Monday, February 28, 2011

Hurting, Couldn't Sleep, and Healing Again

Having started this post in the previous one, getting off on another track, and feeling that what was said in it should be captured in it's own post, I left off there with indeed capturing the relevance to our Thursday Night action. Now, I can continue.

Friday night, we were busy. We live in the deep south. Here, the area celebrates Mardi Gras exquisitely, yet not quite in the style of New Orleans. K and I had tickets to a Mardi Gras ball and attended it until 1:30am. Early in the ball, formalities were being done, while non-Mardi-Gras-association-attendees are required to remain off of the main floor for the association's festivities. K and I sat together in the box seats waiting for Tableau to complete. While we were there I was feeling very Twitterpated. I told K some things about spanking that I wanted her to know. I told her how it meant very much to me and that it made me feel very close to her emotionally. I wanted her to spank me more, whenever she wanted to, without reservation, as hard or as soft as she wanted, as long as she wanted, with total trust between us for EACH other. I surrendered all reserve to her, for her to use her own judgement, and unless it came to a point of undeniable ability for me to take any more, I would not complain nor try to instruct her in proper ways to apply her spanking finesse. And again, if I could feel the results the next day, or more, it would be wonderful. She took it all in, smiling. She asked if I was sure about that. Was I sure I really wanted what I said I wanted? I smiled and said yes, I want it all, and I want to give you all control, trusting you to use your judgement.

How Sweet It Is!

We spent the night at the ball, dancing, drinking, and dining, having a good time. We arrived home at about 2:00am, showered, and cuddled up. K wanted me to hold her. I wrapped my arms around her, spooning. In a few minutes she rolled over, laying her head on my chest and quickly went to sleep. Unnnnnnh!!! I felt left out. I felt distanced and ignored. It seriously hurt my feelings. Why? K always nurses me to sleep. I almost always am held in her arms, to her breasts and "suckle" as we will both drift into comfortable sleep together. Yes, I know she was tired. Yes, she does sometimes do it this way, cuddling up with her head on my chest, going to sleep. This was a little different to me though. It FELT like I was being left in the cold. Was it real? No, but it felt that way. Then to top it off, I could not sleep. Now it was 2:30, K is sleeping soundly, and I am wide awake. I then realize that my heart rate is accelerated, even though I am doing nothing but laying there. This is a very common thing to happen when I have had MSG in something I have eaten. Evidently some of the food at the ball had been seasoned heavily with MSG! My heart was beating hard and fast. I could not sleep. I was feeling lonely and forgotten. It was feelings that were actually conjured from my first marriage when I really WAS neglected.

After laying there for nearly three hours, tossing, turning, surfing the net on my cell phone, trying to sleep, miserable, I did finally start to drift off to sleep. K was still sound asleep. She was sleeping hard. She was actually snoring some; sometimes letting out louder snores. As I drifted off, she let out a loud one. Boing! Wide awake again. Drifting off again. SNORE! BOING!!! Wide awake again. You get the picture. I finally got up, emotionally hurting, miserable, tired, and went to the living room. I curled up on the couch, covered up with a throw, and pouted to sleep. I had NEVER done this before with K.

Pitiful Huh!?!???? (laughing about this now)

I slept there a couple of hours when K came and woke me up, asking why I was on the couch. I told her I couldn't sleep, that MSG had gotten me again. She took me back to bed and we cuddled up there. My wonderfully perceptive K could tell there was something wrong though. She asked. I then told her that I was hurt, feeling ignored and forgotten, and lonely, explaining the mental connections to a hurtful past. K also told me that her arthritis had been hurting her, so when we had arrived home from the ball, she had taken some prescription medicine for it which also contained some narcotic pain relief. I understood this as she explained it, realizing that it had caused her to go to sleep more quickly and soundly than usual. We discussed it all well, in a short amount of time. She understood my emotional state too. She got it. She took me and comforted me as I broke down and cried in her arms. Yeah, as big and tough (250 pounds 6'1" of "all man") and hard as I can be, I am a tenderhearted baby on the inside. K knows this and knew how to take care of me.

She took me and held me close, holding me to her breasts. This is the best place to comfort me. K is well aware of the power she has in her breasts to melt my heart, to make me feel better, to make me feel loved, to make my world all better. She took her breast and put her nipple in my mouth and I nursed there, taking in her love as she talked sweetly to me, caressing me, loving me, holding me, pouring out her care. After a little while of this, having adequately comforted my heart, I warmed up to her even more. Then things heated up!

Nursing ALWAYS turns K on. She got wet. She got horny. Well, okay, I did too. I got hard. I got drippy. We were getting quite excited. Then wonderful things happened. K pulled me on top of her. I kissed her mouth and a special place on her neck that she loves. That place on her neck really gets her going. Soon, she was pushing me down. Down I went. I ate her pussy, loving every drop of wetness. She tasted so good. She smelled wonderful. I was totally eating this up (pun intended!). She came, and came good! Pulling me up, I entered her and began to stroke in and out, deeper and deeper. She then wanted me to enter her pussy from behind and we moved to THE position, with her on her hands and knees. Oh YES!!! That went very well for me! I came and we collapsed side by side in bed. After a little clean-up, (sorry folks, it was with a wash cloth) we cuddled up again, and while nursing, we went back to sleep. We woke up at about 11:30, all in all getting a decent amount of rest. Life was good again.

This is how it is with K and I. We don't go very long with hurt between us. Healing wounds between us is important. Our love is too special to tolerate anything of that sort. We really are one of those soulmate relationships!

Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to get to the Saturday night story in this post either. Okay, I promise, the next post will be ALL about Saturday Night!

Deeper Into The Thursday Night Experience

Thursday Night proved to be a difficult learning experience. It actually took a couple of days to recover from it, even though K and I discussed and reconciled our issues Thursday and Friday. Friday, we did talk more about the experience and agreed that we would like to try spanking some more (my heart leaps for joy!).

