with her and we loved on each other some. We were both still horny. I was instantly erect and she voiced that she was still interested. However.....

We snuggled a little and she moved me to nurse. I gladly, wantonly took her right breast into my mouth. We both "whined/wimpered" as I lay there nursing. The feelings, the emotions, were so strong between us. We relaxed in the lovingness of it. I was nurtured, she nurtured, we both loved. We both fell asleep there, in that wonderful nursing position. And, sleep was sweet.

I got up to the rudeness of the alarm clock and rolled out of bed. My custom is to get totally ready for work, including putting the chastity device (CD). When I am ready to go out the door for work, I go back into the bedroom, awaken K, and hand her the key to the CD. She then locks my dick until the next time we are together and she is ready to unlock me. She almost always does the locking/unlocking, about 99.9% of the time. This is our arrangement, so that I sleep undisturbed at night with her, she does not have to get up or wake up too much in order to lock me in the morning, and we part for the day with my dick safe and secure for her. It works well.

I reflected on the nursing often today. Though the day was busy, I found myself thinking of her wonderful breasts often, and the feel of them pressed to my face as I lay there nursing, being her "baby", us loving each other. It does not take the place of making love, but it is certainly a comforting connection with K. It enhances my love for her, makes me feel even closer to her, and I believe it does the same for her. It is wonderful, completely.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I wrote earlier today that we have again started a regimen of locking again after a month or so of non-chastity. If you want to know more about that, refer to that post.

So yesterday was the first day in a while. I can't believe how much I missed it. It was as though something was missing. It was as though losing the presense of my beloved K, with her hand no longer carefully holding my cock. And as I wear the "hairclip", I am aware of just how much I missed K having the key to my orgasms.

Sunday was a good day. I'm working a terrible amount of hours right now. Sunday was my day off after working too many days in a row. We made the most of it. Saturday, I went home after work, crashed on the bed and slept three hours. I got up, showered and got clothes together for Sunday, then went to K's house for the night. By the time I got there it was about 11:00PM. Then the fun started!

We started making love. Good sweet love. For the past almost four weeks, we have only had short quick lovemaking sessions. Time and fatigue did not allow much else. Now, we had time, and I was not so tired, having just slept a three-hour nap. It was on! Clothes came off quickly. We carressed each other, sucked, kissed, nursed, held, and any other thing that came to us at the time, for about two hours, as we finally finished with sex that was fantastic. It had been a while since we could spend that kind of time. Although we have spent more time than that many times, Saturday had been a while.

We drifted off quickly to sleep as I lay there at here breast nursing. OH! How sweet it was.. We both could feel the love exchange. What a way to go to sleep, with a breast pressed gently in my face, sucking on her nice nipple. It doesn't get better than that.

When we woke Sunday morning, we layed there and enjoyed each other's closeness for a little while. She took me and moved my mouth to her breast again. It seemed so full and tender to my face. I wished that her breasts gave milk and I could suckle there, receiving her love through receiving her milk. It is a fantasy we both share. Maybe someday..... Who knows. We have read that it can happen, given the right circumstances and care. It has to be very deliberate though, evidently. But, It would be nice. In some ways, I am her "baby", and we both enjoy that. Hey, it is our life, and our relationship, and our pleasure, right?

We did get up eventually and shared coffee on the back porch, another common pleasure for us. We both love coffee, especially in the morning. We sat there and talked, drank coffee and enjoyed the cool morning air that a cold front had brought us. We got up, readied ourselves for church and left. After church, we ate sandwiches, went to a hotel resort and walked the grounds enjoying the scenery, took a walk in the woods, went to my house to get work clothes for Monday, returned to her house, prepared supper, built a fire in the fire pit in the back yard, ate dinner there and relaxed talking. We then retired to the bed room and had more excellent loving. More of the same. More of what we had Saturday night. And more of it than we had Saturday night. More time for loving. More loving on each other. And it ended in more of that good wonderful sex that we enjoy.

We have an understanding. As a rule, if there is going to be sex, she is going to have her orgasm too. There is not going to be a situation where I get my orgasm and she does not. Most of the time it starts with me giving her oral, then when she has her orgasm, she pulls me up to her for me to enter her and a good time is had by all! And for me, they are always wonderful orgasms. Hmmm... uuuuh.... yes,..... I am a man......of course they are wonderful. There is no such thing as an orgasm that is not wonderful. I must say however that there is rarely an orgasm for me that that is less than a 7 on that worn out scale of 1 - 10. Sometimes however the order of things is not the same. Sometimes it is sex first. That means that then the vibrator comes out and K finishes her orgasm with it, along with me pleasuring her with hands and mouth on breasts. It is still a joint venture. (NO! I do not eat my own semen. No, I'm not eating her pussy when I have just had my orgasm in her. No, ours is not one of those relationships where I am required to clean her up with my tongue. I think most of the time, that is the writings of someone wrapped up in a fantasy. Note I did say "most of the time")

The main thrust of this post is to simply say that my day off Sunday was wonderful. It was a time of renewal for us. We needed it, both of us. We had been so busy for the past month, with shutdown, with her foot injury, with all the business we have had, we NEEDED that day for ourselves. It was truly like a one-day relaxing vacation, where we both renewed in each others love and care, coming together again in heart and soul, with some wonderful physical satisfactions thrown in.

