Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Saturday. Working nights. Got home this morning and slept. And then K came over!!! Woohoo! It was good….

When K arrived it was about 2:30pm. She brought me some delicious soup. K is quite the cook, and I get the benefits from it. After eating, we went to the bedroom and promptly undressed, getting in bed. Before we did actually get in bed, we both cleaned up a little: I washed her dick and she washed her pussy. We usually do that in anticipation of some good loving to come. We spent much time cuddling, petting, nursing. We talked and held each other, caressing and enjoying our love. Soon, K made it plain that I had "work" to do. She moved me to her pussy.

I was so horny, and she was too. We had a good time Friday loving on each other, but we parted ways without having sexual relief for either of us. At that time, we were both wet. Her panties were damp and I had a very wet spot on my own underwear as well. It was all pent up desire, ready for satisfaction. Now was the time.

She moved me to her pussy. Oh my goodness! It was so wet. Like, almost dripping wet! I'm so glad we like to freshen up before a lovemaking session. She was clean and fresh and her pussy smelled so good. As I began to lick the insides of her thighs, I could feel her short wet pussy hair against my cheek. I teased her a little before slowly moving to her pussy. I gingerly licked the lips and mons, enjoying the smell and wetness, yet still teasing K a little more. Then I moved to her clit. It was ready. K was ready. She was so turned on, so horny. I savored every part. I licked her slowly at first, then worked up to a faster pace. I sucked gently on her clit and ran my tongue over her inner lips. It didn't take long. She was THAT ready!

K came nicely. She moaned and writhed (no, I'm not making this up). It was a good orgasm, it seemed. I love giving K orgasms with my tongue. It is MY favorite pastime….eating K's pussy. As she came, she held my head, squeezing it with her legs. She also took my head in her hands and held it at her pussy. She gets so sensitive during her orgasms, that she can't take much more stimulation. She controls my movements during orgasm so that I don't overdo it. Ahhh…heavenly! She squeezes my head with her legs, while holding it with her hands, moans, writhes, and my face gets to be buried in her WET pussy lips. I am engulfed in her pussy and orgasm!

After she calms some from the ecstasy, I move up between her legs and love on her some more. Soon, I will be inside her, making love to her, having heavenly sex. Then a terrible thing happens! My alarm clock goes off! It is time for me to get up! I have to go to work. K and I are in disbelief. We were in bed for lovemaking at 3:00pm. It is now 4:35! Where did all that time go?!?!?!? It seems that there are times that K and I get so involved in lovemaking that we are able to enter into some kind of a time warp. There is NO WAY that the passage of time can happen so quickly. We both agree. Time warp is the only explanation. And here it has happened again. An hour and a half has vanished in a matter of about 30 minutes. Ugh!

K has just had a wonderful orgasm, Right? That has even more heightened her horniness. Orgasm for her, always means she is ready for her dick to enter her pussy! Needless to say, her orgasm makes me horny too: duh, that is a given! Time is expired. I have 25 minutes to get ready to leave for work that night. In our disbelief of the quick time passage, I said that I NEEDED to have sex with her. She said, "YEAH?!?!?!" with an air of "No kidding!" I quickly rolled over on top of her, entered her goddess like pussy and made short work of getting my own orgasm. WOW! Was that ever a good one! We were both relieved. Both of us smiling, I jumped up and got ready for work while K made me a cup of coffee to go. I rushed out the door with no time to spare, hoping for good traffic conditions.

And, away I went, down the road to work for the night.

That was one helluva Saturday afternoon.

That was some wonderful lovemaking.

Sorry if you were wanting a different ending. I can imagine a different one: K has a wonderful orgasm. She is extremely happy. Just as I come up to her, to enter her, with HER dick, the alarm clock goes off! There is NO time to spare. My raging hard cock must wait for days before another opportunity will be available for me to have MY orgasm. I am cruelly locked back in the chastity device, made to wait, and wait, and wait…. Okay, that is the fantasy version. (K and I laugh at the terminology "It is wank fodder")

You are welcome to enjoy either ending, or both.

Comments are always welcome.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about those time warps.

    It's funny how we can get ready in less time than usual when there's the prospect of something better!!!

    Personally, I like the real ending to your story. :)

  2. Oh. Forgot to mention-I like the new look!

  3. Foxy,

    Thanks for commenting. I finally had a little extra time to play around with my blog site. The previous design was a default one from Blogger. I was glad to put some of my own touches on it. Of course, there will be more tweaks to come.


  4. Nice post, thanks for sharing. So glad you guys are so happy!
    Also, thanks for making a distintction between the 'wank fodder' and reality, it make the blog so much more interesting to know its all factual (UOS!)
    The site design is pretty cool now, BTW.

  5. Tallestrina,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, we are happy. I do think the wank fodder is sometimes hilarious, even more so when people think we are gullible enough BELIEVE it. (smiling) I do strive to keep it all honest without embellishment.