Friday, November 12, 2010

A Check-up

While we had time on our trip, we were able to do a lot of talking. Our communication, I believe, is one of our many strengths. We can literally talk about anything, and we do. One of our conversations was particularly about chastity. Of course, we do talk about chastity fairly often, but we sometimes talk about it in such a way so as to tell each other what we like about it. I guess it is sort of a "chec-kup".

I couldn't tell you how we came to the start of this conversation. It was interesting none the less. So, let us just say that a mention of the chastity, me being locked, was made. I stated that I was happy that she had so taken up with the idea. At first she had been a little hesitant, wondering what it was all about. As she became familiar, she definitely became more interested and has taken well to her role of keyholder. Her response was that yes, she was at first reluctant because she wasn't sure what it was all about and what it means. Now that she knows, she is happy about our chastity and how we handle it. I then asked K what exactly it was that she liked about it. She responded with: I like the effects it has on you, the way it makes you feel toward me. I like that I know you are not masturbating at all and that you have to save your orgasms to be had with me. I like the way that I have the key and I "KNOW" that you have no choice but to wait. I like that it makes you horny. I like the way that it makes you think about me more often. I like the way it makes you, in that you like to eat my pussy even more. I like it connects us, and keeps us connected when we are apart.

I said that I liked all that too and that I'm glad that she enjoys those things about chastity. She then asked me, why do I like chastity. I responded: I like it because it feels like I belong to you more. It simply builds a sense of closeness, belonging, having someone to share life with. It is a connection to her that is evidenced by my wearing the CD and she has control of the key. When we are apart, I still feel the CD on my dick and it makes me feel good, as if it is a symbol of security and commitment in our relationship. I then even took it a step farther. I have to explain that.

K and I are not married, as most reading may already know. Neither of us have any inclination to change that. We have known each other now for about ten months, so I wouldn't even think that we could even consider such a thing anytime soon. We sometimes joke about it, but we, neither of us, want to seriously even consider the idea. We both look strangely at each other if at any time the subject of the marriage idea does come up. I suppose you might call it a sense of fear, or uneasiness, or disinterest, or concern that marriage, even in the very distant future, might ruin things. We have no need for it. We are extremely happy like it is, SERIOUSLY! I had to say that to get ready to explain taking it a step farther.

My next comment was a little scary, in view of the above paragraph. I said that chastity symbolized a connection, a bond, a trust, a love, much like a wedding ring does to others. NO! I did not say that I considered it the equivilent to a wedding ring. No, not at all. I simply meant that it was a symbol of those things of our relationship. Very simply, it was a fun way to symbolize our relationship and the commitment we have to each other to make each other happy and how much we trust each other. When I feel the CD on me, I think of her, and consider her love and the way she takes care of my heart, and treasures my love. It is at that level that it is a reminder of our presence in each other's heart.

She understood: she got it. (SMILE)

I then asked her another question: What if I told her, hypothetically, that I was finished with the chastity play and wanted to put it away? How would she feel about that? She said: I would be disappointed. I would miss it. I like it and like all the things it does for us and all that it means to us. I feel like it would be a part of our lives that would become "missing". She said that she doesn't really want to quit the chastity, but if that's what I wanted, we would. I smiled. I reaffirmed to her that I in no way wanted to discontinue it, at all. She smiled too.

Somewhere in the midst of the converation, I also said a few other things that I like about chastity and things that make it work for us. Likes: 1. The tease (duh!), and the teasing K does with it. I love it when wearing it and she deliberately teases me, to see me squirm, grimace, or wince as the teeth of Kali bite or the other CDs simply squeeze hard upon my erection. 2. She locks me when we part and unlocks me when she is ready. I never lock or unlock myself. She even wants me to wake her early in the morning to lock me before I leave for work, although she isn't due to get up for another two hours. 3. I like that I can't have orgasms without her. Yes, that means no masturbation. Now, truthfully, I do miss a good masturbation session once in a while, but it is still a wonderful way to do things in this chastity manner. 4. I like the feeling of "Ownership" between K and I. She owns my dick. We both like that. Don't take that the wrong way. Things that make it work: 1. I never sleep in a CD when we sleep together. This gives me much more restful sleep. My sleeping alone is minimal. 2. I do not wear Kali or Pkali (Pkali is the name we have given the MCD from Clubfem, short for Plastic Kali) when I know I am going to be sleeping by myself. The PA-5000 and CB-3000 are much more workable for the times I must sleep alone, and do not interupt my sleep as much as the Kalis. 3. Of course, I never wear any CD when at risk for discovery, as in doctor appointments or metal detectors.