What a day!!!

Me, A Man, A Man's Man

Up to this point, I have not describe myself much. Here it goes.

I am a man. A real man. Very much a man. I am muscular, well built. I am 6 feet 1inch tall. I weigh 250 pounds, and would love to weigh 230. So you see, I am not terribly overweight. I am not some puny guy that has no life or dignity, afraid of my own shadow. I have intestinal fortitude: GUTS! I stand up for what I believe, and for what I believe in. I am strong, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I have a fearsome grip when I shake hands, having to be careful to not hurt most people. I have run 10K races, although my body is not really designed for it so much, with the muscle mass that I carry. I can hold my own in a fight. Though I don't go looking for trouble, I don't take crap from anyone. I'm afraid of no one, literally. I'm afraid of nothing. I have respect for what deserves it: there is a difference. I'm very competitive. I'm tough as nails. Many wonder how I endure what I do at times, whether physically, emotionally, or whatever. I'm 48 years old. I can out work most most men half my age, and do it often. I look everyone in the eye when talking to them, whether of lower or higher stature than myself.

Why do I write all this about myself? Am I bragging? No. I am only trying to let you the reader see what I am made of. I am not some wimp, unsure of myself, confused about life and who I am. I am not some poor slob that can't hold his head up, afraid to take any tiger by the tail. I'm not looking for somewhere to fit in and think I have found it through being some little weakling that can only be belittled and disdained, to be treated like a titty-baby sucking a breast for comfort, unable to stand up for himself and is not worthy to be in control of his cock and orgasms, who finds himself stripped of all rights and esteem.

If you met me on the street, you would see a man. A real man. A man to be respected. A man that can take care of himself and those he loves. One who is fearless. A man that you would do well to respect and regard with carefulness. Shake my hand, and you will know immediately that you shake the hand of a MAN, a man's man!

Just so you know!

Loving It All

Of course from the name of this blog, you can already know that it is about adult nursing and male chastity.

I am loving all of it. K loves it too. Even through the tiredness brought on by the excessive hours I am working, we maintain nursing, even in the absence of other lovemaking we would prefer to have too. Hey, it would be nice to have it all, ALL the time, right? Too bad that isn't the "real world". Oh no, did I burst someone's bubble? You mean it isn't "real world" with fantasy mixed in? Ha! This is MY real world. All that I have written here in this blog is thus far " REAL WORLD ". No, I have not embellished, I have not added elements of fantasy to try to make it interesting. Hmmm... maybe I should? Again, HA! I intend this blog to contain the whole truth. Yep! That's right! The WHOLE truth. If I say it, I lived it.

This is not some writing of a deprived person, wishing that the things here in print were a truth in their life. No, I won't be writing some far out pieces of blabber about being locked in the basement, tied to a cold concrete wall, naked, beaten with my butt on fire, wondering when poor poor me will be released and unlocked so that I can again masterbate just one more time,to my peril of never being unlocked again, to never have another orgasm....blah, blah, blah. Oh yes, it is entertainment, but so much of it is so unreal that it is hard to endure much of it, at least for me anyway. K doesn't beat me....well not very often anyway, HA! My balls haven't been stretched to my knees. I am not deprived of orgasms for months at a time. As a matter of fact, I am not deprived at all. Oh, the shock of it! Not deprived??? No, I am not deprived. Yes, I am locked up. No, I am not deprived. We make love on a regular basis. No, I do not mean that we make love in other ways rather than have sex. I am talking about...... listen closely..... hello......making love.....with all the trimmings ...... fondling....... kissing..... holding........ hickies (smile)...... teasing...... speaking sweet nothings...... carressing...... and the best sexual intercourse ever!!!!!

And we are loving it all!

I am locked up 24/7 unless I am with her.... and then she decides when to unlock me. Most of the time it is at the beginning of our lovemaking sessions. After she does unlock me I usually remain unlocked until we part. Most of the time that will be the next morning when we go to work. When I leave for work, I put on the CD of her choice and then go to the bed side with her set of keys, wake her, and she locks the CD on me. The CD is usually the "hairclip". Our arrangement is wonderful. We both love it. There is no abuse. There is no demeaning of the other. It is all love and passion. The purpose? It is to enhance the feeling that we belong to each other. She "owns" my dick and my orgasms. Yet, she loves me so much and enjoys lovemaking so much that we make love often as possible. Who wouldn't love that.