I am finding that some things we try become important to us as part of who we are. Spanking was a fun thought to me in the past, a fantasy. A couple of sessions, a week and a half ago, had been good experiences. Thursday night, though fraught with problems, was still a good experience. While touching on Thursday night, I should probably insert a little information here. Ever since the first spanking session, and before, I had told K that I wanted her to spank me hard enough so that I would remember it the next day or so. What I mean is that I wanted to FEEL it the next day, still carrying results on my ass. I wanted to feel the presence of SOME kind of lasting presence of the spanking she was to lovingly bestow on my derriere. Thursday, was definitely an answer to that. I did feel it all the next day. It was wonderful. K had done exactly what I asked for. There was a little tingle all day long and I could feel that there was some lasting marks, both superficial and not so much so. K had tried her best to oblige me, to give me what I had wanted. She had even commented to that effect: she was only trying to give me that effect. It was one reason that it upset her, that she had tried her best, and it seemed to her that all I did was complain about it. This was an issue for us concerning Thursday night's session, and one I profusely apologized for to her. I love this woman, and I know beyond any doubt that she would not intentionally try to hurt me, whether emotionally or physically. The spanking she was doing Thursday night was multi-faceted; K trying to give me what I had asked for, K trying to be careful, K doing it all in a deep sense of love and vulnerability, and me trying to give feedback for what was working and not.

I was going to continue with this post to tell about a wonderful time we had Saturday night. Changing my mind, it will be the subject of a future post.

Spanking is a Delicate Thing

We continue to explore the spanking possibilities and how to incorporate it into our love making. It has been something that K and I have had to work on to get right, and that is still in developmental stages, with great progress.

Thursday night, K had another little session. We were in the bedroom at her house, getting ready for bed. I was already laying on the bed (hoping for a little spanking). K came to bed and fetched the paddle. We had mentioned that the "best" place to spank was probably kneeling over the big ottoman in her living room, or at least bent over the bed. This would probably give the best positioning for the proper application of leather to ass.

I however, was laying ON the bed, on my stomach. We proceeded anyway, which was ok with me. I found that it was much more intense. I had to tell K that the angles needed changed, don't strike quite so high, that might be too hard at that particular place on my butt, and so on. The laying on the bed obviously was making it more difficult for K to know exactly where to apply the paddle.

Now, I know you might think that I was doing too much in the way of trying to control the situation, but it needs to be understood what the damage CAN be by this particular paddle. It is very heavy, for a paddle of this sort. I think that I have a fairly high level of pain tolerance (K says that I do, if I want to). I actually enjoy the spanking when it is right. Why? I will explain that later. While laying completely prone, her angle of application had a tendency to be straight down. This was putting forces to the wrong places of the anatomy. It felt like it was compressing the buttocks into the body in such a way that it was bruising down in the muscle. I also felt it in my tail bone, with compression of inner tissue, to the point that it could bruise dangerous places internally. The overall effect was not only the pain, but was to cause a genuine concern in me for possibly more serious injury.

With this in mind, I drew my knees up under me somewhat to expose more of the bottom of my bottom. So now, I am positioned with my ass in the air and my chest still on the bed. K continued to spank, with force. In this position, now my butt was stretched tight. This gave the effect of causing a hardened ass, with very little give. So now, the spanking was more abrupt causing more of a jar to the spine, even seeming to be bruising muscle tissue in that area against the pelvis boney area.

With all this in mind, it did hurt. It stung. It was felt deeply. Although it was having a good effect on my heart, it didn't finish as we would have preferred. I had told K the day before, after some spanking, that if she had kept at it, I would probably have broken down and cried, letting out pent up emotion, and feeling a cleansing effect. That was the direction we were headed this night, but with all the detrimental circumstances of me laying on the bed, it caused me to shut down instead of opening up. K sensed it. After we were finished with it for the night, I commented that it may have been too hard of a spanking, considering all things. This upset her. She felt that she wasn't able to get anything right. I had to actually comfort her and tell her that I was only trying to give her feedback, since we were only starting to learn about it all. We had quite a discussion about it, both of us shedding some tears. After all was said and done, she understood the circumstances, and I understood that I must not give her "too much" feedback.

It is a delicate thing we are undertaking. Spanking is an enjoyable activity for us both. At the same time, it makes both of us vulnerable because we are actually sharing deep emotions with each other. It is turning out to be precious. I believe we will both enjoy it more as we progress.

Saturday night, we had another session. Ahh…but that is the subject of another post.

Just know, it was all good!

(Smiling, with deep love in my heart for K)

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 3

We had been to the local toy store (Part 2) and headed home.

When we arrived home it was late, nearly midnight. We had burned up a lot of time at the store. Having perspired some at dance, we both got showers. Then it was time to play. We got out the toys and cleaned and sanitized them thoroughly. We sure didn't want anyone else's cooties. We started with nursing a little while. As usual, this made K horny. She got wet very quickly, part of which is due to all the toy store fun we had and the anticipation. She moved me to eat her pussy. After eating some, she reached for the new egg vibe. She switched to the wivibe. Soon she had an orgasm and decided it was my turn.

We cuddled for a little bit then K wanted the new paddle. The paddle is heavy and has metal studs in it that adds even more weight. I told K that she would have to be careful with it working her way up with force. She did. She started out light, getting the feel of the paddle and my response to it. She quickly worked it up. It wasn't long, within a few strokes, that she knew just how much I could take. Wow! That thing packs a wallop. I could tell K wasn't swinging very hard, yet the weight did the job. I was soon squirming, sometimes letting out little yelps. Sometimes K would pause between swings about three seconds, and then sometimes use rapid fire. The rapid ones were intense. With the slower paced ones, I had time to recoil and get ready for the next. To finish up, K gave a longer series of harder, faster, rapid fire swats. It was so intense that it was touching me deeply. Just as she stopped, I was about to break into tears. I was almost at the point to start crying openly, letting out my emotions.

