Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Guess I Was Wrong

Written on Tuesday, December 28.

Today, I went for eye surgery. Nothing critical. Totally elective. Laser vision correction. LASIK. When you go in for the procedure they want you to take a Xanax. The procedure was done quickly. K took me home for a nap: that is one of the desired effects of the Xanax, to get you to sleep at least three hours.

When we got home, I was at the point of keeping my eyes totally shut all the time. It was more comfortable that way. K led me into the house and to the bed room like a blind man, literally. I took my clothes off, maintaining as much independence as possible. I crawled in bed. K took care of me all the way. She fed me a little bite to eat and was about to leave me to sleep it off. Just as she was getting ready to walk out of the room, she turned and asked, "Where are your CDs? You need to be locked up before I leave. You need to be kept safe!" I could hear her smiling! I told her they were in my duffle. She got them out, retrieved Hairclip from the mix and proceeded to install it on her dick. I had to kind of talk her through it some. She has only done it once before. The usual procedure is that I get everything on and then come to her for her to do the locking action. By the time it was ALMOST, I was getting hard. I had to then assist, still blind. Okay, we managed. The job was completed. She gave her dick an "okay, you are locked safely now" kiss, and I went off to sleep. She left and slept off the Xanax; five hours later.

It was sweet to me. I love it when she locks me up, especially when I don't expect it. I had assumed that I was going to sleep well and no lockup was in store.

I was wrong! (big smile)

I sure love this lady.

I have a wonderful life!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How It Turned Out

I suppose you read my post The Weekend In Atlanta Well this how the night turned out. We began making love. I sucked her nipples and caressed her pussy. I spoke softly to K, loving her. This was her time. I told her that I wanted her to come, to have a wonderful orgasm. It was my primary goal, my main desire, to see her come. She had been without orgasmic celebration since Thursday morning. She NEEDED to come. I needed her to come. I did not care at all if I had no orgasm. I even said to her that I would NOT have an orgasm until she did. THAT'S how important it is for her to be satisfied. With a little more loving, it was time to get the vibrator. Nope, it was not already convenient to the bed. I quickly retrieved the purple friend and came back to bed. Caressing and loving on K more, we then activated Purple Friend. As she used PF, I sucked and fondled her nipples and rubbed her pussy.

I didn't take long. She came quickly. All that pent up frustration came out…… Rockets soared! Fireworks exploded! Screams were heard (okay, loud moans, maybe!). KABOOM!!!!!! She came wonderfully. K came long. She was now happy, relaxed and fulfilled.

All this time, I am still locked in PK. Now she was happy and drifting off to sleep. I gently reminded her and she took off PK. She took me at my word. She sweetly went to sleep, not concerned about any sexual pleasure I might conceivably need. Well, I didn't need any. I was happy too. I was fulfilled. I got what I needed: K had her orgasm. It was all good. I cuddled up to her and we both slept well all night.

We awoke this morning. K made coffee and we stayed in bed a while reading various items of interest. K got involved in reading Thumper's blog. Must have gotten her going! She attacked me! She started sucking her dick. We made love again. Her period was now over and I ate her pussy for a while. PF came out again and eventually she got another orgasm. MY TURN! I went in her and had a WONDERFUL orgasm for my self. Dust settled down around us as my primal grunts and groans shook the rafters! Yes, it was that good. Now we both felt GOOD.

Later, K mentioned something about still feeling the "aftershocks" from her orgasms earlier. I suggested that she meant to say afterglow, that aftershocks were what came after bad earthquakes. She said, "Exactly! The earth moved this morning!"

And THAT'S the way it turned out! (big smile)

The Weekend in Atlanta

K and I had a good weekend in Atlanta USA. We spent the day Friday with my kids, opening presents, eating, enjoying each other's company. That afternoon, K and I went to Atlanta, about five hours away. K had unlocked me Thursday night, and since we were together the whole time, did not re-lock me Friday. We made it to our Atlanta hotel at about 1:00am and hit the sack, nursing to sleep. Upon waking the next mooring, went to the continental breakfast, ate, got coffee, and headed back to the room to get ready for the day.

Once in the room, I wanted to nurse some more. K was sitting on the couch and I went to her and laid across her lap and nursed for a little while. After we were done with that, we loved, cuddled and talked. I told K that I was going to go ahead and get a shower. It was getting on past noon and we had a dinner reservation at 2:00: time to get moving in that direction. As we broke our embrace, I was feeling very much in love. I turned to K and said that after my shower, I wanted her to lock me up in Kali. She smiled and said that she thought that would be good. I said that it had been since Thursday night and I missed it (this was now Saturday afternoon, Christmas day). After showering, I was at the vanity and K got up from the couch. She walked over to me innocently and looked down. She took hold of her dick gently and carefully locked on Kali. Oh how good that was! It was a little surprise for her to so deliberately come to me, without a word, and take it in her own hands to affect the locking of her dick. Sweet!

We spent the day together enjoying each other. We went to see Christmas lights. It snowed nicely, something we don't get to see much of in the deep south. We made it back to our hotel room and settled into some loving. Nursing. Petting. Cuddling. K teased my dick some, as Kali bit in several times upon my attempts to get hard. After quite a bit of moaning, K unlocked me to have sex. I tried. Dickie doo just would not cooperate. After enough trying, we settled into trying to get K's orgasm. She is on her period, so eating pussy was not happening. Her flow is minimal because of medical procedures performed a few years ago. Still, eating her was not an option for me. Out came the vibrator and we tried. It just would not work for her. Neither of us got any satisfaction in the way of orgasms.

