Saturday, September 11, 2010


It has been quite a while since I have written, obviously. Maybe, I will write here move often.

As of yet, I have not written about the "locking" part of this blog. Locking refers to our mild chastity play. It is something K and I are both finding interesting and enjoyable. My chastity play started a couple of years ago when I first became aware of the concept. I will admit that its' first appeal was from a perceived eroticism. This was of interest to me in that it was exciting to think of my genitals being under lock and key, being controlled by a keyholder/lover. I had played with the idea but never had anyone to participate in it with. At first, I had purchased a CB-3000 male chastity device. There are plenty of discussions and pictures of the device on the internet, so I will not describe it in much detail here. I will simply say that it is a male chastity device that locks with a small padlock, incasing the penis so as to prevent masturbation or sexual activity. The key is held by the lover of the man, to be used at her desire. There are many ideals about how this is done and why. These are readily seen on the internet as well.

I introduced K to the male chastity concept earlier this year ( we met in January of this year, 2010). Since this introduction, she has embraced the concept and we do participate in the practice regularly now. At first, I believe she was somewhat surprised by the idea of male chastity, but has now seen the benefits and results of the practice. Now, she for the most part, keeps me locked in a chastity device constantly when we are apart. Having mentioned above that there are many ideals, ours is one of the more milder ones.

The basics of our arrangement is simple. She wants to gaurentee that all my sexual satisfaction is with her. This means specifically that I do not masturbate in her absence. As most everyone knows, men do masturbate when they feel like it, to enjoy sexual release. Our arrangement does not even consider unfaithfulness as a motivation for the chastity usage. How this works is that she locks my genitals when we are separated. When we are together, she unlocks them when she is ready to. When together, I never sleep in a locked condition. This is because she cares that I sleep well and realizes how important it is for me. Being a shift worker, the last thing I need is fitful sleep. K is very loving and at no time means me any harm or REAL discomfort. Ours is not an abusive, dominating, demeaning, or hurtful relationship. All of our chastity play is done in fun and mutual interest.

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