Yes, it is an emotional experience. I described in "Part 1" how that it "equalizes" me with K. Tonight, again, I find the same response. Even more so. This was an even more intense spanking session, the presence of the paddle adding to it. During the spanking, K oft times told me she love me, stopping to soothe my butt with her hand, before resuming the spanking. It was a glorious experience, wrapped in love and emotion. I succumbed to her. I was laying down all my reserves and breaking down walls to allow her in this close to me. After the spanking was done, I felt as close as Thursday night, maybe more.

I later told K that I wished she had continued the session a little longer, that I had almost started crying. To me that is a good thing. I consider crying a good thing. It lets me release pent up frustration, hurts, and anger. If I were to start crying, it would allow me to destroy walls and let K into my heart even farther than she is now. It would build the bond between us even greater than it presently is. K was very thoughtful of this and I think that next time she may well spank until I am sobbing in her arms. That would be the absolute best outcome of all.

Next came the anal toy pictured above. We followed directions that I received on Chastity Forums and from some helpful comments on a previous blog. We lubed it up well with some water-based lube and went slowly. Turning on the incorporated vibrator helped a lot. It made relaxing much easier. How did it feel? It felt like a vibrating probe placed in my ass! (laughing) Actually, it felt good. It was of course unusual to me, but I could see where it might have possibilities. K used the probe on me, searching for the best spot for pleasurable sensations. After a little of this play, I asked K to get on top, which she did, riding me to a very good orgasm. It ranked right up there with some of my best.

I suppose because, we did shower first, used lots of lube and was careful, it wasn't a bad experience. At one place, while K was inserting the probe, there was some pain, but that was quickly remedied and on we went. I previously had been concerned with smell and mess from playing this way, but it was ok. There was actually very little smell or mess at all. The vibrations did excite and add to my orgasm. I can see where we may very well experiment with anal play. Will it be something we use often? I don't know. Will it be something we use in the future at all, after we decide just what we do think of it. I don't know. That decision has obviously not been made yet. We will continue to experiment I'm sure. Either way, it will have been worth the while.

Time will tell.

Thanks to all who offered helpful information.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 2

Friday was a continuation of Thursday Night.

K and I went dancing Friday night. During the dance, K mentioned that she needed a new vibrator. Her Purple Friend had bit the dust. PF is a necessity at times. Sometimes, K can't seem to have an orgasm, no matter how much effort we put into it. Then, only PF will do the job. No PF, sometimes no orgasms, and severe frustration for K. There is a "toy store" up the road about five minutes away. Turns out that it closes at midnight. K and I agree that we will leave the dance when it ends and will go peruse the vibrator department of the toy store.

Arriving at the store, we went upstairs where the toys are kept. At the dance, I mentioned to K, that in light of last night's spanking, she may need more spanking implements. She smiled. The first thing we came to was the whips and paddles. We looked them over and investigated the ramifications of each. Many of the whips had accoutrements that we feared would damage skin too much if used to forcefully and for too long. We settled on an apparently well made leather paddle. It was heavy and stiff. It was K's choice. I told her to pick the one she liked the most. The paddle won.

As we turned to look at vibes, something shiny caught my eye. K continued toward the vibes. I stopped. K did not see what I was doing. When I turned to see what was shiny, I realized it was a metal collar with a neoprene lining. It was designed to fasten closed, secured by a small lock. Ooooh….! This tickled my fancy. I have had a fetish for being collared ever since I have known about such a thing. I picked up the collar and put it around my neck and closed it up, yet with no lock to fasten. I then turned to K and showed her. She laughed and said to I should put it back. I laughed and left it on, walking around the small room shopping. I stopped at the little cashier's desk where a couple of ladies were looking over stuff under the glass and talking with the attendant. We all had quite a conversation. I asked about Chastity Devices. Out they came. They had a CB-6000 and a 7 Gates of Hell. The ladies were surprised, shocked, curious, and amazed. We discussed them. The attendant said that she knows of other CDs she has seen. One of them had little spikes in it so if the man gets hard, it pokes into him, making him not want to get hard. I smiled and replied that I was wearing one. She looked at me and smiled, and said good, that's a good man. We all laughed as I could hear K chuckling in the background. The two other ladies simply listened in disbelief. I ended up getting in quite a conversation with the attendant about chastity and the related fun.

The conversation took a turn when I mentioned an interest and intrigue of anal play. K had rejoined me and attendant lady sang anal praises. Informing her that I have NEVER even considered such a thing until lately, I asked her what would be a good toy to get started with. Went over to the small anal play section. There she pointed out an anal toy that would be a good start. It provided for about four inches of insertion and had a vibrator incorporated in it. It was made of a very soft flexible silicone. I turned to K and said, "Well for $27.00, it might be worth a try to experiment with it. If I don't like it, we can trash it." Along with the paddle, in goes the anal toy to be included with our purchase. We then looked at vibrators with the help of the attendant. We ended up selecting two: a wivibe and an egg that resembled K's PF. A bottle of cleaner included, we purchased and left. It's time to go home and try out our new stuff!

And try it out we did!

Continued in The Anal and Spanking Story, part 3.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 1

It started Thursday.

I had bought K a cute little crop for Christmas. Instead of the usual loop of leather at the end, it has a pink oval-shaped pussy-cat face fixture. We've played a little with it since I gave it to her, but nothing much; just a few wacks here and there, on either of us.

Thursday night, I guess it was time for more. The "pussy whip" was laying on the kitchen table (isn't it nice when the kids are grown and you don't have to hide everything?) innocently. I picked it up and playfully swatted K on the butt a couple of times. She jumped and laughed, while I investigated the pussy face print on her ass. Yep, there was definitely an imprint. She then got ahold of the crop and printed my ass up with a few swats. Wow! I loved it!

We migrated to the living room. K has a big chair with a big ottoman. It is almost big enough to call a loveseat, with the ottoman being matched to it. I laid back on the ottoman and waited on her to come from the kitchen. When she did, she touched me lovingly, holding the pussy-whip (PW) in the other hand. She then told me to turn over.