Sunday, we enjoyed much of the same, cuddling, seeing the city, eating at unique little places, enjoying the Sundial Lounge at sunset (this is the tallest restaurant/lounge in the western hemisphere). For some reason, K and I just couldn't seem to get on the same emotional ground. It seemed we were disconnected emotionally. Neither of us really understood why. We finished the day that way. As we cuddled, both of us could feel the distance. K turned to me and said that she wanted me to go get Kali for her. I had not worn any CD all day. I got Kali for her and she made short work of locking her on. We cuddled, nursed a little, then broke apart to sleep not quite so attached. Hmmmm…..something was still strained.

That morning at about 3:00am, I awoke to pee. K woke also. She began to fondle me and I caressed her to. Her dick became hard quickly and I moaned for the pleasure/pain. At on point, she sucked and stoked. It was pleasurable misery. Then, she began to stroke me more intensely, at my coaxing. It hurt like hell, but still tolerable. And then…….OUCH! I did one of those involuntary flexes of dick muscles as she touched one of those super sensitive spots. I Jumped and exclaimed loudly in pain. He covered my mouth somewhat because of my volume. I was in pure pain. No fun. PAIN. It took a couple of minutes for the hardness to subside. When I had settled down enough to keep from moaning too loudly, K unlocked me. We then tried again to have sex, after some more cuddling and loving. It still would not happen. It was frustrating to BOTH of us. We eventually went to sleep.

We awoke around 10:00 Monday morning. It wasn't long, with K rubbing her dick, I was hard as a rock. I promptly turned over on K and we tried to have sex. She was too dry. She had not had enough stimulation that morning yet. Getting some lube, we did get the job done, for me anyway. I needed that, an orgasm. I had been frustrated with the multiple attempts for a couple of days. There was just one problem. K still hadn't had an orgasm. She felt left out. I offered to get the vibrator for her to use. She declined. She wasn't feeling it, and the vibrator on hand wasn't working too well for her.

We talked and loved and petted. I did my best to make her feel loved and appreciated. We both got out of bed feeling better, but K was still needing some orgasmic relief. I hurt for her. I wished there was something we could do. There were no options. To me, it was kind of sad. I really wanted her to be satisfied. We packed up and left the hotel, ate at another local restaurant, and returned to home, a five hour trip, plus stops. We went to my house for a few minutes. It was there that she reminded me of the need to fix her vibrator.

Thursday, K's dog had gone on a chewing spree! Doggie got ahold of K's vibe. Oh no! Chewed the wire in two. The vibrator we now had been trying to use was another that I had on hand. It wasn't the same. K now wanted her's repaired. Out came the soldering iron, solder, and glue gun. I had it repaired in 10 minutes.

At this writing, K and I are in bed. Vibe is on hand. K needs some attention. NOW!!!!!!! I am locked in PK.

I'll let let you all know how it turns out.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Rest Of That TUESDAY Story!

So, there we were. I was locked in Kali. I had just been to the doctor's office for a three hour appointment. Finished we made our way home after getting a bite to eat. Arriving at my house, K was hanging around for a few minutes. She needed to get back to work soon. Hmmmm….but she was hanging around. Next thing I know, we are n bed, me nursing, still locked in Kali. We were really enjoying it! Her breasts were so full and firm. It seemed that they should be giving milk any minute. I was really getting into it. K was too.

As I nursed, she began stroking my locked cock. She teased and teased. She then sent down and sucked on the exposed head, Kali still FIRMLY in place. Oh my goodness! This was over the top. As she sucked, she touched all the right places. I was trying to get hard…well, not trying. Her dick was trying to get hard, regardless of my efforts to keep it down somewhat. And every time she hit those sensitive spots with her tongue, I spontaneously flexed those penile muscles. OW,ow,ow! It was a pleasant misery. K was loving it, the teasing she was doing, the results of the erotic pain she caused, my response of intensely gripping her body, nursing, moaning, jumping when "too" intense, all the responses she was seeing from the thrill of me getting so turned on, yet trying to control a "wanna-be" raging erection! It was giving her a sense of power and control, she later confessed. You only THINK I was horny! She was turned on even more. She was really getting off on "tormenting" me (huge smile!). Don't me wrong. I was getting off on it too. She was giving me so really erotic attention, while I was locked in Kali, which made it even MORE erotic!

While all this is going on, I started telling K that I wanted to eat her pussy. "I want to eat your pussy so badly!" She soon took my head to her pussy. Ooooooh how good it was. She was so wet! K has no problem with wetness. When she is turned on, she is wet. Extra lube is rarely needed. Rarely! Like, maybe three times in almost a year of our acquaintance. But THIS time, K was dripping wet. No, that is not an exaggeration. The thing is, not only was I horny, I was overwhelmed with the desire to eat her pussy. It was of paramount importance. Nothing else would do for MY pleasure until I had enjoyed her pussy, eating it well, enjoying her wetness, smell, heat, excitement, and bringing her to an orgasm. Hopefully, it would be an exquisite orgasm for her, and I would be able to enjoy it all with my face nuzzled in her pussy, enjoying her moans of pleasure and arousal. And so I ate!

