Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-trip Loving

K was scheduled to leave town on Thursday. She had some work to do out of town, about three hours away. She was going to be gone two nights, returning Saturday. She had already told me that I was definitely going to be locked before she left so that I would be good and horny when she returned.

We had not been able to have much loving lately. Between the stresses we were both going through at our respective jobs and the busyness we had in our lives lately, our lovemaking had been quite decreased. Finally, we were able to make love Wednesday. Oh my, what wonderful lovemaking it was. We took some time to enjoy each other and pleasure each other very much, culminating in both of us having wonderful orgasms. I was certainly glad for it, especially since she was going to be leaving Thursday night. Ahhh....good. We slept together nicely, me unlocked, both basking in the post-lovemaking afterglow (big smile).

Thursday morning came and I got up early, as usual, nursed for a few minutes, then got myself ready for work. I put Hairclip on, as previously agreed by K and I. (K had originally wanted to lock me in Kali for her absence. I reminded her that it would not be a good thing for me because it is nearly impossible to get a decent night's sleep while wearing it, due to the well-known nocturnal erections.) I then came to the bedside to K and roused her enough to do the locking of Hairclip. She indeed locked it and kissed her dick goodbye.

I thought about K all day. I was HORNY all day! I was thinking of her, and that she was leaving this evening, for two days, two nights. Of course, along with that, I was thinking that I would be locked for the duration, with no relief, and no recourse for the time she was gone. It was exciting to contemplate, OF COURSE!!!

When I got off from work, I made a straight line for K. I got there as soon as possible, about 5:00pm. I was so turned on. I was just plain HORNY, mega mega mega! The funny thing is, when I am locked up, my horniness translates into having a huge craving for eating K's pussy. Yes, I want to have an orgasm myself, but for a time, it is completely overshadowed by the desire to eat K to the best orgasm possible for her. I have noticed that when I am locked, that seems to be the norm. Although I do have a craving for my own orgasm, I crave, desire, need to eat her pussy. It is so noticeable to me that I have also noticed that many times, as soon as she does unlock me, that pussy-eating desire, drops quite a bit and I then find myself wanting my orgasm more so than prior to unlocking. I have also seen where, if I remain locked until K is finished with her orgasm and is ready for her dick to enter her, I enjoy eating her pussy all the more. It is as though my brain is saying, "Okay,you can't have sex, get hard comfortably, or have an orgasm. So you are not even going to want your own orgasm as much. Instead, since you can't have all that, I am going to re-channel your desire into a desire to please K instead." While locked, my desire to eat her pussy, is immense. That being the case, I find that I enjoy being locked while eating her. I may get rock hard (well, as much as possible, that is), but it is a good thing. It just turns me more on to the desire to eat K just that much more. The harder I get, the more turned on I get. The more turned on I get, the more I want to eat K. The more I eat K, the more I get turned on. The more turned on I get, the harder I get.... and so on. It becomes very powerful, that craving to eat her pussy, to enjoy HER orgasm, to personally bask in all HER orgasmic bliss: the smell of her pussy, the wetness, the blood engourgment of her pussy, the gyrations, the moans, the squeezing of my head between her legs.

Eat K's pussy, I did. And I ate it well. Her sounds and responses all spoke well of my efforts. Afterward, she beckoned me to come up to her for putting her dick in her pussy. As I lay on her and started to enter, I asked her if she was really ready. I suggested that maybe I should go back down and eat her pussy again, and bring her to another orgasm. As usual, she wasn't interested in any more pussy eating at the time. She wanted her dick, NOW!!! I couldn't talk her out of it. I couldn't talk her into going for another oral orgasm. I tried to though. It was my whole intention to please her well until she had no room left for more. I wanted to give her as many orgasms as possible before she left. I wanted her to have somehing extra special to think about while she was gone.

Into her sweet, hot, engorged, wet pussy I went, at her insistance. I was still incredibly horny. I came to the point of orgasm quickly. I went right up to the edge and summoned all the strength I had....AND I PULLED OUT!!! My orgasm was so close that even after withdrawal, there were a couple of orgasm-like pulses, and some cum dribbled from her dick. I gave it a few seconds to subside a little and back in I went. It didn't last long that time either.... AND I CAME.....HARD!!!!! It was fantastic. It was awesome!!!! It was mind-blowing.

Afterward, K got ready and left for her trip.