Let me back up slightly. K had a birthday earlier in the week. I treated her to dinner and dancing at a fine restaurant, coffee at one of our favorite coffee shops, chocolates, and lingerie from Victoria's Secret. That evening, I also told her that as another gift, I was going to give her a month of being her subbie. This meant that I was to be at her disposal for any pleasure she desired. Now, it didn't have any connotations of being her house slave, cleaning, cooking, and all that. It was more along the line of being her sex slave, ready to eat her pussy at any time, being denied if she desired, and anything else she could consider wanting in the line of sexual fantasy, play, and fulfillment. I offered this gift to expire on the same day of her birthday in March. She said that she only wanted it for two weeks instead. I said okay, if that's what she wants, two weeks it is (whew!). The next day, she did say that she might want to extend and accept it to the full month, depending. I said ok, maybe: after all, she made the modification, changing it to two weeks.

Okay, back to the story. As a good subbie, I complied, rolling over on my stomach on the ottoman. She then scooted my hips back so that my legs bent down to the floor. This posed me in a position of kneeling on my knees and bent over the ottoman, a perfect spanking position. She then proceeded to use the PW. She spanked me, turning my ass a bright read. With many of the swats, she would giggle, apparently enjoying the session, and enjoying reddening me arse. K commented that my ass was getting whelped up a little bit. That didn't stop her though. She would pause a little, inspect my ass, rub it a little, then spank some more. Some of them stung pretty good; okay, a lot! I could hear PW whipping through the air with most every swat. Each landed with a thwack as the rod and pussy face landed on it's mark.

I loved it.

K appeared to love it.

I loved it that K loved it.

K then had to go to the kitchen to take a prepared dish from the oven. I just stayed right where I was. She returned soon, PW in hand. She then proceeded to whip my ass some more. It wasn't long though until she was done. She then rubbed it softly again, soothing the redness and whelps. Wow! What a woman! Those that enjoy spanking will most likely relate to what I say next.

This is the first time K has ever really spanked me. I had casually mentioned it to her before, and that I thought I would like it. The thought of it turned me on. I had seen some of the videos that had been posted on the Serving B blog. The thought of being spanked so much excited me. I will say though, I'm not so sure that I want my ass quite so worked over as that, even though it is a thought. And, if K liked it, I would let her wear my ass out as much as she wanted too. I have commented to her a few times that sometimes I wish she would spank my ass such that I would feel it a few days, or at least all day!

The spanking was wonderful! When K was finished, I felt so close to her. I was so in love with her. I don't know why. I don't understand the mechanism. Don't ask me to figure it out. All I know is that after that spanking, I loved K more than ever. It endeared my heart to her more and stronger than ever before. I felt so madly in love with her. She spanked me in such a way that she showed me love. She even commented some of the time while spanking, that she loved me. It was profound. I really do love the spanking and the results I feel in my heart from it. I felt like K had given me a wonderful gift of love. I felt humbled by it. I felt like I was on the correct plane, where I should be. Us men have a nasty little habit of trying to be "one up" on everybody. Even if it is not "practiced" on everyone, the mentality is often times still there. That is the last place we should even start to think of ourselves with our loved one. I suppose the spanking puts me in the right mindset with K because it creates a pure honesty between us, creating equality in our hearts.

We moved to the bedroom and made love. Of course.

(Big Smile)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day Away From The Norm

Fresh Haircut

Yesterday, K and I were getting ready to take a day off from the norm. We had reservations at a resort only about 20 miles away for the night. We had cuddled, drank coffee, made love, with K having a good orgasm from pussy eating with use of a vibrator at the same time. We had showered and were in the process of getting ready. We had mentioned over the past week that both of us were in need of a fresh haircut. When we were getting ready to leave for the resort, we both agreed that we would like haircuts before we left. Out came the clippers. K went first, laying on the bed while I clipped away all hair from her wonderful pussy. She really did well this time. Last time she squirmed, shrieked, and guarded to the point that it was difficult to even get started. I guess I learned how to give it better and she did very well, laying there calmly as I completed the job.

Next, I again laid my butt on the bed and she hacked away at the hair that had grown out. It didn't take her long to complete the job. Above, you can see the result of her handiwork. We both showered again and continued with our preparations for the day, evening, and next morning.

We arrived at the resort. It was only going to be a one nighter because we both had to work Monday. She had to leave by 7:00am and I had to work that night (damn night shift!). K had also made reservations for the Sunday brunch at the resort restaurant. It was my first time there, but not K's. Wow! This place was wonderful. The food was all delicious, set up in somewhat of a buffet style, with elegance. We ate until we had even slightly overeaten. We enjoyed lounging at the pool for a while. I had not been able to nurse that morning and was really in need. K and I had our lounge chairs scooted close together where we could somewhat cuddle up while we relaxed. One thing led to another. I cuddled up to sweet K. I was longing for her breasts and moved my face to rest against them, enjoying the touch of her womanly skin, since we were wearing bathing suits (ah, the pleasures of living in the deep south). She cradled my head there and I relaxed, feeling comforted a little. It was not long though and I was moving her swimsuit out of the way discreetly making her nipple available for nursing. I snuggled in, taking her wonderful nipple into my mouth. I suckled there for a few minutes as she covered me with her arm to disguise the appearance as simply a man cuddling up to his lover in a benign loving embrace. It was all so discreet, yet it was amazingly wonderful. After nursing for a few minutes, I was relieved, having a need met in my heart for closeness. We carefully maneuvered to cover K's breast as I moved away. Oh my goodness, it was heaven on earth!

The resort we were at, was not one of which you could show such public displays of affection openly. So, we made do and made it work anyway. K is absolutely wonderful. She makes allowances for such situations if possible. She enjoys public intimacy as much as I do. Later that night, I explained to K that it really meant a lot to me that I was able to nurse by the pool. I really did need it badly. She smiled and said that she enjoyed it too. We BOTH needed the intimacy that nursing gives us. Yeah, we could have retired to our room then, instead of nursing by the pool, but the spontaneity was part of what made it so wonderful.