I didn't take long. I ate her pussy gleefully. I can't remember a better time of eating her pussy to her orgasm. And I was still locked in KALI! I was so turned on! I was between her legs, licking to both of our pleasures. Her dick was still trying to get harder. Kali would not allow it because of the pain she would exact. I was loving it. Horny as hell! Eating her wonderful pussy! Getting bitten hard by Kali! Ahhhh…..such heavenly places. My desire for eating her escalated by the second. I moaned myself, as I ate her. I rarely do that, but this time, I moaned almost continuously as I ate. I was nearly beside myself. I can't explain it, but I had only one pleasure at the time: eating K. It was all I perceived, eating her and Kali biting, keeping dick under control. I too was dripping wetness from excitement. And then, K came. It was special. It was the best I have ever known. K seemed to be having one of those over-the-top orgasms and I was enjoying with her almost as if it were my own. I moaned with her. I moved with her. As she came, I pressed my nose inside her pussy and lay there as she ground her pussy in my face. How can I describe it any farther, of the union of heart and soul I felt as she came? I lived her orgasm!

After she came, she feverishly reached for the keys and unlocked Kali from her dick. I quickly became FULLY hard and entered her. I did not last long. I was too turned on; too horny! That is when something unusual happened for me. I was surprised, literally. I came. I came hard. I came with "violence". I came so hard that I seemed to enter a different mental state than ever before. My orgasmic contractions were more powerful than ever. The number of contractions were increased more than ever before. Did I count them? Do I keep count? No. It was simply that they kept coming, more than usual. If my normal orgasm is five seconds, then this one was fifteen seconds. Yes, it seemed to last literally three times longer. WOW!!!! only partly, weakly describes it.

Afterward, K got dressed and went to work, with a FFL. (That my dear reader would be a Freshly Fucked Look!) I rolled over and went to sleep, still lost in the post-orgasmic glow, feeling so good, so relaxed.

Now I reflect again on "why?" Why was it so good. I think there are a few reasons. I hadn't come since Sunday morning. This was now Tuesday. So, there had been a little time to build up some desire/horniness. I had been locked in Kali. Kali seems to be the most excitement-generating device of the four we have. Kali's teeth are perfect for causing arousal without severe discomfort during normal life. Then, during lovemaking, Kali can cause intense sensations when K's dick is trying to get hard. It is impossible for me to become fully erect wearing Kali because to become FULLY hard would be unbearable pain. So you have this paradoxical situation. I'm aroused. It causes erection. Erection is quelled by Kali. This quelling is in itself exciting/arousing. I am then in a feed back loop of excitement/prevention of full erection. Throw in K's teasing, causing flexing of penile muscles, and you have quite a system of mental arousal. Whew! (fanning myself).

Then there was K. She was enjoying this sense of control and power. Seeing this discovery unfold in K was amazing, and exciting. I liked it. I admit, I do have a little bit of a masochistic tendency. All of these goings on was working me up nicely. Seeing K get so turned on by the whole teasing event, and the power/control, had me HOT!


I think that summarizes the whole event nicely.


As always, comments are most welcome.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ah, Returned Home

I had been gone on the earlier described trip...750 miles away... and returned Saturday. By the time I got home, unloaded the car, unpacked, and got to K's house, it was late; about midnight. Oooh, was I tired. I crawled into bed with K and we snuggled, I started nursing and was out like the proverbial light. We awoke Sunday morning and were quite lazy. It started off with our usual nursing session. Ahhhh....gotta love it! Go to sleep nursing, then wake up and right back to nursing again. After a little while of nursing and loving on each other, the pangs of coffee desire started to make themselves real. Hmmmm....I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that we LOVE coffee. Not just coffee, but good, strong, custom blend, custom roasted coffee, which we buy from a local store that markets their own line. Then we have to pervert it somewhat with some Crème Brulee creamer! Hey, we know what we like!

During the coffee, we resume our loving. Another cup of coffee is taken in. AND....the loving continues. We love on each other for not just minutes. We stretch it to a couple of hours. Mind you, I almost always sleep unlocked with K. I was therefore still unlocked, since lovemaking was surely imminent. And loving we did! Nursing. Sucking. K on my nipples. K on my dick. Eating K's pussy. K having a good orgasm. Then.....we had sex. Yep. Me, her dick, inside her pussy. AAAAHHH! I had a good orgasm. YESSSSS! It had been since Tuesday, I think. It did feel good! (Big smile).

We got up, ate breakfast, went shopping, and did all sorts of things through the day. We ended up at my house that night and went to sleep, peacefully nursing. I awakened at 4:20, assisted by the rude alarm set a few hours earlier, at which time we did our nursing session for 15 minutes. We both got incredibly horny. I had very little time but K agreed that we could have sex, even though it would definitely have to be a quickie. We tried. As powerfully horny I was, I could not believe that I could not get a decent erection. I couldn't even maintain an adequate one long enough to even get inside K, let alone have sex with orgasm. UGH!!!! It was terribly frustrating. I was so damn horny, and we did try really hard. It just wasn't happening. I couldn't understand why I was having this failure. Finally I had to give up and get ready for work. I still loved starting my day with nursing, and it is supposed to help with inducing lactation if we nurse as often as possible. So, off to work I went, happy to have enjoyed those wonderful breasts again, with coffee in hand, locked in PK (plastic Kali (Femdom's MCD)). Frustrated, but happy.

