Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming to nursing

I'm a rotating-shift worker. She works day shift. K and I live about 25 minutes apart. With the schedules we have, it doesn't allow for us to see each other nearly as often as either would like. We do sleep together as often as possible, sometimes at my house, more often at hers. Though sleeping together when possible, this is not intended to be a euphemism for sexual activity. Lovemaking happens often, but not every time we sleep with each other. Almost without fail though, our time together will include nursing. I love nursing at her breasts.

Ever since I have been old enough to really be interested in girls, I have been preoccupied with breasts as my major criteria for attraction to any female interest. The older I have gotten, the more I have come to the realization that a lady's breast is of utmost importance to me. Through 27 years of marriages (2) and companionship, I have also realized a deep desire to nurse at my lady's breasts. It has not been realized in my life to my liking, until now. In recent years I have also been realizing another desire: the want for receiving milk at her breasts. Until recently, that was a subject I did not brooch. Now I have K. She is a wonderful lady, quite remarkable.

We have developed a wonderful relationship. Being honest open with each other is a huge part of that. I would enjoy her breasts as often as possible, and she enjoyed it as much as I. We came to calling this nursing and liked the feeling that the terminology mustered. At times I would cuddle up with K and eventually move to her breasts to nurse. At other times she would initiate the nursing by moving me there herself. What I am saying is that the desire for this experience is mutual. Now, for the past couple of months, we have moved into the subject of nursing accompanied with lactation. I did not know how K would receive this idea when I gently suggested that sometimes I imagine getting milk from her breasts while nursing. She immediately voiced interest too. From there we have had many open and honest discussions about nursing and giving me milk. The result at this time is that, we are both strongly interested in K giving milk! It is a wonderful thing to us. She is not giving milk yet. We have a lot to learn and probably a lot to do in order to bring K to lactation. It is a journey we are both eager to be on with anticipation of an added wonderful aspect to our loving relationship.

I'm am very much ready for her milk, craving that interaction. I love this lady!


  1. Can't claim to relate to the need for a chastity device to ensure all orgasms are together, but i'm glad you two are enjoying nursing together!

  2. Also I wish you luck with inducing lactation. It's not an easy path.