Monday, November 8, 2010

Hmmmm....Me? Big? Is The CB Noticeable In Public?

I’ve worn my CB3000 off and on for quite a while. No one has ever commented on my crotch hardware, or even insinuated that there seemed to be something strange going on there. You might think it strange that anyone WOULD mention it, and rightly so. However, I work with a bunch of men, in a somewhat close-knit group. There is NOTHING, no subject of discussion, considered taboo. Maybe the closest to a mention is from one guy to others that I “…have a hog….”. This was not said to me, but rather about me, with news of the comment being repeated for my information. Now I don’t consider myself huge, but maybe a slight bit bigger than “normal”, whatever that means, ha. Seems though, that possibly he noticed my “size” when wearing the CB. With the anatomical shape of the plastic, I see how the mistake could easily be made. Since he has a tendency to speak of subjects of the more “off-color” sort, I now have the supposed benefit of having the reputation for being quite well endowed. Being locked all the time when not in K’s presence, I’m not about to attempt to prove them wrong, am I (wink)?

That was several months ago. Now I wear the PA-5000. It is less bulky, totally secure, and easily concealed. I haven't heard any more comments about "the hog". Of course, it only takes once. (smile)

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