Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Locked Up Before Starting A Set Of Nightshift

So, I have finished working several days in a row. Up until now, it's been busy. It is nice to have 48 hours away from the job. Having just worked a few nights in a row, there has not been enough time for K and I to be together. We have slipped in a little time, but working nights usually does not work well with other people's schedules to allow sharing togetherness. It is one of the curses of shift-work.

Friday morning, we had some nice time together before K had to go to a meeting. It was a GOOD time. It was time to renew our love farther from the distance we had felt before. We loved and cuddled. We talked and cooed. I nursed at her breasts. We enjoyed our coffee (Ahh, coffee, one of our special things together). Then we ran out of time!

It was time for K to get ready for her meeting; no more time left. I was HORNY! She was Horny. Later, while she was driving to said meeting, she commented to me that she was very wet. (big smile) Anyway, I was HORNY! I was lounging on the bed while she got ready to leave. I casually mentioned that she could leave me unlocked today, that it would be at least another day or so before we would see each other again, or even have the possibility to make love. I could have a little free time to myself (wink, wink) and then lock up later for her. Then, by the time we were able to get together again, plenty of time would have passed with me being locked up, that I would still be plenty desirous for her. She promptly said, "NO! You need to lock it up NOW!" (Uuuuunh!) "Okay….I will do it for you, my sweet GOYO," (GOYO stands for Goddess Of Your Orgasms) I replied. She said, "NOW!"

"Okay, okay," I said with a smile and promptly put on Hairclip. I handed her the keyring, her keyring, and she locked it in place. Then, as has become our custom, she kissed her dick and gave it a little quick teasing suck. Ya just gotta love that! She left. Wow, was I ever horny! I remained that way, without relief until the next day, Saturday. Then we had a good time.

And that will be the subject of the next post.

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