PK talked to me a few times through the day. She told me that I had better not get hard, not even a little bit. I had put PK on a little extra tight that morning. I wanted to see what it would be like to be held even tighter than usual. Well, I will report that PK was much more noticeable all day, even though my job position for the day was sitting at a computer. And, when I started to get hard a few times, PK said "NO!" It's a helluva tease! I never knew until chastity, how much I enjoyed a little bit of a masochistic bent. There's probably more to say about that!

I still wondered about the morning. Why in the hell couldn't I get it up? Then it hit me. I'm taking some medicines because of sinus infection and a cold. I looked up the meds that I was currently taking on the www. One was an over the counter combo which contains Sudafed. There it was, the information I needed. The side effects said nothing about causing difficulty with erections. What it did say was that it was a vasoconstrictor. Hmmmm... That's exactly opposite of Viagra. Viagra is a vasodilator. Makes perfect sense to me. If increased blood flow by dilation causes easier erections, then constriction would seem to make it more difficult. I would think this to be especially true if the man is already having a little trouble once in a while anyway. Yeah, yeah, I do take very low doses of Viagra (25mg) on rare occasion. No, I am not a doctor. No, I do not give medical advice. No, this is in no way supposed to say that I am qualified to explain drugs, medical facts, or anything else you have to be licensed to do. (How do you like that for a disclaimer?) I am only telling of my own unscientific deduction. Sure made ME wonder.

Where was I? Horny. Frustrated. Happy to be nursed. Wearing PK. At work. PK bites occasionally. Yeah. So, I finished out the day and crashed at K's house that night. It had gotten a little late when I finally made it there. I went to bed with her and again fell asleep quickly, nursing. With PK on! Yeah, that's right. PK remained on her dick all night. I woke once to pee, with a not-so-raging erection. PK's presence made short work of that. I went to pee and considered taking PK off. I needed sleep. I was disturbed by PK. K was asleep. PK is fastened on with only a nylon zip tie, by design. The thing that verifies that I have not removed it is that there is an "eye" in the zip tie that K puts her little masterlock into. If I were to cut off the tie, there is no way for me to open the lock to put it on another tie, hence I would be caught. This was 2:30 in the morning though! K and I had agreed that I would not have to sleep in any CD when together. Hmmmmm.... I'll just cut it off and go back to bed, explaining it in the morning. I got out the cutters, paused, and put them back up. She had locked her dick. She had failed to unlock me that night. That was MY fault. I should have reminded her. No, if at all possible, I will continue to sleep and maybe K will remove it in the morning. And sleep I did. I briefly awakened a few times due to PK's presence, but sleep was satisfactory. It worked okay.

The next morning, K commented that I had slept all night with PK on. I said yes, that I had fallen asleep nursing, thinking it would come off before sleep came. There wasn't much else to that conversation. She unlocked the padlock from the zip tie, at which time it indicates that I can cut the tie. Cut, I took a shower and cleaned everything up well. I had a doctor appointment and K was going to take me, then take me home afterward. Well, she then commented. "You are going to be at the doctor's office for a few hours. You need to be protected while we are apart, from all those predator women." ("Predator women" is a joke that K and I have, about all those women out there who are ready to take advantage of the unprotected male.) "You need to lock it up." When I asked what was her device of choice, she responded, "Kali!" Kali? "Yes, Kali." Oooookay, I sure wouldn't want to be unprotected. I dutifully placed Kali in position on her dick and she nicely clicked the lock shut. "There, all safe and protected," she said. She then gave her dick a little kiss, as usual upon locking, and I finished getting ready for the doctor office visit.

After the office visit, we had some REAL fun. Ahhhh, but, that is the subject of another post. HA!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Awesome New Ground

GFriday Morning.

Tomorrow I leave to return home from my family visiting, on vacation, 750 miles away from home, and K. I'll hit the road with my two kids and make the trek back home. It will be good to see K again. (Hmmmmm…. can you tell that I am crazy about this lady?)

Last night, I locked her dick back up, at her insistence over the phone. Wow! What an experience. I am 750 miles away from her. There is no chance or choice to be unlocked now. Well…. of course I could break out of it, but what's the fun in that? Besides, I gave K my dick a long time ago, so how could I break out without GOOD reason. That would be breaking trust and ruining the effect of her ownership. I am locked, because she wants HER dick locked. I complied when she insisted last night. I am now hornier than ever. I'm not sure how to explain what is in my head. Let's see….

I am far away from K. There is no chance to get a key and unlock. It is a done deal….locked! Can't undo it. I can't escape, as stated above. Knowing that I am completely, inescapably, undeniably secure until I get home, is really playing with my mind. When at home or at work, I knew that K was not far away. The key was reasonably within access, in that K was was within access, and so was her loving and care. Now, that is not the case. K is NOT within access. I am out here. NO access. NO escape. No way to get releif. Hairclip is secure and security is with a PA piercing. There's no way to undo that. OH My Goodness! I'm so FUCKING horny!

K and I were texting earlier today. She got out her purple friend and got her an orgasm. We talked of nursing, of lovemaking, holding, caressing, her holding my balls, squeezing them, pulling them, and eating her pussy. OOOooohhh… I love to eat her pussy! That hot wetness pressed in my face when she comes! The way she moans. She grips my head tightly with her legs and I bury my face deep into her pussy lips and enjoy the wetness, smell, and hotness. It is my little place of heaven on earth. We talked of how I will be home tomorrow night, but it doesn't seem soon enough. And, we talked of the fact that I was locked up and had no choice now but to wait for my next orgasm. I was pretty worked up by the time we were done. Horny as HELL! Afterward, I went to take a shower (Might should have been a cold shower, ha!). I had precum oozing from me, and Hairclip. Yes, I was severely turned on aver the "conversation". I cleaned it up good, wishing that I could have masturbated.