That evening, we strolled the grounds, enjoying the beauty of it all. We sat and enjoyed a glass of wine and talked. That is one thing that K and I do well: talk. We are both great communicators and enjoy discussing anything of interest. After the wine, we decided to go back to our room and nurse some more. To the room we went, with me being full of anticipation. We undressed and cuddled under the covers. I moved longingly to her breasts as she guided me to her nipple, taking her breast in her hand and placing it in my open mouth. I sweetly moaned as I took her in. It was soooooo good. I suckled there for a little while and K started getting horny. It wasn't long before she pulled me over on top of her. Shortly after that, she moved indicating that she wanted me to eat her pussy. I showed my appreciation, telling her how I wanted to eat it, giving her pleasures, fulfilling her need, taking care of her pussy. I asked if I could, if I could eat it her pussy, if she would allow me to go down on her and eat her to orgasm. With each second, she became more and more lusty for it and pushed me down. Aaaah…. her pussy was so good. I ate her and soon she came, HARD. She squeezed my head with her legs. She took my head in her hands and pulled my face into her pussy, harder than she has ever done before. She ground her pussy into my face and squeezed more with her legs. This is the thing that I live for! I love her orgasms, and this was the best ever, with her giving such forcefulness in pressing my face deep in her pussy folds. Afterward, we made love with me getting a wonderful orgasm too. We BOTH now had two orgasms for the day! Life is Grand!

We cleaned up and went to the lounge, eating appetizers, having a drink, and dancing the night away. Returning to our room, we went to bed quickly. K snuggled up to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She was laying on my chest. She turned her head slightly and began to suck on my nipple. Sweet! Occasionally, K likes to nurse too, at my nipples. She suckled for a little while and drifted off to sleep. I shifted a little to get more comfortable and she awakened. She was ready for me now, and I moved to her breasts, suckling, nursing, moaning, enjoying. Then we both drifted to sleep, wrapped in each other, suckling sweetly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What Might You Do?

Have you ever wondered what you MIGHT do?

There are a few things I said I would never do. When I was growing up as a teenager, I wondered what in the world people could possibly see consider desirable in anal sex. This was basically rooted in the thought of a man penetrating a woman. What could a man get out of sticking his dick up a woman's poop hole!?!? The biggest detriment was simply the thought of fecal matter on my dick and the smell. Ewwww….YUCK! I have to say, it still holds no charm to me, neither does the thought of it enter into any of my fantasies.

In two marriages and a my wonderful girlfriend, K, when it came time to lay ground rules for lovemaking, one of the things I would lay down was that I played with no one's asshole, and no one is playing with mine. Even with K, whom I have known just over a year, I have always maintained the same rule.

Hmmmm….. How things change.

Lately, I have been intrigued by the thought of anal play. I suppose it is the oft mentioned practice in some of the chastity blogs I have read. It seems that it can be an enjoyable practice. Am I changing the rules? Well, it's a thought. Am I interested in exploring anal play? Well, that's a thought too. Would I be willing to incorporate it into our lovemaking? Hmmmm…..I might be willing to give it a try. I no longer rule it out.

K and I have been discussing it a little bit, lately. I'm finding the subject a little exciting now, thinking of having my anal areas explored. I think I would like to at least see what it is all about, to see if I am missing something. I'm thinking K may be interested in doing this to me too. She may be willing or wanting to accommodate me, using toys on my ass, to go down another road of discovery together.

We will see.

Ya know,….. I'm finding more all the time,…….I may even be kinkier than I originally thought!

(smiling….sort of)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A GOYO????

K and I have adopted a term for her status as my KH. That term is GOYO. What the hell is a GOYO? It plays with the term Goddess. After we played with the label for a s while, me calling her my Goddess playfully, it developed farther. It was at a time when we were just beginning to explore male chastity together. I had told K before that I was willing to let her control my orgasms, saving them all for her. She was getting used to the idea. K then said that she was now my GOYO!

Goyo! Well, I had to ask, "What does that mean?"

K replied, "It means Goddess Of Your Orgasm."

Perfect. It was a playful term, an acronym for what our play was developing into. It stuck. Ever since adopting the term, K quickly assumed the role. With the label Goyo, she realized that she now did have control, with a title to verify it. And, she has taken that control ever since. She now decides what device I will wear every day. She keeps me locked all the time when out of her presence, and a lot of the time in her presence.

I must say, K is a wonderful Goyo. She keeps my orgasms controlled nicely. I am never out of her presence without some device locked on her dick. The control however, does not mean that she is denying me of orgasms. It only means that all my orgasms are with her. She loves sex. She loves her dick. She loves her dick being inside of her. She has no real intentions of denying me sexual pleasure or gratification. She DOES deny me of having said pleasure by myself. When either of us is horny, wanting lovemaking, wanting orgasms, we usually do our best to accommodate the other's need.

Feeling controlled. Having a Goyo. Enjoying lots of lovemaking with my Goyo. Meeting each other's needs. Ahhhhh….it's a wonderful life!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kali All Night…..Aurgh!

Last night didn't turn out quite as I expected. K and I met at 7:00 for some lessons we've been taking. We left there at 8:30. Arriving at my house, I built a fire in the fireplace and K cooked me a little something to eat, along with some delicious buttered rum to drink. We then settled down, snuggling in front of the fire, enjoying the food and drink. We moved closer to the fire by laying on a cushion on the floor. We snuggled there a little while and became sleepy. We opted to move to the bedroom.

We did the usual preparations for going to bed, including K washing her pussy for possible eating. K went and got her keys and laid them on the window sill above the bed. Hmmmmmm……. What was that supposed to mean? Well, I WAS still locked in Kali. She DID say it was her turn for an orgasm, especially since I had one that morning and she didn't. She ALSO said that I needed to be locked while I gave her one.


