Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-trip Loving

K was scheduled to leave town on Thursday. She had some work to do out of town, about three hours away. She was going to be gone two nights, returning Saturday. She had already told me that I was definitely going to be locked before she left so that I would be good and horny when she returned.

We had not been able to have much loving lately. Between the stresses we were both going through at our respective jobs and the busyness we had in our lives lately, our lovemaking had been quite decreased. Finally, we were able to make love Wednesday. Oh my, what wonderful lovemaking it was. We took some time to enjoy each other and pleasure each other very much, culminating in both of us having wonderful orgasms. I was certainly glad for it, especially since she was going to be leaving Thursday night. Ahhh....good. We slept together nicely, me unlocked, both basking in the post-lovemaking afterglow (big smile).

Thursday morning came and I got up early, as usual, nursed for a few minutes, then got myself ready for work. I put Hairclip on, as previously agreed by K and I. (K had originally wanted to lock me in Kali for her absence. I reminded her that it would not be a good thing for me because it is nearly impossible to get a decent night's sleep while wearing it, due to the well-known nocturnal erections.) I then came to the bedside to K and roused her enough to do the locking of Hairclip. She indeed locked it and kissed her dick goodbye.

I thought about K all day. I was HORNY all day! I was thinking of her, and that she was leaving this evening, for two days, two nights. Of course, along with that, I was thinking that I would be locked for the duration, with no relief, and no recourse for the time she was gone. It was exciting to contemplate, OF COURSE!!!

When I got off from work, I made a straight line for K. I got there as soon as possible, about 5:00pm. I was so turned on. I was just plain HORNY, mega mega mega! The funny thing is, when I am locked up, my horniness translates into having a huge craving for eating K's pussy. Yes, I want to have an orgasm myself, but for a time, it is completely overshadowed by the desire to eat K to the best orgasm possible for her. I have noticed that when I am locked, that seems to be the norm. Although I do have a craving for my own orgasm, I crave, desire, need to eat her pussy. It is so noticeable to me that I have also noticed that many times, as soon as she does unlock me, that pussy-eating desire, drops quite a bit and I then find myself wanting my orgasm more so than prior to unlocking. I have also seen where, if I remain locked until K is finished with her orgasm and is ready for her dick to enter her, I enjoy eating her pussy all the more. It is as though my brain is saying, "Okay,you can't have sex, get hard comfortably, or have an orgasm. So you are not even going to want your own orgasm as much. Instead, since you can't have all that, I am going to re-channel your desire into a desire to please K instead." While locked, my desire to eat her pussy, is immense. That being the case, I find that I enjoy being locked while eating her. I may get rock hard (well, as much as possible, that is), but it is a good thing. It just turns me more on to the desire to eat K just that much more. The harder I get, the more turned on I get. The more turned on I get, the more I want to eat K. The more I eat K, the more I get turned on. The more turned on I get, the harder I get.... and so on. It becomes very powerful, that craving to eat her pussy, to enjoy HER orgasm, to personally bask in all HER orgasmic bliss: the smell of her pussy, the wetness, the blood engourgment of her pussy, the gyrations, the moans, the squeezing of my head between her legs.

Eat K's pussy, I did. And I ate it well. Her sounds and responses all spoke well of my efforts. Afterward, she beckoned me to come up to her for putting her dick in her pussy. As I lay on her and started to enter, I asked her if she was really ready. I suggested that maybe I should go back down and eat her pussy again, and bring her to another orgasm. As usual, she wasn't interested in any more pussy eating at the time. She wanted her dick, NOW!!! I couldn't talk her out of it. I couldn't talk her into going for another oral orgasm. I tried to though. It was my whole intention to please her well until she had no room left for more. I wanted to give her as many orgasms as possible before she left. I wanted her to have somehing extra special to think about while she was gone.

Into her sweet, hot, engorged, wet pussy I went, at her insistance. I was still incredibly horny. I came to the point of orgasm quickly. I went right up to the edge and summoned all the strength I had....AND I PULLED OUT!!! My orgasm was so close that even after withdrawal, there were a couple of orgasm-like pulses, and some cum dribbled from her dick. I gave it a few seconds to subside a little and back in I went. It didn't last long that time either.... AND I CAME.....HARD!!!!! It was fantastic. It was awesome!!!! It was mind-blowing.

Afterward, K got ready and left for her trip.

And I left with a smile on my face!

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