As I write this, and am reminded anew of the intense emotions that I'm having now that I'm undeniably locked up 750 miles away from K, I'm horny all over again. AGAIN!?!?!? Ha! I think I have been in a perpetual state of horniness since I locked her dick last night. Right now, I would imagine that I have a fresh new wet spot in my drawers!

Hmmm… Locked and far away. No chance for unlocking or orgasm…NONE! This may not be all that exciting for some who read this, that have stricter levels of chastity arrangements.

For me, it is awesome new ground.

As always, comments are welcomed.

Lock It Up, NOW!

I wrote the following a couple of days ago and did not finish the writing I had started, so I did not get it posted:

"This is day three of our trip to see family, the kids and I. K is at home, too far away. I'm still unlocked. I am enjoying the visiting with family.

I am not enjoying being away from K. I long for her locking of her dick. I expect that to come soon, maybe Friday. For now, the plan is to depart for my return trip back home early Saturday morning. I have already told K that I would be willing to lock up her dick before I left to return. I am actually looking forward to it. Truth is, I was somewhat looking forward to being unlocked a few days, and to have the opportunity to masturbate a few times. After all, it had been a while since I have been able to do that. The last time I did was in September. "

Well folks, I will say that I was able to have the opportunity to jack off TWICE during that brief stint of unlocked freedom. Aaaaaah…..The were good! It was also good relief for me since K and I were not able to be together. Now I know, that is not the mentality of many in chastity. Our arrangement is a little different, obviously. So, get myself off, I did!

I actually had intentions to do so one more time. Well, that was the plan! As I said in an earlier post this week, I had told K that I would be okay with her locking me back up may be the morning of my departure back to her. I even surmised that she might want me locked the day before. Hmmmm…. I was partly right.

Last night K and I were talking on the phone, she in her bed, I in mine. We were talking. I was naked. I was enjoying it. I was rubbing myself nicely, getting hard, enjoying those sensations while talking to her. No, were not talking dirty to each other or even contemplating phone sex. I was simple rubbing because it felt good. Along about this time, I am considering that I might want to "rub one out" after I got off the phone with K, which would both feel good of course, and would probably ensure an even better night's sleep. Then somewhat surprisingly, K says, "Oh yeah, by the way, you need to lock yourself up."


"Yes, lock it up now"

We discussed this a little while, with me trying to gently resist, seeing I already had designs for what I was going to do after we got off the phone. I mentioned that I had said "……the morning I leave, I would be willing to lock up for you." She said that was my idea and not hers! OOOOOOoooookay! Uh oh. The more we discussed it, the more I realized that she really did want me locked up now. NOW! RIGHT NOW! Oh no! So much for one more time for my own self pleasure. I got up right then dutifully and put on Hairclip and locked up her dick. When I told her that it was done, she said, "Good." She was a little surprised that I got it done so quickly while being on the phone. But she was glad. She said so, that it was good for me to be locked up for her, so that I would be safe and secure while waiting to get back to her.

By the time I got her dick locked up and we talked more of it, I was so horny. I was dripping pre-cum, just from our talking,,,,,,,,and that she had enforced that I lock up,,,,,,,,and here I was, now locked securely for her. Man oh man, was I horny! Now, more than ever, I wished for being able to unlock and get off. Not happening! So, after we hung up for the night, still excited and horny, sleep wasn't going to come easy. I watched a movie and then went to sleep about 2:30. Woke up at 7:30. Didn't get that good night's sleep either. Waaa, waaa, waaa! Yeah, I know. Such is the life of a man in chastity for his lover.

I just didn't expect the lockup to come quite this early.

I love it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ugh…. 750 miles from K!

The trip to family is complete, in that I have arrived, 750 miles from K. It has been a good trip so far, enjoying my kids on the way and visiting with Mom and Stepdad. Hmmmm…..

Now it's time for bed. Waaaa….. I am missing K. I am so accustomed to nursing to sleep and awaking to nursing before my day starts. It appears that without it, sleep is not nearly so sweet. I miss those breasts. There is something about them, pressed to my face, sucking the nipples sweetly, her baby in her arms, that is so comforting and loving to my heart. It relaxes me and gives me love on the deepest of levels. I am going to have to do without them for a few days and THAT will not be easy.

I just got off the phone with K. We are both laying in our respective beds, getting ready to go to sleep. We talked of the day's busy-ness. We talked about nursing. We slightly mentioned my not being locked on this trip. She mentioned that she had not yet read my other two posts last night. I can believe that! If she had read the one where I talked of masturbating, she may have well had more to say about locking! She will laugh when she does read them though. She does keep up with my posts. I miss the locking. I do like it when I'm locked and she has that key to my pleasure. If you want to know more about all the trip unlocking provision, you will have to read the previous two posts.