Okay, so I am still locked. Okay, the keys are on the window sill. Okay, we are going to snuggle up. Okay….K had washed her pussy! Okay……it looks like I get to eat her pussy to bring her to orgasm. Ahhhh…..seems like a plan! We snuggled up in bed. She felt so good! K ALWAYS feels good. She moved me to her breasts to nurse. THOSE WONDERFUL BREASTS….K has such wonderful breasts! I took her nipple into my mouth and began to nurse, wishing for milk. The next thing I know…..


I was starting to doze off when I felt K do one of those jerks when tension is relaxing from the body, and she began to "snore" sweetly, making those breathing sounds as she does when she is sleeping well. I simply maintained my latch on her breast and quickly drifted off to sleep too.

5:00 this morning, I wake up to pain-in-the-dick! Kali was biting me! Hard! I had morning wood! And Kali didn't like it. I awoke in pain! I rolled over and moaned quietly. I then got up, went to the bathroom and peed. Ahhh….end of the wood. Getting back in bed, I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't.

K and I have had the understanding that I would not have to sleep in Kali. Also, I would not have to sleep in any CD when we sleep together. This necessary for me to get adequate sleep. I work shift-work and sleep is of prime importance to me, since my sleep cycles are crappy anyway. K had actually teased me a little last night that she kind of thought that I should be okay to sleep in Kali. I really did figure it was a tease, but at the same time, I had the feeling that maybe she might actually want me to sleep in Kali all night.

Here I was awake, hurting somewhat from Kali's bite, with only five hours sleep, and feeling frustrated. I was not sexually, orgasmically frustrated, but frustrated from having been "left" to sleep in Kali all night. It started working on my mind. I became a little aggravated. I considered that maybe K really did want me to be in Kali all night. That was against "the rules"! I am frustrated with not enough sleep too. It came to a place in my mind that I am suffering from Kali, against the rules, and K is sleeping soundly beside me, without care that I was not doing well with it all.

To be fair, I also had other thoughts. I realized that we were both tired last night. We had been loving when we went to bed. The indication was that I was going to eat K's pussy last night, and then be unlocked. It wasn't really anyone's fault that we had both fallen asleep before we had gotten that far. Well, you know how that goes: regardless of fair reason, sometimes we let the situation get the best of us.

The alarm clock went off at 6:30 for K to get up. We snuggled up some to nurse, but I couldn't get into it. I was too upset. I told K that she needed to unlock Kali from me. Afterward, we resumed nursing. I still was in a bad emotional place. I had to talk. I simply told K how I was feeling. I knew that if I told her soon, I would recover from the "bad" feelings and we could get on with living happily, loving included. I explained it all to her. She understood. She apologized. I accepted. It was better now, for me. Then K felt a little funky. She felt distanced some from the conversation. She rolled to her other side and I spooned behind her: that's what she wanted.

We talked some more. I was not feeling all mushy, in love. I told her so, telling her how I loved her and was glad for what we have and share in love. We talked and soothed for a little while and it all became okay for us both. She rolled back to face me and moved me to nurse again. Now it was right. It was good. My heart melted. I gushed at her breasts, moaning as I felt the exchange of love. Nursing is such a precious thing for us both. It is both loving and healing.

K enjoyed it as much as me, and as usual, she got turned on: she got horny and began to whimper. I asked her what she needed. Did she want pussy eating? Yes. "Okay. I would love to eat your pussy." She quickly got up, of her own accord, and washed her pussy to freshen up. when she came back to bed, it was time, time to get it on. I got on top of her and started kissing her again, loving her. I didn't' take long, because when K wants pussy eating, she wants it now. I moved to her breasts for a few seconds and then to her pussy. It was clean and fresh. I dove in head first,,,,,well, tongue first! I began eating her, licking her clit. I moved my hands to her breasts, massaging them as I also played with the nipples. K was ready. I did not take long. Within five minutes she had a wonderful orgasm. I enjoyed every bit as much as she did, my head squeezed between her legs as I kept my face in her pussy. Ahhhh…. her world was good again.

After her orgasm, we snuggled a little and then she was ready for her dick. I got on top and she guided me in. I guess I was ready too! In about two minutes, I came, good. Now, both of our worlds were good! We got up, I made coffee and breakfast.

K got ready for work. She put her makeup on in the living room as we both enjoyed the coffee and breakfast. Soon, she left for work. Within two minutes, she came walking back in the door. She had forgotten again!!!! In her hurry, it had slipped her mind. I jet thought that, in light of the difficulty this morning, she was actually going to give me some free time. NOPE!!!! She showed me the Hairclip Key and told me that she needed to lock me up. I dutifully got out Hairclip and she dutifully locked it on her cock! She kissed her dick and turned to leave. Kiss, Kiss. Hug, hug. "I love you", "I love you", and away she went to work.

Life is good!

She Forgot!!!

My blog post Yesterday was about our morning activites. Then K left for work.

After K left, I went back and sat in the bed, doing some work on the computer. Shortly my phone rang. It was K. She was laughing. She was trying to insinuate something. "You know what I forgot? You know what I did? You know what I was supposed to do? You let me leave without doing what I was supposed to do!" Of course, I acted innocent and oblivious to what she was saying. "You know! I forgot to lock you up!" Huh? Oooooh….. That! Yeah, you forgot. "You knew it didn't you?" Who me? "Yes, you knew I was leaving and forgot!?!?" Huh? What do you mean? "You know exactly what I mean! I'm coming back to lock you up, NOW! You thought you were going to get a free day, didn't you?" I replied with a "No". Surprised, she asked, "You didn't think you were maybe supposed to get a free day today, that I meant to leave you unlocked?" Again I replied "No". "Why not"

I replied, "Because, you NEVER give me a free day! You ALWAYS keep me locked up."

K replied, "Yes, I do. You NEED to be kept locked up. For me!"

I replied, "Yes, I do."

K then says that she isn't coming back to lock me up after all. I began thinking about the possibilities! Within seconds, K came walking in the door. We both burst out laughing. We quickly locked me up, with her clicking the lock shut and she again left for work.