And I left with a smile on my face!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stressed. Tension. Relieved.

Sunday, 1/16/11

The previous week had been a rough one. K and I both had endured a very bad time at our respective places of employment. She had received noticed that her contract would not be renewed. I had been transferred to a new area of work by my employer. In both cases, it was extremely stressful. We both felt it as rejection and denial of our massive contributions we had given to "the company". We had both been in a funk. We were both tender and hurting, being overly sensitive to anything that had ANY emotional ramifications. Given our individual situations at work, I believe it is totally understandable.

K was edgy. She was more apt to complain about anything. She voiced displeasure at almost anything and it seemed I could do nothing right for her. I couldn't even say anything correctly without having to defend or explain. She was distant and hard to reach.

I was upset. I had put in almost 20 years with my company, giving it my all. I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice to say, "they" decided to move me rather than give me a much deserved promotion (yeah, yeah, well, I'm not the only one who thinks so (smile)). I was saddened, feeling the rejection. I was distant too. I was trying to deal with it. One of my personality traits is that I am very tenderhearted and not as emotionally resilient sometimes when this kind of "insult" occurs. I took me time to assimilate all my feelings though. It all culminated today.

K and I were still having a good time together though, even though both of us were extremely stressed. We went out to eat and enjoy the evening last night at one of our favorite fancy restaurants. We got home late and crawled in bed. We were both tired, but K had just had a much longer day than I had. We tried to be intimate, but it just wasn't coming together (no pun intended, LOL). We actually ended up a little aggravated due to her tiredness and my own sensitivities at the time.

We awoke today. We were still feeling distant, but not liking it. I was somewhat emotionally shut down, a common trait of us menfolk when struggling with "feelings" (isn't this all so sickening, (laughing)). We still talked and petted on each other, feeling the stress. I finally told K that I needed her to love me, love on me. I told her that if she would indulge me, she would be glad. At this time, it became real to me just how MUCH I was emotional hurting. She took the cue. She began to pet me more and try to soothe me. It was helping. I rolled to my stomach and she climbed on me to rub my back, massaging and holding me.

I then turned over. K was still on top of me. She held me. She laid on top of me. She put her breasts in my face and held me more (K somewhat knows that I respond to her breasts, and that with them, she can do amazing things to comfort my heart). I showed her how to move them on my face. It is nice, to me, to have her wonderful breasts in my face. However, I directed her to move them from side over my face, "dragging" them back and forth slowly, lovingly. Within seconds, I crumbled. It touched me. I began weeping in her arms. She had gotten through. I was able to pour out the hurt. We petted and loved each other. We held each other in our arms and both wept as she began to break down about her own hurts. It was a time of renewal. We both more clearly realized what we had been through over the past week. Those sorry bastards had insulted us both and done what they could to reject and hurt us. Grrrrrr….. (Ha, I can laugh and make fun of this now!!!).

After a little time of emotional healing, we progressed to love making. I nursed at her breasts, genuinely enjoying it. K massaged my balls and her dick. Hmmmmm……maybe she owns the balls too. Anyway, we began to make love again, from our hearts. After a little time for nursing, I began to massage K's pussy, moving my fingers to her clit. She was wet, and became wetter quickly. She began to whimper, indicating that she wanted me to do something for her. She then began to indicate that she wanted me to eat her pussy (YESSSSS!) by pushing on my shoulder and head in the direction of her desire. I went gladly. I ate her….ahhhh. She was wet and tasted good. Her aroma filled me. I teased only a little and went to her clit. She was again, ready. It didn't take long for her to come. She had a great orgasm, according to her motions and sounds. She gripped my head with her legs and squeezed. AHHHH…..I'm in heaven at last, AGAIN!

After K settled from her orgasm and returned to the present world, I came up from between her legs and entered her. It was so sweet. K really does have a WONDERFUL pussy, and it felt GOOD! I lasted a little, but soon came. It was a good one. We settled into each other's arms, relaxing in post-orgasmic bliss. We were healed. We were now okay. We were now in touch with each other again. We talked and petted a while longer. Along the conversational path, I asked K, "Now, do you see and understand how much power you have in your breasts to make my heart feel good?" She responded with an "Uh huh, I do," indicating that she was getting the picture more clearly. I believe she has more to learn about that, and I am willing to teach her about her power (Big smile). We talked of our love and need for closeness to each other, both physically and emotionally, and about how the week had affected us. Then…..

