Friday, November 12, 2010

A Check-up

While we had time on our trip, we were able to do a lot of talking. Our communication, I believe, is one of our many strengths. We can literally talk about anything, and we do. One of our conversations was particularly about chastity. Of course, we do talk about chastity fairly often, but we sometimes talk about it in such a way so as to tell each other what we like about it. I guess it is sort of a "chec-kup".

I couldn't tell you how we came to the start of this conversation. It was interesting none the less. So, let us just say that a mention of the chastity, me being locked, was made. I stated that I was happy that she had so taken up with the idea. At first she had been a little hesitant, wondering what it was all about. As she became familiar, she definitely became more interested and has taken well to her role of keyholder. Her response was that yes, she was at first reluctant because she wasn't sure what it was all about and what it means. Now that she knows, she is happy about our chastity and how we handle it. I then asked K what exactly it was that she liked about it. She responded with: I like the effects it has on you, the way it makes you feel toward me. I like that I know you are not masturbating at all and that you have to save your orgasms to be had with me. I like the way that I have the key and I "KNOW" that you have no choice but to wait. I like that it makes you horny. I like the way that it makes you think about me more often. I like the way it makes you, in that you like to eat my pussy even more. I like it connects us, and keeps us connected when we are apart.

I said that I liked all that too and that I'm glad that she enjoys those things about chastity. She then asked me, why do I like chastity. I responded: I like it because it feels like I belong to you more. It simply builds a sense of closeness, belonging, having someone to share life with. It is a connection to her that is evidenced by my wearing the CD and she has control of the key. When we are apart, I still feel the CD on my dick and it makes me feel good, as if it is a symbol of security and commitment in our relationship. I then even took it a step farther. I have to explain that.

K and I are not married, as most reading may already know. Neither of us have any inclination to change that. We have known each other now for about ten months, so I wouldn't even think that we could even consider such a thing anytime soon. We sometimes joke about it, but we, neither of us, want to seriously even consider the idea. We both look strangely at each other if at any time the subject of the marriage idea does come up. I suppose you might call it a sense of fear, or uneasiness, or disinterest, or concern that marriage, even in the very distant future, might ruin things. We have no need for it. We are extremely happy like it is, SERIOUSLY! I had to say that to get ready to explain taking it a step farther.

My next comment was a little scary, in view of the above paragraph. I said that chastity symbolized a connection, a bond, a trust, a love, much like a wedding ring does to others. NO! I did not say that I considered it the equivilent to a wedding ring. No, not at all. I simply meant that it was a symbol of those things of our relationship. Very simply, it was a fun way to symbolize our relationship and the commitment we have to each other to make each other happy and how much we trust each other. When I feel the CD on me, I think of her, and consider her love and the way she takes care of my heart, and treasures my love. It is at that level that it is a reminder of our presence in each other's heart.

She understood: she got it. (SMILE)

I then asked her another question: What if I told her, hypothetically, that I was finished with the chastity play and wanted to put it away? How would she feel about that? She said: I would be disappointed. I would miss it. I like it and like all the things it does for us and all that it means to us. I feel like it would be a part of our lives that would become "missing". She said that she doesn't really want to quit the chastity, but if that's what I wanted, we would. I smiled. I reaffirmed to her that I in no way wanted to discontinue it, at all. She smiled too.

Somewhere in the midst of the converation, I also said a few other things that I like about chastity and things that make it work for us. Likes: 1. The tease (duh!), and the teasing K does with it. I love it when wearing it and she deliberately teases me, to see me squirm, grimace, or wince as the teeth of Kali bite or the other CDs simply squeeze hard upon my erection. 2. She locks me when we part and unlocks me when she is ready. I never lock or unlock myself. She even wants me to wake her early in the morning to lock me before I leave for work, although she isn't due to get up for another two hours. 3. I like that I can't have orgasms without her. Yes, that means no masturbation. Now, truthfully, I do miss a good masturbation session once in a while, but it is still a wonderful way to do things in this chastity manner. 4. I like the feeling of "Ownership" between K and I. She owns my dick. We both like that. Don't take that the wrong way. Things that make it work: 1. I never sleep in a CD when we sleep together. This gives me much more restful sleep. My sleeping alone is minimal. 2. I do not wear Kali or Pkali (Pkali is the name we have given the MCD from Clubfem, short for Plastic Kali) when I know I am going to be sleeping by myself. The PA-5000 and CB-3000 are much more workable for the times I must sleep alone, and do not interupt my sleep as much as the Kalis. 3. Of course, I never wear any CD when at risk for discovery, as in doctor appointments or metal detectors.

The check-up gave a clean bill of health. We are both enjoying chastity, prefer it, and feel it is a fullfilling part of our relationship.

(Another BIG smile)


  1. Very interesting, well said post. It is amazing what chastity can do for a relationship. Just getting rid of chronic masturbation is so powerful. Since we've gone down this road, I've never felt closer to my wife.

  2. Yes, it is an interesting experience. It is especially good when the keyholder is genuinely interested. I really do believe that chronic masturbation is detrimental to a relationship, for obvious reasons. Chastity is a fun way to control that issue. It is amazing just what it does in the heart of a man when his partner holds the keys to his pleasuring. (big smile)

    Thanks for the comment, L&N

  3. Hi,
    Sincerely, thanks so much for sharing all this. We've wanted to do this but had problems with CB-6k etc, and you've made up mind mind to get the PA-5000 (including the PA!)-something I;ve been considering for a while.
    So glad you guys are happy!

  4. Rob,

    Thanks for the comment. I do consider the PA-5000 to be a very wearable device. It is the best choice for me for security, comfort, and sleep. The PA feature is what allows it. As you may already know, it will take several weeks for a new PA to heal enough for chastity security. Just because the piercing appears to be well does not mean that it is completely healed.

    Be aware, the PA-5000 is plastic and can come apart. Super glue works well for repairs. Another glue I have heard works well is one called "Plastic Surgery". I have not tried the product personally. My first PA-5000 lasted for about seven months whenit split. The split was partly due to a build up of corrosion in the lock. Obviously, keeping it clean and the lock well flushed is critical to minimizing that corrosion. I'm hoping a little light oil will help keep it operating smoothly much longer. Given the price, I still like it.

    By the way, when I first got my PA, it blew my mind how much more intense my orgasms were. Since being completely healed, intensity isn't enhanced quite as much, but it does still add to a climax.

    Hmmm.... Of course, since you'll be locked up, you might not get to enjoy that very much! Ha!

    Have fun!