I am doing a little investigative trial run tonight. I am wearing Kali! It is not locked on with a lock, but rather is "locked" on with a plastic tie-wrap. Oh yes, I do have K's lock with me, ready to be used when permissible. That is not tonight though. If I were to snap the lock shut, it will be there until I get back to K…750 miles away! Nope! Not happening tonight! I especially do not want Kali locked on, unremovable, until Saturday. This is a trial, after all. I am going to see if it is possible to wear Kali all night and find what the results may be when morning wood occurs. If it is too troublesome for good sleep, off it will come and I will be able to rest well. I am not into sleep deprivation at all! If Kali works out okay, I may leave it on tomorrow and again tomorrow night. And, so the trial may continue. I have my doubts though.  It may be a little interesting  at the gym.  I will be using the local gym while visiting family here.  I have not had to be concerned with concealment of my worn devices in the past. The gym I will use does not afford quite as much privacy.  I can manage though.  It will actually be kind of fun to work that out to avoid discovery.

Ah, yes, another thing we talked of somewhat. K is continuing to work her breasts. I did my best to encourage her. We really do want the milk. However, if she doesn't have me to nurse, it is difficult for her to muster the motivation to work on the inducing by herself. If she only knew, if she were only convinced, how much I really do want her milk: I may actually want it more than she does.

And another thing: we talked of her purple friend. That my dear reader, would be her wonderful vibrator. I asked her if she had used it yet since we parted yesterday morning. She said no. I said that I imagine that it would be happening soon though. She replied with something that indicated that I was probably right, but wasn't sure when. Hmmmmm…. I KNOW I'm right! But good for her. I do believe that a woman should take good care of her pussy. Just because her favorite device for her orgasms is not accessible……750 miles away….. doesn't mean that she shouldn't take care of herself in SOME way (wink, wink). Oh, so what is her favorite device, you may ask? Well…..I wish I could say it is my dick (oops, excuse me, her dick ).  But alas, it is not.  Her favorite orgasm inducing device is my tongue.  That is okay though.  I get to participate.  By the way, have I mentioned, I love to eat K's pussy?  Uh huh, I sure do.  It is one of my favorite pastimes.  So she will be using the next best thing available; the purple friend.

She knows that I will be taking care of myself too, while on the trip.  I sure am glad I have that privilege afforded me.  I know I'll need it.  Sooner or later, Kali will come off and fun will be had!  But what about the lock I have with me?  That is for later.  I told K, that if she wanted to, she could order me to lock up the morning of departure back to her, maybe even the day before.  Then, I will be needing that lock ready for use.  It will be nice to be back under lock and key for her again.  I do long for it when not absolutely locked for her, by her, at her bidding.  It is a confusing paradox.  I can imagine that I will be horny out of my gourd if I am locked for her on Friday, I have to sleep here, and I have to travel all the way home Saturday with Hairclip fastened securely to HER dick.  I will be SO ready to eat her pussy!!! I had better end this blog now:  I'm getting horny just thinking about it.

I am looking forward to Saturday, my trip back to K who is at this moment (you guessed it)…..750 miles away!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So here I am. On a trip with my two kids (adults). We are holed up in a hotel and will complete the journey to family Tuesday. Not quite sleepy enough yet, I'm doing a little writing to my blog. I am missing K….. a lot. I don't have her with me to cuddle with. No nursing for me for a few days. Hunh, no pussy eating or sex either.

We have teased each other since I left home this afternoon, texting. I have teased her that she can make do with her vibrator. Also, as manager of her dick, I will be sure to keep her dick in good practice!


I haven't told that part yet.

I discussed with K that I felt that I need to be unlocked for the trip duration. She allowed for it. My two biggest reasons were that I sleep much better when not wearing a CD, and that since there was NO way to get to her, if I was overcome with horniness in her absence, I NEEDED to be able to relieve myself. She knows that I can get VERY distraught if I cannot get to her when I need to. I once kind of had a sort of emotional crash after having to do without her for 3 days in a row. NOTHING would do until I could be with her. She understands that. It's tough to explain, but maybe I will attempt it in a future post. So, the idea is that if I need relief, I need to be able to have it. When we got up this morning, she got ready for work. I made her coffee and built a nice fire in the fireplace. We enjoyed the morning and off to work she went. Before she walked out the door, I gave her the keysafe to unlock. This gave availability to the key that was inside; the key to Hairclip. She looked at me puzzled. I said that just maybe she might like me to be locked up before I left Mom's. With the keysafe opened, the key available, I could lock Hairclip on and then lock the key back into the keysafe. She smiled and gladly unlocked the keysafe for possible future use.

Now, as you may know, I have stated that this blog is a complete effort to TRUTHFULLY represent our lives in chastity and nursing. K has in essence indicated that it is okay for me to have a few days off from CD usage while on the trip. If you read the previous post, we had great loving the past two nights. Only one thing lacked; my orgasm last night. Soooooooo…… yep, you guessed it. Monday morning, I took matters into my own hand. Ahhh… that was the first masturbation since October 10th. Felt good. Real good. Honestly though, it does not compare to sex with K. It certainly does good when there are no other options though. (big smile)

So here I am. Unlocked for a few days. How much will I take advantage of it? How often will I masturbate? I was not a frequent masturbator before CD play anyway. Depending. What does each individual call frequent. It is relative, after all. Me, rarely ever would I do it three times in a day, and then only after I hadn't done it in several days. Other than those exceptions, I would estimate my tendencies to 5 times a week, on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. Will I masturbate on any more occasions on this trip? Most likely, yes. Gotta keep the juices flowing, right? Gotta keep the Dicky Doo in good shape. Use it or lose it, huh? He needs practice to maintain his ability to please on demand! That's my story and I'm sticking too it

Hmmmm….. Can't help but wonder when K will start insisting that I be locked back up. I do know that she is very considerate of my needs, and that she will not be overbearing in the matter.