I sat there, now locked in Kali, contemplating the possibilities for the night. After all, K had already informed me that it was her turn for an orgasm. She had also said that I was to remain locked until I had eaten her pussy to her satisfaction, with her having a good orgasm. I like it that way. I like eating her pussy while being locked. Being locked up makes me want to eat her pussy badly. It enhances the desire in me to eat her pussy, with little regard for my own orgasm while doing so. It somehow makes me crave eating her and causes me to enjoy it IMMENSELY more. It is as though being locked attunes me more to her pussy and responses while pleasuring her with my tongue.

So much for a free day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a way to start the morning

K and I awoke this morning to the sound of her alarm clock, which has the sound of crashing waves and seagulls calling. We snuggled up and I nursed for a nice while, switching back and forth on her breasts. Sometimes, K has little droplets of milk form on her nipples when she works at expressing by hand. When I nurse, I can taste her milk occasionally. It is something we are both glad for. We are hoping that she will continue to increase in ability to produce milk and someday I can lay there at her breasts and nurse with milk flowing into my mouth. It is a goal we have, with both of us desiring it greatly.

As I nursed, K became horny. She moved my hand to caress her pussy area, just above the lips. Soon, becoming more desirous for lovemaking, she moved me on top of her, guiding me to enter her. We made love for a short time. I became hot, beginning to perspire. This is usually a killer, and kill it did. Quickly, I lost my erection. I lay on top of K for a short time then she rolled me to be beside her and nursing resumed. She then rolled to her other side where I could spoon closely behind her. I like that position too. It wasn't long until I had another full raging erection. Only problem was, now K wanted coffee. I told her that I would play the coffee fairy and make her coffee. I did ask though if we could try having sex again before the coffee because I was incredibly horny. I knew, if I got out of bed to make coffee, the lovemaking would be over. K needed to get up soon to get ready for work (today is my day off).

K is so sweet. She really does want to take care of my needs for affection and lovemaking as much as I want to take care of hers. She agreed to trying another round of sex and moved me to get on top again. As I moved over her, I asked for her to guide me in (we both laugh that I am a terrible "driver"). I went into her easily as her hand guided her dick to the opening of her pussy. I began stroking in and out. after only a very little time, K wanted to change positions. We call it "entering from behind" because K does not like the term "doggy style". Changing positions, I guided her dick into K's pussy again (I am a much better driver in this position!). Sex rarely lasts long this this way. It is one of my favorites and the QUICKEST to accomplish making me come. Come I did!!! Woohoo!

Okay, we are both done. K is craving her coffee. As promised, I promptly, dutifully, got up and made the coffee she desires so much in the morning. While performing the task, K calls from the bed, "It's my turn tonight! I want an orgasm! You have to take care of me with your tongue!" I responded that I wanted to and that would be the goal for tonight. The coffee was now ready. Nice and strong coffee. She likes it that way, adding some Creme Brulee creamer and sweetener. Bringing it to her while she was still in bed lounging before getting ready for work, she was happy, and I was happy. We enjoyed the coffee together.

Time is up. Time to go. K got up, got ready for work and left.

What a great way to start the day: nursing, making love, spooning, making more love, an orgasm for me, wonderfully strong coffee to share with K. It was all so good!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

After The Haircut

The Haircut was done. Now it was time for some good ole lovin'. K had been gone for two whole days! I had been locked up two whole days! It was time!!!

One of the first things I did was to nurse at her wonderful breasts. There is nothing like that in the world. K has beautiful breasts (see the picture at the top of this blog. YEP, those are hers!!!)), and they are all natural. Being so, they are soft and womanly as nature intended them. Don't get me wrong. I am not insinuating that there is anything wrong with breast augmentation, or the women who get them. There is plenty I could say with positive air about that. I am merely saying that K has wonderful breasts and that I am happily, thoroughly satisfied with them. And so, I nursed. K certainly knows what I need. She knows how to nurse me. She knows that I become her baby in her arms. I lay there and "suckle" while she holds me, cradling my head to her breasts. She will switch sides occasionally. I many times will softly moan for the pleasure of enjoying the love she gives me there. As I nursed and nuzzled there, I definitely moaned this time.

After a while, a short while, K gets turned on from my nursing. She rolled to her back. I lay beside her still, caressing her right breasts while still sucking on the left. Here is where the setting changes. I now transition from baby to lover. I work on her nipple with my mouth, my tongue, my lips. I work the other with my hand. K loves attention to her breasts, especially concentrating on the nipples. She likes me to roll the nipples between my fingers while sometimes pulling them upward or outward. Nursing alone gets her going, but the nipple play REALLY gets her going. I was horny, excited, happy, mushy gushy, and ready to please her well.

Shortly after rolling to her back, and after some nipple play, I moved my hand from her breast to her pussy. It was wet. I don't mean that it was just wet: I mean that it was WET!!!! It felt good. Her pussy was engorged with the excitement. It had just been given a haircut. It felt so good, I wanted to eat it soon. I wasn't disappointed. Very soon, K moved me to her pussy to feast. It felt even better on my face than it did in my hand. My oh my! Wonderful. All my horniness concentrated in my mouth, my tongue, my face, as I enjoyed her fresh clean pussy. It smelled so good. It tasted good. I ate. I didn't get to eat long, though. K came quickly. And it was a good one for her. It was a good one for ME! I lay there as she came, pressing my face in her pussy. When K comes, she can't stand much more stimulation. I have to lay as still as possible if I am going to get to enjoy her orgasm in my face. So, I just lay there, face in pussy, nose deep in her folds, wetness on my cheeks, eyebrows, and chin.

After she settled some, she moved me to lay on top of her. Then, she wanted her dick. She pushed me to lay on my back. She then moved down on me, taking her dick into her mouth. She wanted to enjoy my fresh haircut too. She sucked and licked. She caressed her dick and balls with her hand. It felt GOOD! REAL GOOD! She did this for a little while, longer than usual.

