Monday, March 28, 2011

All Is Going Well

First of all, I will update a little of the Negative Changes post. K and I did have a little talk the other night. She had read that post and was wondering what was going on in my head. I simply told her that our difficulties had caused me to question things, and although I felt I knew the answers, the questions remained as to whether others might experience what I had expressed. I explained to K that I still wanted to have chastity play as part of our lives. I was able to set her mind at ease, I believe. I did explain that the thoughts had occurred to me and since they had, I supposed I should discuss them with her. The gist of the conversation was simply that I, by my own nature, am not typically a submissive. It is fun play to add it sometimes to our relationship, but I am not easily stepped on. K even smiled one time and said something like, "Don't you think I know, I can't treat you badly and that you are not going to stand for it. You won't stand for being treated with disrespect. You have nothing to worry about." I smiled and replied that I knew that, but I still had to ask. Well….. that all turned out good.


K and I still enjoy nursing as much as possible. Most of the time this will be at least twice a day. Lately though, over the past couple of weeks or so, we have been able to squeeze in more nursing, sometimes with as much as four times in one day. We are doing this as much as possible for two basic reasons: we both LIKE it tremendously (DUH!); and we are trying to promote milk production. I expect we will possibly have a four-times-occurance today. (smile) K continues to give small amounts of milk, maybe a teaspoon per breast per session. No, it is not a lot, but for us, it is very encouraging. We are hoping for more eventually.

I have been locked most of the time lately besides when sleeping at night with K. Usually, I am not locked when K and I have been spending the whole day together. It seems to me though that recently, I have been spending more time locked. This includes having been locked more than usual, even when we are together. Most of the time, if K and I can get together during the day, it will include me being unlocked. This is to allow K to play with her dick while we nurse, mostly because when we DO get together for a few minutes, it is more for the intent of nursing rather than sexual play. I just got through with a set of night shifts at work. We were able to see each other several times regardless. Every time for those few days, I remained locked in Hairclip. It was actually kinda cool. Thinking, I am nursing, spending intimate time with K, several times in several days, and I am not unlocked at all. K would still play with her dick, enjoying how hard I would get, even in Hairclip. She would pull and squeeze my balls with her hands, or put my balls between her legs to squeeze with her knees. This is very intense for me, sometimes bordering on unbearable. K knows very well how much pressure to apply, always stopping just short of crossing the line. We both love this. She loves the way the pain she applies to her balls makes me nurse with more intensity. The more she squeezes my balls, the more I absorb into her breasts, taking her nipple deeper in my mouth, squirming, groaning, grimacing, breathing hard, jumping somewhat. Intense indeed!!!

After those nightshifts, we were very busy. Working day shift, dance lessons, attending a Friday night dance, life in general, every night that we were together, we crashed in bed, going to sleep soon after starting to nurse. In other words, we were not having any sexual fulfillment. Last night that changed, somewhat. We went to bed early enough to get in some good loving. We had lots of nursing, petting, and pleasuring each other. K became very horny and wanted an orgasm. There was one problem though. K's pussy was irritated and itchy. She had put some medicine on it and certainly, I did not need to eat it. K opted for the vibrator. I retrieved it for her and it was not long until she had an orgasm. K accepts vibrator orgasms as a viable alternative, but prefers me to give them to her orally. For this reason, her orgasm was not as powerful as usual, usual being those provided by my tongue! However afterwards, she wanted me. Inside her! YES!!!!! She pulled me on top, massaged her dick to adequate hardness and in I went. Her sounds and movements said that she enjoyed it very much. Well…..I did too! I wasn't too quick either. I lasted a little while, but when I came……WOOHOO!!! It was GOOD!!!!!!

We cuddled up and I nursed as we went to sleep, sweetly.

This morning K left for work duties before I awoke. Sweetly,she did not make me wake up to lock up. Instead, she returned a little later and locked me then. I was already awake by this time, laying in bed doing bill paying online. No, I was a good little boy, a good subbie. I did not take advantage of the situation. I considered it a wonderful courtesy that K had let me sleep undisturbed. I would not abuse that kindness by violating her trust to have an orgasm. Besides, I had just had a terrific one last night. Before and after she locked me, we enjoyed some more nursing, and then she had to go back to work.

So, this evening, I am writing this, locked in Kali.

Waiting, anticipating, K coming to my house tonight.

Can't wait!

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