Sunday, May 8, 2011

The latest

It has been busy as usual around here. After my car wreck on April 1, I spent much time looking for a replacement vehicle. I finally bought one last week. Now, K and I are planning for a vacation, somewhere in the Caribbean. Where exactly, I don't know. I read one person's blog about going to a resort and how that they enjoyed some chastity play while there, even naked, apparently in "public" at the resort. Apparently nudity was acceptable there. I wish I could remember where it was at. I would like to investigate it further.

Hey! Would it be possible to get some input here on my blog? Would there be some kind readers out there that would be to give me some guidance? Here is what we are lookng for:

We don't want the Hedonism resorts: appears to be too much partying.
We are looking for a nice romantic place to relax and enjoy each other.
As mentioned above, we don't want a party place.
We do like the idea of being able to go naked if we like, a clothing optional I guess.
We don't want a "nudist" resort because we don't want everyone nude all the time. We prefer to eat in restaruants where people are fully clothed, thank you. (HA!)
We would like upper scale dining, meaning above average, but does not have to be 5 star.
We want all inclusive.
We've considered Desire and Temptations. Reviews, as a whole, really don't look that good on them.
We simply want a NICE resort that allows for some nudity if the guest desires, with the possibility to have a little romantic risque fun, up to possibly discreet lovemaking in public.

Are there any suggestions out there?

K and I are still enjoying chastity.

I am realizing another desire. I am wanting to be tied up so that K can spank/whip my ass in any way she wants, as much as she wants, as long as she wants. I want to be tied up so that I am totally helpless to move from her spanking, totally at her disposal for her fun, totally at her mercy. Then, I want her to wear my ass out!


I haven't a clue. (smile)


  1. Try Le Sport in St. Lucia for a great resort. They do have some nude sun bathing but away from the beach. Topless on the beach is okay but not "discreet lovemaking in public" I'm afraid!

  2. Hey man glad to see you are enjoying the whole chastity aspect of your relationship. Might I propose another domination themed idea that you might just love? Scissoring - where you woman wraps her legs around your neck (or body if her legs are long and strong enough for it) and squeezes while you try to break free. Its a sub-category of erotic wrestling which is usually a fun activity where you let the girl win only in this case she might really win! If it appeals to you at all then give it a go for sure.

  3. Yes, it does appear that there are very limited possibilities for finding what I am actually looking for. We decided to go with a much more conservative resort and make our own fun where opportunities may be available. Thanks for the input.