I wish I could say that she sucked and licked me to orgasm. I wish I could say that she gave me a blowjob that blew my mind culminating in the hardest orgasmic contractions known to man, with cum spewing from her dick that would fill a Mason jar. Alas, I cannot. I don't hardly ever have an orgasm from a blowjob. I really don't know why. No matter how good it is, no matter how wonderful it feels (and oh yes, they feel GOOD!), I just don't come. It is a very, very rare thing for me to come from a BJ. K has given me many an oral pleasuring, trying very hard to get me there. It just doesn't work. K and I have been together for a little over a year now and it hasn't happened yet. It's all okay though. I enjoy her oral pleasuring of her dick, regardless. By no means do I ever want her to stop the practice. I do know that some day, it will work. The planets will line up, the gods will smile, and POW! it will happen.

So, after a wonderful session of orally pleasuring her dick, it was time; time to get it on! She rolled to her back, pulling me on top of her. I was horny as hell. It had been quite a foreplay session for me. Haircutting, nursing, pussy-eating, blowjobbing. Now, I am on top, with K guiding her dick into her warm, wet, engorged pussy. I stroked, in and out. Well, that didn't last long. Although I do not come as quick as in my 20-something-year-old days, I did come rather quickly. Pleasure of pleasures! It was fantastic. It was the culmination of desires met, brought on by her absence and the foreplay.

After I came, we cuddled up and I nursed as we sweetly drifted off to sleep. Hmmmmm….. I'm not sure which was better, the send off, or the return. Both of them were THAT good!

Locked up for her separation times certainly appears to be a good thing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


K came home Saturday evening. She had left Thursday to do some consulting work. The two days and nights she was gone, I was locked securely in Hairclip. The send-off I gave her was wonderful for us both, with orgasms for all.

I had to work Saturday and would have to work Sunday too. When I got home from work, I quickly got my stuff together for the next day's work and went to K's house. I wanted to get there in time to take a shower and be ready for her arrival. Well, as it turned out, She arrived shortly after I did. It was so good to see her. We talked a little and I told her I was going to get my shower. She unlocked Hairclip so that I could clean her dick well too. After the shower, and after she freshened up her pussy, we met in bed.

We had been talking the past couple of weeks how we both needed a haircut, how it was time for us both to get the bushes trimmed. Again, we mentioned it. I then asked, "Why not now?" She agreed. I got out the clippers and it was my turn first, to trim her. K had told me previously that I should give her pussy haircuts in the future, and do so, how I preferred. This the first time ever though, that I have ever, ever given a pussy a haircut in any way. It was a little tricky. The hardest part was that K is ticklish. When the cold clipper metal and the vibration hit sensitive skin, she had a hard time holding still. She squirmed and squealed. She kept putting her hands "down there" as a reflex to protect herself from the tickle. I tried. I mean I really tried, to make it easy on her, but she had gotten to that ticklish place where even the thought of it made her squirm. Now, here I am, trying to be a good lover, trying to give her a pussycut. I couldn't do it. She wanted me to, but because of the tickle, she couldn't let me. It became frustrating to me. I had to stop many times before I even got started, simply because of her guarding. I was about to give up. I told K that if she pushed me away again, I was going to quit and she would have to do it herself. Well, I guess that interjected enough seriousness for her to settle down a little and I was actually able to do the job. It was actually fun. I enjoyed it. I clipped and trimmed. Around the lips, I cut it very close, leaving a near-bare appearance. The hair above the clit line I trimmed short, but it was still apparent. Then, directly above the pussy lips, I left a nice little short tuft of hair. I have inclinations to let that grow a little, both in size and length of hair. Ahhhh….perfect.

Next it was K's turn. She got up and washed off the hair. I laid down on my back and she got her evil hands on those damn clippers! And she had no mercy! She dove in with both hands, clippers a buzzing. Oh My Goodness!!1 That shit Tickled!!! I squirmed. I breathed hard. I gritted my teeth. I growled. All in an effort to endure MY haircut without stopping her. I did okay, I guess. I never did stop the progress. She finished some of the tickle spots and moved to her dick and balls. Now I had control of the tickle. I was able to squash it in my mind. She finished there and moved down between my legs some. It started to tickle again, but as I said, I now had control. I mentally pushed the tickle away and it was all just fine. Soon, it was complete. I was "bald". There was NO hair left. She took it ALL off!

K loved it. Since K loves it, I love it. It is actually pretty cool. This is not the first time she has given me a haircut. She has trimmed my bushes three other times, each time making it shorter and shorter. The last time, she had nearly taken it all off. She wondered at my response and suspected that I was upset. I wasn't. I was very surprised though. She interpreted my surprise as possible dissatisfaction. That certainly was not the case. Now she has probably given me the most hair-removing haircut of all, all that is possible with a pair of clippers. I think that the only way to get it any closer would be to shave it. Hmmmm…. I wonder if that will be what she will do next time.

Speaking of that, here is why I wonder. In the past, when we talked of "haircuts", we both agreed that we wanted SOME hair. We BOTH said that we did not want the other to be hairless. Seems though that K has changed her mind. Each haircut has been shorter than before. Now, I am hairless. It has eventually developed into that. I mentioned to K after this haircut how I thought she had said before that she wanted some hair to remain. She simply stated that she had changed her mind. Well, I must say, I like it. Would I like being shaved? Hmmmm…. It is food for thought. Being hairless feels good. I can feel so much more of what happens now. The hair got in the way, I suppose. Without the hair there, I can feel everything that contacts the skin, to a greater degree. This means that it is more stimulating, and sexy. Shaving? Yeah, I'd go for it. If K wanted to give it a try, I would definitely let her. I could suppose that it would feel even more sexy, being able to feel my skin smooth against her. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. K and I often comment how our relationship is all an adventure. This would simply be another path of discovery, as it has already been.

After MY haircut, I got up and showered off my crotch again, for loose hair removal purposes. Then it was time to do some loving.