Thursday, April 7, 2011

Subbie-ism is over

K and I have been maintaining our Nursing and our Locking. I remain locked all of the time when we are apart. When together, it is about 50/50 locking. My promise to her for her birthday, of giving her a month of me being complete sex subbie to her, is fulfilled. Fortunately for me, K loves sex, PIV. There were very few times that I was denied sex, when she had an orgasm. When I was denied, it was interesting. I gave her an orgasm orally and then we cuddled up to sleep. I was content though, because it always involves nursing to sleep. I have told K that nursing is at least important to me as my own orgasm and sex. That is not to minimize the importance of sex and orgasm, but rather to make note of how important nursing is to me. The four week subbie gift to her was an interesting experiment.

Spanking has still been used in or lovemaking some. I do like, it must say. Sometimes it makes me horny, and other times we use it to center me, equalize me, and to help me open up my emotions and share how I feel deep, deep inside. It is an unusual way to find my inner self, hey, it works.

I have been sick the past few days and haven't had much energy for love making. Nursing continues though, thankfully.

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