Oh my…….


Leaving On A Trip, Loving The Night Before

K and I are separated for a few days. She is working and could not get off. Her job demands are high this week. I have vacation! I grew up about 750 miles from where I now call home. I still have family there: mom and step-dad, two sisters, nieces and nephews. I don't get to visit them as often as I like. Usually I get to visit in the summer, but that didn't happen this year. So, it has been almost a year since I have seen them. This is what I consider my holiday trip. I will not be able to travel there at Christmas due to my own job constraints.

K and I spent the last two nights at my house in preparation for my trip. I have been locked according to our custom since the new PA5000 arrived. Last night, I took good care of K. She was horny, and so was I (duh). Hmmm... she deserved it, definitely. She had taken care of me the night before. You see, I have had a nasty cold and sinus infection for a few days: I've felt like crap. I think that K, knowing this kind of took it easy on me. She knew I needed rest badly. So, Saturday night, we had a little loving/nursing, then enjoyed sex, with me having an orgasm. She was content with having pleased me. Instead of asking me to give her an orgasm before I got to come, she opted to use the vibrator after sex. Out came the vibrator and she had hers. We cuddled up and while I nursed, we both fell to sleep. Sunday, I mentioned that it was her turn for an orgasm from me orally: she was due. Oral is her preferred path. She was excited about that. Now, I don't want that to sound like we take turns having orgasms. The norm is for us both to have one. Only occasionally, only one of us does.

Sunday night, she came over to my house after I had gotten home from work. My kids were due in any minute too. As she walked in, up they drove. We enjoyed the fireplace and all of each other's company. Then, K and I retired to the bedroom. Somewhere in all that, she referred to my taking care of her orally. I responded with a positive reinforcement that I wanted to please her well. So, off we went. In bed we cuddled and enjoyed foreplay. Nursing. Playing with my dick and balls. Excuse me, her playing with her dick and balls. One of the things we enjoy is that while we cuddle and I nurse, she is facing me. She lifts one leg for me to place her balls and dick between her knees. She then holds them there firmly, sometimes squeezing, sometimes squeezing hard! Depending on the exact placement of balls between knees, the squeezes will deliver varying amounts of pressure and pain to the balls. She rarely overdoes this, and then by accident (of course, sometimes it may be to do exploring of the pain threshold). She understands that it is possible to be TOO painful. However, she does enjoy administering SOME pain. I enjoy it too. I do have a little masochist in me. As she squeezes, it feels good. As she squeezes harder, the pain increases. As the pain increases, I get hornier, and I get more excited in my nursing. My breathing changes as pain increases. K seems to know exactly where that threshold of pain is to where she will not squeeze to much. This is all a hugely nice tease to me. K loves the excitement it builds in me. Perhaps, she may actually enjoy the giving of pain somewhat too. Yep, I do believe so. To me, that's a good thing.

With all the nursing and ball play, K gets really horny and wet. Soon she will be ready for my tongue. She pulled me on top of her. I wasn't sure where to go next. She pulled me to her, to enter her with her dick. In I go and stroke some. She then stops me and moves me to eat her pussy. AHHHH! Wonderful pussy eating! I love it. I ate her well. I evidently got it right. LOL. She came quickly and from all appearances, she had a GOOD one (she later commented that it was indeed a very good orgasm). Now it was my turn. She pulls me back to her to enter her. She plays with her dick to ensure readiness and in I go. I begin stroking in and out. This lasted a little while. As in this case, when I last long before coming, she will want to change positions. So to the position of her on hands and knees and me entering her pussy from behind (yeah I know, but K doesn't like to call it doggy style). I began working it in this position. Then it happened. Too many negative forces came into play. I was sick. I was overly fatigued. I was tired. K even noted that I felt like I had a fever. AND…..down I went! Mr. Dicky Doo fell from his perch, and I rolled over on my back gasping, tuckered out. K loved on me, climbed on top and tried to coax Mr. Wiggly back into action, but unfortunately, I had given all I had. Time to cuddle up and nurse to sleep. We both went to sleep happy.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Being the nursing couple that we are, K and I look around for related blogs. One she found of interest was It is two married women who write of their experience in ANR with their husbands. Of particular note to me was their use of the word "bosoming ". I have given a little thought to the term.

My interpretation of bosoming Is much like nursing. These are my takes on the words and there differences. Bosoming to me, would be the enjoyment of the breasts by one's mate. This would include all manners of such, as in being held in the breasts, sucking the breasts, and so on, for as long as desired. However, it doesn't have any connotations of a baby suckling or of the loving and interaction on a level providing such exquisite care as can be seen between mother and child. This could possibly make it more palatable to those who aren't so understanding or open minded. After all, there are people that think that adult "nursing" is "wrong". So, to say "bosoming" would seem more "grown-up" or "adult-ish". I can see where that would be a desirable effect, especially if one is wanting to discuss it with others that are outside the realm of understanding. This could even be a useful term for those who consider the joys of nursing but are hesitant because of the infantile reference.