The check-up gave a clean bill of health. We are both enjoying chastity, prefer it, and feel it is a fullfilling part of our relationship.

(Another BIG smile)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Story of Our Trip: Nursing

K and I enjoyed our trip wonderfully. One of the things we did was to do a little walking in woods on some scenic trails. One such trail was through an old farm place of the area, open to the public. It was quite a romantic setting. Yeah, yeah, I am one of those romantic types. Anyway, we walk, and enjoy. Beautiful! Forest. Trees. A stream. Large rocks. An old log cabin. We walked, stopping occasionally to sit and enjoy the scenery and each other, or to just stand and hold each other close while taking it all in. I know man has accomplished some wonderful feats in design and beauty, but to us, it is hard to do better at beauty than what occurs naturally before you in the unmolested natural sceneries.

We made our way along the trail and stopped at a stream. Rushing water down the rocky mountainous hillside gave more enjoyable sounds of nature. We went over to a huge rock. K got on the rock and sat down and I snuggled up to her, standing in front of her. At the height K was sitting,we were perfectly positioned for us to hold each other there with my head laying on her breasts. It was so sweet and intimate. Before long, I discreetly unclasped her bra, eased her shirt up and enjoyed suckling there. We both relaxed in each other's arms for a while, maybe 15 minutes, enjoying the intimacy. We were positioned such that it was highly unlikely that anyone could approach from an angle to discover what we were doing. I held K in such a way as to hide her breasts, also being ready to move her shirt down if the need arose. Other people did come by, on the same trail that we were enjoying, but they were apparently never aware of our activity. This was a beautiful thing. Both of us were enrapt with intimacy, closeness, joy, and pleasure. After awhile of nursing there, we put her clothes back to normal state and looked at each other... such love in our eyes, both of our hearts gushing with emotion.

As we continued our walk, I noticed a wetness on the side of my leg, evidence of the love and emotion we shared there. No, I did not say evidence of horniness. It was simply precum that I have when emotionally moved with love. K later commented that she too was wet. It is too bad that we did not have the opportunity to make love there in that situation. It would have been profound.

What K and I do, we both enjoy. It is not one sided. It is consensual. It is equal. It is mutual. We both like being able to enjoy each other's loves at any time, regardless of timing or environment, as long as it can be done discreetly, without offending other's, reasonably. Reasonably? What does that mean? I suppose that is up to our definition. I'll just say, we are careful to not offend the normal public. No, I cannot define that "normal". (smile)

Hmmmm....Me? Big? Is The CB Noticeable In Public?

I’ve worn my CB3000 off and on for quite a while. No one has ever commented on my crotch hardware, or even insinuated that there seemed to be something strange going on there. You might think it strange that anyone WOULD mention it, and rightly so. However, I work with a bunch of men, in a somewhat close-knit group. There is NOTHING, no subject of discussion, considered taboo. Maybe the closest to a mention is from one guy to others that I “…have a hog….”. This was not said to me, but rather about me, with news of the comment being repeated for my information. Now I don’t consider myself huge, but maybe a slight bit bigger than “normal”, whatever that means, ha. Seems though, that possibly he noticed my “size” when wearing the CB. With the anatomical shape of the plastic, I see how the mistake could easily be made. Since he has a tendency to speak of subjects of the more “off-color” sort, I now have the supposed benefit of having the reputation for being quite well endowed. Being locked all the time when not in K’s presence, I’m not about to attempt to prove them wrong, am I (wink)?

That was several months ago. Now I wear the PA-5000. It is less bulky, totally secure, and easily concealed. I haven't heard any more comments about "the hog". Of course, it only takes once. (smile)

A Trip... An Experience: Chastity Play

After much work and too much time at work, our work pace and load has returned to normal at my place of employment. I had a few days off, so K and I took a little trip to see the beautiful fall colors. We rented a cabin for three days and the intentions of the trip were simple: take a break and relax (no hustle and bustle), spend some good quality time together (which had been terribly hampered), and enjoy some pretty scenery.

