Thursday, December 9, 2010

PA-5000 Replaced

As most of you know, the CD that I use most of the time is the PA-5000 from A. L. Enterprises.  Well, as hear that some of their plastic products do, it came apart at the seams.  Part of this was due to the metal lock getting a build-up and  corrosion of its' internals.  The lock became hard to turn, eventually causing the device to come apart.  With a call to A.L.E., sending them mine, a new one arrived yesterday.  Simple.  I was without the device to use for about 15 days.  K (and I) are happy to have a brand spankin' new one to lock me up with this morning.

Have I been unlocked for 15 days?


Some of the time, yes.

K and I do not live together.  I work rotating shift, so sometimes I do not even see K for 2 - 4 days.  When this happens, I am normally locked in the PA-5000 because I can sleep in it.  None of our other devices work for sleeping.  So, when we knew K would not be available to unlock me for sleep, I simply did not wear any device.  The rest of the time I would wear Kali or PK.  ( Kali is our KTB and PK means Plastic Kali which is the Clubfem MCD.)  K does not appear to be too fond of the CB3000 choice.  I do think she prefers Kali or PK because of the tease and resulting consequences of getting erect!  I like them for those reasons myself, although sometimes, I miss having the ring around my total package as is with the CB3000.  Oh well, that isn't of real importance.  So, for maybe 50% of the time, while Hairclip (PA-5000) was discombooberated, I have been locked up for K.

Did I take advantage of the freedom?  No, actually I didn't.  Yeah, I know, I'm surprised myself.   I do like taking care of myself and normally would have done so.  This time, it seemed that time did not allow for it, and when time did allow, I wasn't in the mood to.  And then sometimes, I didn't masturbate when I was in the mood and had time, because I knew K and I would soon be together and I did not want to spoil the sexual energy I had for her.  Yeah, you know how we are.  Us in the 40+ crowd.  We often don't have enough sex drive (as opposed to the teenage years)  to want sex powerfully enough, that we go at it more that once within a few hours.  This is especially true when us menfolk are tired. So with all those circumstantial regards, and wanting to be on my game for K, to please her sexually, and to meet both of our emotional needs, I did not do it.  Yes, that's right.  I did not get myself off one time!  Dammit!

Oh well.  K keeps me happy anyway.  (big smile)


  1. Just found your blog. My wife now owns my dick, and I couldn't be happier. Just ordered our first device, and I expect to wear it in a very similar manner as you...not while sleeping at night, and not often when with her. Anyway, your blog is great, and expect I'll be reading it regularly. Found it via the "keyheld" blog listing.

  2. Thanks for the comment and compliments. Welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Obviously, I find our custom for wearing any of our devices very convenient. It works well for us. I am curious though. Which device have you ordered?