It was time for coffee! We got up and made coffee and enjoyed it on the deck. We lounged there awhile, enjoying a pleasant morning in the south. (Uhhh….I don't think I have mentioned our location previously, but we live in "the south", along the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico.) We were okay now. We had come back together with each other in our hearts: the distance was gone. We now felt that we could face the assholes at work and it would all be okay (again, I am able to smile and laugh about all of them now).

All that stress and tension had been relieved.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Saturday. Working nights. Got home this morning and slept. And then K came over!!! Woohoo! It was good….

When K arrived it was about 2:30pm. She brought me some delicious soup. K is quite the cook, and I get the benefits from it. After eating, we went to the bedroom and promptly undressed, getting in bed. Before we did actually get in bed, we both cleaned up a little: I washed her dick and she washed her pussy. We usually do that in anticipation of some good loving to come. We spent much time cuddling, petting, nursing. We talked and held each other, caressing and enjoying our love. Soon, K made it plain that I had "work" to do. She moved me to her pussy.

I was so horny, and she was too. We had a good time Friday loving on each other, but we parted ways without having sexual relief for either of us. At that time, we were both wet. Her panties were damp and I had a very wet spot on my own underwear as well. It was all pent up desire, ready for satisfaction. Now was the time.

She moved me to her pussy. Oh my goodness! It was so wet. Like, almost dripping wet! I'm so glad we like to freshen up before a lovemaking session. She was clean and fresh and her pussy smelled so good. As I began to lick the insides of her thighs, I could feel her short wet pussy hair against my cheek. I teased her a little before slowly moving to her pussy. I gingerly licked the lips and mons, enjoying the smell and wetness, yet still teasing K a little more. Then I moved to her clit. It was ready. K was ready. She was so turned on, so horny. I savored every part. I licked her slowly at first, then worked up to a faster pace. I sucked gently on her clit and ran my tongue over her inner lips. It didn't take long. She was THAT ready!

K came nicely. She moaned and writhed (no, I'm not making this up). It was a good orgasm, it seemed. I love giving K orgasms with my tongue. It is MY favorite pastime….eating K's pussy. As she came, she held my head, squeezing it with her legs. She also took my head in her hands and held it at her pussy. She gets so sensitive during her orgasms, that she can't take much more stimulation. She controls my movements during orgasm so that I don't overdo it. Ahhh…heavenly! She squeezes my head with her legs, while holding it with her hands, moans, writhes, and my face gets to be buried in her WET pussy lips. I am engulfed in her pussy and orgasm!

After she calms some from the ecstasy, I move up between her legs and love on her some more. Soon, I will be inside her, making love to her, having heavenly sex. Then a terrible thing happens! My alarm clock goes off! It is time for me to get up! I have to go to work. K and I are in disbelief. We were in bed for lovemaking at 3:00pm. It is now 4:35! Where did all that time go?!?!?!? It seems that there are times that K and I get so involved in lovemaking that we are able to enter into some kind of a time warp. There is NO WAY that the passage of time can happen so quickly. We both agree. Time warp is the only explanation. And here it has happened again. An hour and a half has vanished in a matter of about 30 minutes. Ugh!

K has just had a wonderful orgasm, Right? That has even more heightened her horniness. Orgasm for her, always means she is ready for her dick to enter her pussy! Needless to say, her orgasm makes me horny too: duh, that is a given! Time is expired. I have 25 minutes to get ready to leave for work that night. In our disbelief of the quick time passage, I said that I NEEDED to have sex with her. She said, "YEAH?!?!?!" with an air of "No kidding!" I quickly rolled over on top of her, entered her goddess like pussy and made short work of getting my own orgasm. WOW! Was that ever a good one! We were both relieved. Both of us smiling, I jumped up and got ready for work while K made me a cup of coffee to go. I rushed out the door with no time to spare, hoping for good traffic conditions.

And, away I went, down the road to work for the night.

That was one helluva Saturday afternoon.

That was some wonderful lovemaking.

Sorry if you were wanting a different ending. I can imagine a different one: K has a wonderful orgasm. She is extremely happy. Just as I come up to her, to enter her, with HER dick, the alarm clock goes off! There is NO time to spare. My raging hard cock must wait for days before another opportunity will be available for me to have MY orgasm. I am cruelly locked back in the chastity device, made to wait, and wait, and wait…. Okay, that is the fantasy version. (K and I laugh at the terminology "It is wank fodder")

You are welcome to enjoy either ending, or both.