The first night we spent in a hotel due to a late start getting on the road. I was still locked up during this first part. Just to recap slightly, I have now been locked ever since September 20th, 2010, when not in K's presence, and then only when she decided to unlock me. We arrived at the hotel and promptly went to bed. We were tired and it was after midnight. Before hitting the sack, K kindly unlocked me so that I could sleep well: she is such a wonderful keyholder (smile). We cuddled in bed and quickly went to sleep, while I nursed at her breasts. Ahhh.... such sweet sleep.

Awaking in the morning, we were both refreshed. We were both horny and enjoyed a wonderful time of lovemaking. We had great sex and K finished up with a vibrator while I continued to love on her in ways she loves. It was a good time. K chose to not lock me and I was a "free man". We enjoyed our trip and accomplished the three things listed above. We had three days of enjoyment, with lots of closeness, intimacy, loving, and some lovemaking. Now, I will admit, the lovemaking was not as often as either of us probably preferred, but it was fantastic. The night before we left the leaves, we were tired and went to bed, nursing as usual. Ahhh... such sweet sleep.

Arising the next morning, I was in the mindset that we had to pack and leave for the journey home. We enjoyed snuggling in bed, fresh coffee, and a bath together in the jacuzzi tub (hmm... wonder if I spelled that right?). (Okay, had to go check the dictionary on my Mac....yep sure did....I amaze myself sometimes...with such simple things!) Now, I know what you are probably thinking: Oh yeah, some good lovemaking in the tub! Nope. We enjoyed the bath, but there was no lovemaking involved.

So here I go. Out of the bath and ready to go. We have to pack, do a little shopping, eat, and get on the road for the nine hour trip home. I am in "get it going" mode. K starts to work in the same direction. Then she notices that in my packing, I had the little bag of chastity devices laying out. She goes over to them and selects the Clubfem MCD and lays it on the bed, announcing that I needed to put it on. This is a new one on me. She has not yet required the wearing of that device! I look at her in wonder. She simply states with a chuckle, "You heard me. You need to lock yourself up with that one!" Knowing that I had given her ownership of my dick, and that it is not my own anymore, I dutifully install it. This takes a few minutes since I am not as practiced in putting on this one. Okay, done!

Have you seen one of these? It is the equivalent to a KTB. Don't let the plastic fool you. Those little teeth are tough and SHARP. Well, by the time I had put it on, I was getting quite stimulated (yes, that means horny)! Said teeth were starting to bite. K loved it. Hmmm... so did I. I went to her and started loving on her. We went to the bed and had some wonderful lovemaking, including pussy eating to orgasm (K's favorite way to get one, of course), and a fine orgasm for me, in the end. During the loving/foreplay/pussy eating, I remained in the MCD. This was all the way up to having sex. During the initial penetration, I still had the MCD on. Needless to say, I couldn't go in very far. How erotic! Only about a third of my dick could be allowed in. We both loved it. It was teasing both of us exquisitely! Soon however, the MCD came off. As I removed it, there were many many indentions in my dick from the points. No, there were no piercings into the skin, no blood, no lasting damage. It was however, intense. The teeth had done their job, making the MCD presence known when I had become erect. Now that it was off, we made wonderful love. With K already satisfied with her orgasm, I had one of the most powerful orgasms ever. WOW!!! The MCD had built quite the energy, VERY quickly!

Afterward, k confessed. She told me:

I was so busy getting ready to leave; I was not seeing that she wanted some lovemaking; she wanted some attention and to make us both have wonderful sex; she thought that maybe the MCD would get my attention and refocus me on something more important!

It did!!!!

She is one wonderful lady.

Lucky me!

Ahhhh...Some free time

As you may already know, I have been extremely busy at work. Ahhh... for now, we have a little break. I am back to my regular shift and now have a little off-time, occasionally. Wow! I have some catching up to do. I have much to write about since it has been quite a few days since my last post and much has been going on. Hopefully, I can catch up on making a few posts in the next few days.