Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comments From K

It's been quite busy. I have just worked nine days in a row without a break. Some of this time was in my normal job assignments while other was in training. This is the first real opportunity to write again.

K and I have made up nicely. We are back to having a good time. I really do believe we are closer now than before our little difficulty. We have come to deeper understandings of each other, through it all, and are more in love than ever. Through the whole time, I remained locked up. We did manage to maintain our chastity play the whole time. Okay, so don't let it get overblown here. We didn't have THAT bad of a time. I did think it was interesting that neither of us wanted to discontinue our chastity play or even take a break from it. When things were all perfect again, we actually chatted, via text messaging, about that. These are some of K's comments:

● Regarding locking" I hope you are seeing that perhaps it has more meaning and importance to me than just a fun game (though it is fun at times too.)

● I always want to behave in ways that make trusting me easy for others.

● Locking you is about trusting me with your deepest desires and wanting to meet them with you and for you.

● If I stopped because we hit a rough spot, it would indicate I was backing up on that.


I thought they were interesting thoughts, ones that cause reflection.

Okay, they make me smile too!

(yes, a big smile now)

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