Comments are always welcome.

Locked Up Before Starting A Set Of Nightshift

So, I have finished working several days in a row. Up until now, it's been busy. It is nice to have 48 hours away from the job. Having just worked a few nights in a row, there has not been enough time for K and I to be together. We have slipped in a little time, but working nights usually does not work well with other people's schedules to allow sharing togetherness. It is one of the curses of shift-work.

Friday morning, we had some nice time together before K had to go to a meeting. It was a GOOD time. It was time to renew our love farther from the distance we had felt before. We loved and cuddled. We talked and cooed. I nursed at her breasts. We enjoyed our coffee (Ahh, coffee, one of our special things together). Then we ran out of time!

It was time for K to get ready for her meeting; no more time left. I was HORNY! She was Horny. Later, while she was driving to said meeting, she commented to me that she was very wet. (big smile) Anyway, I was HORNY! I was lounging on the bed while she got ready to leave. I casually mentioned that she could leave me unlocked today, that it would be at least another day or so before we would see each other again, or even have the possibility to make love. I could have a little free time to myself (wink, wink) and then lock up later for her. Then, by the time we were able to get together again, plenty of time would have passed with me being locked up, that I would still be plenty desirous for her. She promptly said, "NO! You need to lock it up NOW!" (Uuuuunh!) "Okay….I will do it for you, my sweet GOYO," (GOYO stands for Goddess Of Your Orgasms) I replied. She said, "NOW!"

"Okay, okay," I said with a smile and promptly put on Hairclip. I handed her the keyring, her keyring, and she locked it in place. Then, as has become our custom, she kissed her dick and gave it a little quick teasing suck. Ya just gotta love that! She left. Wow, was I ever horny! I remained that way, without relief until the next day, Saturday. Then we had a good time.

And that will be the subject of the next post.

Comments From K

It's been quite busy. I have just worked nine days in a row without a break. Some of this time was in my normal job assignments while other was in training. This is the first real opportunity to write again.

K and I have made up nicely. We are back to having a good time. I really do believe we are closer now than before our little difficulty. We have come to deeper understandings of each other, through it all, and are more in love than ever. Through the whole time, I remained locked up. We did manage to maintain our chastity play the whole time. Okay, so don't let it get overblown here. We didn't have THAT bad of a time. I did think it was interesting that neither of us wanted to discontinue our chastity play or even take a break from it. When things were all perfect again, we actually chatted, via text messaging, about that. These are some of K's comments:

● Regarding locking" I hope you are seeing that perhaps it has more meaning and importance to me than just a fun game (though it is fun at times too.)

● I always want to behave in ways that make trusting me easy for others.

● Locking you is about trusting me with your deepest desires and wanting to meet them with you and for you.

● If I stopped because we hit a rough spot, it would indicate I was backing up on that.


I thought they were interesting thoughts, ones that cause reflection.

Okay, they make me smile too!

(yes, a big smile now)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's All Good...Woooo Hooooo

I am typing this in on my Droid cell phone,so it will be brief.

K and I had a great time yesterday...lots of loving and good times. We are back to our usual selves,loving and having a good time. I will post more soon to fill you in on all the delicious details!

Smiling big time!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Better

I am on night shift. It is 3:00 in the morning. Though it is officially Sunday, 1/2/11, to us who work here it is still Saturday. It's just the way it works for us. So, I will write this as if it really were Saturday.

Today, I slept. I got home from work this morning about 6:20. I wrote a blog post, visited a few of the other chastity-related blogs that I follow, and finally went to bed about 8:20. I slept fairly well, but not as good as usual. I think I was a little restless simply because of the strain between K and I. It doesn't take much strain to upset me and effect my sleep. I woke up around 1:30pm, tried to go back to sleep, and when I was not successful, I got up and took a shower, shaved, etc. By this time it was about 2:30. I sat down in the living room, turned on a movie, and settled in the recliner, hoping to go back to sleep eventually. I was just beginning to check blogs with plans to start texting K soon. The door began to rattle. In walked K. It was somewhat of a surprise. A pleasant one. She came over to me and we chatted. I soon took her into my lap and we began discussing different things about our then current "strain". Not being very comfortable sitting in the recliner, we moved to the bedroom bed. She undressed to her bra and panties. I was only wearing a robe. I took that off as we cuddled up. At this point, I only wore Hairclip. We talked more of the present distress. As we talked, I began to open up. I told K just how much she means to me. I poured out my heart, telling her, revealing to her how I really felt. In time, we had reconciliation. We both softened up and felt closeness returning. It became sweet between us. She took off her bra. I laid my head on her chest, her breasts, and relaxed in her arms. It was comforting to us both. Time ran out. It was time for me to get up and get ready for work. There was little time to spare. Before I did arise, K took me to her breasts and I nursed for a couple of minutes. Time expired, I gently announced that I must get up and get ready to leave for work. She smiled and said, "Yes, I know."

