Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Story of Our Trip: Nursing

K and I enjoyed our trip wonderfully. One of the things we did was to do a little walking in woods on some scenic trails. One such trail was through an old farm place of the area, open to the public. It was quite a romantic setting. Yeah, yeah, I am one of those romantic types. Anyway, we walk, and enjoy. Beautiful! Forest. Trees. A stream. Large rocks. An old log cabin. We walked, stopping occasionally to sit and enjoy the scenery and each other, or to just stand and hold each other close while taking it all in. I know man has accomplished some wonderful feats in design and beauty, but to us, it is hard to do better at beauty than what occurs naturally before you in the unmolested natural sceneries.

We made our way along the trail and stopped at a stream. Rushing water down the rocky mountainous hillside gave more enjoyable sounds of nature. We went over to a huge rock. K got on the rock and sat down and I snuggled up to her, standing in front of her. At the height K was sitting,we were perfectly positioned for us to hold each other there with my head laying on her breasts. It was so sweet and intimate. Before long, I discreetly unclasped her bra, eased her shirt up and enjoyed suckling there. We both relaxed in each other's arms for a while, maybe 15 minutes, enjoying the intimacy. We were positioned such that it was highly unlikely that anyone could approach from an angle to discover what we were doing. I held K in such a way as to hide her breasts, also being ready to move her shirt down if the need arose. Other people did come by, on the same trail that we were enjoying, but they were apparently never aware of our activity. This was a beautiful thing. Both of us were enrapt with intimacy, closeness, joy, and pleasure. After awhile of nursing there, we put her clothes back to normal state and looked at each other... such love in our eyes, both of our hearts gushing with emotion.

As we continued our walk, I noticed a wetness on the side of my leg, evidence of the love and emotion we shared there. No, I did not say evidence of horniness. It was simply precum that I have when emotionally moved with love. K later commented that she too was wet. It is too bad that we did not have the opportunity to make love there in that situation. It would have been profound.

What K and I do, we both enjoy. It is not one sided. It is consensual. It is equal. It is mutual. We both like being able to enjoy each other's loves at any time, regardless of timing or environment, as long as it can be done discreetly, without offending other's, reasonably. Reasonably? What does that mean? I suppose that is up to our definition. I'll just say, we are careful to not offend the normal public. No, I cannot define that "normal". (smile)

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