Monday, April 18, 2011

Uh OH! A Doctor's Visit! And I'm LOCKED!!!

Well, things have been pretty busy around my house. A couple of weeks ago, I totaled my car. No injuries, thankfully. It is a world of hassle though. I've been driving my old gas guzzling truck (14.5 mpg). It hurts to put $45.00 worth of gas in it every two days! Yes, I do drive quite a bit. Being the case, I am spending almost all my free time car shopping. The used car market is a little depleted right now and finding what I want is difficult.

I'm single. My kids are grown. I make decent money. I'm doing okay. It is the time in my life where I can do a few things I want to do. I can have fun. I can spend money the way I want to instead of having to be totally practical all the time. I'm in my late 40s. I am due. It's my turn. I think I'll have me a little bit of a mid-life crisis. I'm going to step out there and buy me a convertible with a sporty flair! Woohoo!


It appears that having a mid-life crisis is expensive!!!!! So, I'm going to have to do it on a modified scale, I guess. I'll have fun with it though. Problem is, convertibles are not very abundant. Those that are available, are not cheap. So, I continue to look.

K and I continue to have fun though. She still keeps me locked up all the time when we are apart. Since Subbie-ism is over, I get all the loving and orgasms I desire. So does K!

Lately, K seems to be getting more and more into spanking…. MY ass that is. I had to go to a urologist last Monday to get some things checked. That prevented having my ass spanked or whipped because we didn't want the doctor to ask embarrassing questions about why there might be embarrassing bruises or marks on it. I worked last Sunday night. I went home and slept until time to get up for the doctor appointment. When I awoke, I realized that I was still locked in Hairclip! There was NO access to K and her key. I tried to text her. Maybe I could meet K on my way to the doctor and she could unlock her dick. No such luck! I got no reply. I had only two choices. One was to go to the urologist locked up in Hairclip. The other was to take matters into my own hands and unlock myself. Well…..

K and I are not into embarrassing each other: there is no appeal there for us. I have a "key safe" that a spare key is kept in, that I have access to. I have to cut the locking hole open, remove the lock and then I can have access to the key. I designed the key safe out of a couple of pieces of copper and pvc pipe fittings. It requires a heavy pair of cutters or a hacksaw to get into, but it is tamper evident. It is closed and secured with a lock that only K has the key to. If I do cut it open, there is no way I can lock it back with K's lock.

I expediently retrieve some cutters and cut the safe open. Viola! I am free. I quickly shower and get ready for my appointment. After my appointment, K finally replied to my text. She asked me what I did. I told her that I had to open the keysafe. She said it was okay and that she understood. I then had some fun! I began bragging about having some free time with her dick, that her dick and I were going to have some fun and spend some quality time together. She began to tell me all about how just because I was unlocked, it did not mean that I had freedom to do as I pleased with HER dick. I laughed and played with this for a little while. By this time, I was sitting at Starbucks drinking my favorite, waiting on an appointment with my accountant. I then confessed to her that, when I left the house, I had brought Kali with me, since there was no way to be "secure" in Hairclip, seeing as I now had that key. She was happy now. She told me to get Kali on and lock it up. I told her that I would, but if it was okay with her, I would like to finish my coffee, relaxing at Starbucks, before I jumped up to rush and put on Kali. She kindly said okay. I promised her that I would lock up before leaving Starbucks. She said that was okay, and that she wanted picture proof.

When I got ready to leave Starbucks, I went to my truck, quickly and discreetly locked Kali on, and sent K a picture of her now secure dick. Ahhhh…. it actually felt good to be secure again for K, safely locked in Kali.

As an aside, I DO like being locked in Kali. I like her weight tugging at me. I like the threat of punishment if I get too aroused. It is a constant reminder that K has control of her dick. It is so sexy! Kali is K's favorite too. She is the one who demanded that I make Kali in the first place. I had seen the KTBs on the market and had shown them to K as a laugh. Secretly I guess, I wished I had one, and that K wanted one on me. I thought it might be fun and sexy. When K saw it on the internet, she was excited. She immediately told me she wanted one, and that I needed to make her one. I was thrilled and anxious at the same time. The next day, I set out to create our Kali and the pictures below show what was the result. We have been having fun with it ever since.

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