I hurriedly got ready for work. I wished out loud for coffee. K offered to make me some. I replied that there wasn't enough time. I quickly got dressed and headed out the door, kissing K goodbye. We both felt better. I wrote to her later in the night that I was happy again, warm and mushy, "feeling" in love again. She wrote back that she indeed loves me very very much, even though she isn't completely "fixed" yet. She was happy for our time together and felt much better now.

I wish I could say that all is perfect again; that we spent much time loving and making love. The whole time we were together though, we did no physical lovemaking. I did however make love to her in word, explaining all things of how she was so important to me, I "need" her, and want to make her happy. I even got around to telling her that I was sorry for hurting her feelings, and never intended to. Hmmmm.... the whole time, she did not remove her panties, neither did she remove Hairclip. I remained locked the whole time, and am locked now at work. was okay. I didn't even care that I remained locked the whole time. At the time, I wasn't even interested in getting that kind of physical. I wanted only to make her to know how much I loved her, and how important to me she is.

Locked I am. Locked I will be. How long? I don't know. Maybe unlocked Sunday. Maybe.... If I get to go and see K. It is tough to make that happen when working night shift.

I'm thankful to be locked though. I am thankful to have gotten to nurse only a couple of minutes. It was healing for us both.

I am happy.

It really is getting better.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Strain and Night Shift

Happy New Year everybody. I had to work last night, and will the next three nights. Not much in the way of getting to party. K and I were able to spend the evening together, December 30th, and the day, December 31st. After some good loving yesterday afternoon, I dozed off for a little nap before going to work. Now, I will most likely be spending the days sleeping at my house and seeing little of K. When I left for work, I was unlocked, simply because time and hygiene did not allow otherwise. K instructed me to lock myself at my earliest opportunity. I did so last night, hmmmmm…., around 7:30 I think. So now, I remain locked, and will obviously be so as long as K and I are apart. My current CD in use is Hairclip.

K and I have been having a little readjustment. I have been shown a sensitivity of hers and come to realize that we both need to change some of our conduct and discussions. This is no problem to do. However, it was a very difficult conversation, with both of our feelings being hurt. We are recovering from it and there is still strong love and commitment on both parts. Because of the difficulty of the discussions and working toward resolution, it has left us both somewhat blue. So now, we are in a difficult place. We will spend much time apart, from yesterday afternoon until maybe sometime Tuesday, when I will come off of the night shift. We are both hurting. We can't see much of each other because of our schedules. Part of me thinks that might be good, to allow us to have time alone to resolve things in our own hearts. Another part of me says that we need to see each other to affect reconciliation more easily. Either way, it is difficult.

I miss K. We both feel the distance in our hearts. We both hurt from it. We both long to close that distance and be at peace and oneness with each other again. We are not mad at each other. We have simply not yet found that reunion of hearts we both desire. And… I am stuck on night shift.


I need my sweetheart. I need her breasts to comfort me. I need to nurse in her arms. It is her touch that reaches my heart. Words are good: they help, but it is her touch that goes deep into me and lets me feel her love. That is especially true of nursing at her breasts, and when she lovingly caresses her dick. Strangely enough, another thing that makes me feel her desire for me is when she grips and holds my balls firmly, especially when she holds them between her knees while nursing. She will hold them there, squeezing them, causing loving pain (yes, that's a paradox), and it helps endear my heart to her. Another thing that connects me to her is being locked up for her. And I am. Her dick is under lock and key right now. I feel that connection. It is a nice help.

It'll all be okay. We've experienced strain before. However, we never question each other's love. Commitment and love remain strong and secure.

Yes, it WILL be okay.

Actually, it already is.