Oh, and the nursing!! It is wonderful. It has so much become a part of who I am. It is such a sweet way that she administers her love to me. I lay sweetly at her breasts and suckle, many times so moved by the emotion of the experience that I find myself making little wimpering sounds with the pleasure. And she too makes many of the wimpering sounds too, as she feels the shared love and connection with each other. It is a connection and bond that cannot be described. It is powerful. It seems to be one of the fullest expressions of care and love that we can possibly share with each other. I lay there at her breasts and suckle, being petted and loved on, being given such full love and care by K that my heart melts, my nerves calm, my mind and body relax, and we become as one with each other as it is possible to be, matched only by pure lovemaking we also enjoy. It is pure love. It is pure acceptance by the one that loves you. And it is reciprocal. We both feel these same feelings as I nurse at her breasts. And who wouldn't love that too?

Taking a Break

Ah, I am finally getting to write again. It has been busy,as usual. My employer is in a position presently to demand much of my time. I am working 10 to 13 days in a row, 12 1/2 hours a day. It is no surprise. It was a scheduled activity that we knew was going to happen at this time of year. And I am not alone. I work rotating shift and the facility is in a time of excessive work hours in my operating area at this time. Being on shift as as I am, I am on a crew of 10 people. And there are four crews. All of us are being called upon to work this heavy load together. It is very simply, a part of our lives, occasionally.

A few days before this work load started, I awoke in my bed with the glans of my penis somewhat numb on one side. Of course, I was wearing my CD, the "hairclip" to be exact. K keeps the "main" key on her keyring. I have a the spare key. The spare is secured in the "keysafe" I devised. The keysafe provides an emergency means of access to the key. A simple use of a hacksaw or cutters will quickly give access to the key. It is also evident if access has been attained. So, worried about circulation and tissue damage to my glans, I did indeed cut open the keysafe and unlock myself. I found that I was still numb, even with some massage of tissue to hopefully speed recovery by extra blood flow. This did not help. I therefore decided to give the CDs a break for a little while until things appeared to be healed and returned to normal. I immediately notified K of the situation and she was much agreeable to the situation.

K and I have been having a wonderful and interesting time. A few weeks ago, we went wading, looking to catch some soft-shelled crabs. We were returning through the waters when K was struck by a stingray. The pain was excruciating for her, as is for anyone who is so injured. A trip to the E.R. provided for antibiotics. A few days later, she was in the hospital anyway with a serious infection. After a heavy regimen of antibiotics and a little removal of dead skin and tissue, she went home to recoup. That occupied me for a few days, taking care of her. We both enjoyed that very much. Then comes the shutdown.

The sensation to my glans was returning more every day. However, I was not willing to be locked back up until all was normal again. This proved to be advantageous. In the shutdown activities, I climbed, crawled and gyrated through many an object and obstacle. I do believe this would have been quite uncomfortable if performed wearing a CD. Yes, my crotch was somewhat abused in some of these manuevers.

Yesterday was my first day back in lock up. All is well: I've healed and my shutdown duties have become less strenuous and hazardous to my fragile parts. It has been over a month since I was last locked up for my sweet K.

K and I had been having a little bit of a rough time. With her injury and my shutdown business, it left very little time for us to spend in lovingness. We were both missing it greatly. We felt so distanced from each other. Much of that was due to my work load. I would come home exhausted, sometimes going straight to bed. Later in the evening, I would get up, shower and spend a little time with K. This meant that she or I would have to go to each other's house, since we do have our separate homes. By the time I get up in the morning at 4:30, travel 35 minutes to and from work, 12 1/2 hours at work, shower and eat something for supper, about 15 hours of my day would already be consumed. This of course left very little time for K and I to spend together. Many nights we simply cuddled up and went to sleep, usually with me nursing at her breasts (ahhh....sweet!!!)

I had just finished working 11 days in a row, with the above mentioned regimen. My off day was this past Sunday. Saturday, we were able to have some real loving. I went home after work. Crashed in bed for three hours. Grabbed myself out of bed and pushed myself into the shower. AAaaahhh... that felt good. Now awake and feeling better, I made my self ready and went to K's house. And we had a good time of lovemaking.

Sunday was good too. More nice time spent together. More loving. And with a wonderful day spent we cuddled up and talked as we went to sleep. And the talk...... Hmmmmm...... turned to locking me up again. I am healed. Sensation has returned. All is well. Time to lock up for my sweet K again. I looked forward to it. She looked forward to it. Monday was the day. It has been over a month. The chastity break was over. And we are both glad! We both miss it.

Ironically, due to all that has gone on, I only pleasured myself one time solo, during that whole unlocked period.