Nursing on the other hand is a little bit different. It is much like bosoming, in that it includes all that it is. To me though, it also includes some other important aspects. I consider nursing to be COMPLETELY what it implies, although from an adult perspective (hence ANR). It is an adult nursing at an adult's breasts. It is bosoming, with possibly the thought of having all the other enhancements. Enhancements? Uh huh. Nursing provides for all the loving, care, nurturing, connection, dependence, and the need to provide to that dependence, much like in the case of a baby/mother, yet on an adult level. Do not confuse the two. ANR and infant/mother nursing is obviously two different things. I only mention the infant case for a comparison, to explain the provisions and emotions involved in ANR. It is as strong an interaction between two adults as it is in the infant case. POWERFUL!

One other thing: nursing, to me, more so implies the receiving of milk. Yep. Just like a baby. Talk about a loving connection! K and I do not have that benefit yet, but it is one we both strongly desire. Can it happen? Can she start producing milk without pregnancy? There is a lot of information out there that says yes. We are trying to make it happen for us. If it does, it will be the icing on the cake of our ANR! I do realize that there are plenty of people for whom the thought of milk does nothing to pleasure them. For the rest of us, it does. To each their own, eh?

Now don't get me wrong. I am not making light of the term bosoming or those who use it regularly. I think it is an appropriate word to use. I will use it occasionally myself. For K and I though, we'll most likely use the word "nursing" between us. For me, it conveys the truth about what we enjoy.

I wish I had her to nurse me now at her breasts: I would partake of all those wonderful intimacies in her arms....

and, I would wish for milk!

Nursing it is!

As always, comments are most welcome.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nursing Is Who We Are

This blog is obviously about two things, chastity and nursing.  Neither is more important than the other to K and I.  Both parts are important to us, and without either of them we feel like there is something missing. The chastity gives us a connection by my feeling the device choice of the day holding my dick and K having the knowledge that I am being held chaste for her, with the evidence of the key being on her keyring.  Though it provides many benefits to us, one is simply the fun playfulness of control given to K.

Nursing is equally important.  Without it, we feel too far apart.  It has become one huge part of our relationship, defining us to each other.  We more and more realize a need for each other.  Nursing connects us when we are together.  It gives closeness like none we have known before.  There holding each other, me nursing at her breasts, we give and receive attention, love, and caring, on a level unknown otherwise.  We love each other:  we both know that our love for each other is powerfully strong.  Often, we will lay there in bed and nurse to sleep.  We set the alarm clocks a little early so that we can enjoy nursing as a wonderful start to the day.  Starting the day with nursing sets the tone for us, and gives us anticipation for the two of us coming together at the end of that day.  Other types of lovemaking may not happen in any given day, but the day ALWAYS includes nursing, if we see each other at all  (rotating shifts prevent that sometimes).

It is just who we are.  We realize it more every day, literally.  It is a beautiful part of our relationship; one we do not want to be without.  When we have not had our nursing, we are not ourselves.  We miss it.  We long for it.  We look for the next opportunity, often creating one when there would not normally have been one.

Ahhhh.... Nursing!  Gentle.  Caring.  Loving.  Sharing.  Completing.   Being one with each other.  Beautiful.

We are hooked!


I know that it is most likely that many finding this site will have gotten here from Keyheld.  It is an excellent source for and organization of male chastity information and resources.  Tom has done a wonderful job of putting this together.  Those of you who are not familiar with Keyheld, it is certainly worth a visit.  The website address is:

Thanks Tom for including me on your site.

PA-5000 Replaced

As most of you know, the CD that I use most of the time is the PA-5000 from A. L. Enterprises.  Well, as hear that some of their plastic products do, it came apart at the seams.  Part of this was due to the metal lock getting a build-up and  corrosion of its' internals.  The lock became hard to turn, eventually causing the device to come apart.  With a call to A.L.E., sending them mine, a new one arrived yesterday.  Simple.  I was without the device to use for about 15 days.  K (and I) are happy to have a brand spankin' new one to lock me up with this morning.

Have I been unlocked for 15 days?


Some of the time, yes.

K and I do not live together.  I work rotating shift, so sometimes I do not even see K for 2 - 4 days.  When this happens, I am normally locked in the PA-5000 because I can sleep in it.  None of our other devices work for sleeping.  So, when we knew K would not be available to unlock me for sleep, I simply did not wear any device.  The rest of the time I would wear Kali or PK.  ( Kali is our KTB and PK means Plastic Kali which is the Clubfem MCD.)  K does not appear to be too fond of the CB3000 choice.  I do think she prefers Kali or PK because of the tease and resulting consequences of getting erect!  I like them for those reasons myself, although sometimes, I miss having the ring around my total package as is with the CB3000.  Oh well, that isn't of real importance.  So, for maybe 50% of the time, while Hairclip (PA-5000) was discombooberated, I have been locked up for K.

Did I take advantage of the freedom?  No, actually I didn't.  Yeah, I know, I'm surprised myself.   I do like taking care of myself and normally would have done so.  This time, it seemed that time did not allow for it, and when time did allow, I wasn't in the mood to.  And then sometimes, I didn't masturbate when I was in the mood and had time, because I knew K and I would soon be together and I did not want to spoil the sexual energy I had for her.  Yeah, you know how we are.  Us in the 40+ crowd.  We often don't have enough sex drive (as opposed to the teenage years)  to want sex powerfully enough, that we go at it more that once within a few hours.  This is especially true when us menfolk are tired. So with all those circumstantial regards, and wanting to be on my game for K, to please her sexually, and to meet both of our emotional needs, I did not do it.  Yes, that's right.  I did not get myself off one time!  Dammit!

Oh well.  K keeps me happy anyway.  (big smile)