Monday, January 17, 2011

Stressed. Tension. Relieved.

Sunday, 1/16/11

The previous week had been a rough one. K and I both had endured a very bad time at our respective places of employment. She had received noticed that her contract would not be renewed. I had been transferred to a new area of work by my employer. In both cases, it was extremely stressful. We both felt it as rejection and denial of our massive contributions we had given to "the company". We had both been in a funk. We were both tender and hurting, being overly sensitive to anything that had ANY emotional ramifications. Given our individual situations at work, I believe it is totally understandable.

K was edgy. She was more apt to complain about anything. She voiced displeasure at almost anything and it seemed I could do nothing right for her. I couldn't even say anything correctly without having to defend or explain. She was distant and hard to reach.

I was upset. I had put in almost 20 years with my company, giving it my all. I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice to say, "they" decided to move me rather than give me a much deserved promotion (yeah, yeah, well, I'm not the only one who thinks so (smile)). I was saddened, feeling the rejection. I was distant too. I was trying to deal with it. One of my personality traits is that I am very tenderhearted and not as emotionally resilient sometimes when this kind of "insult" occurs. I took me time to assimilate all my feelings though. It all culminated today.

K and I were still having a good time together though, even though both of us were extremely stressed. We went out to eat and enjoy the evening last night at one of our favorite fancy restaurants. We got home late and crawled in bed. We were both tired, but K had just had a much longer day than I had. We tried to be intimate, but it just wasn't coming together (no pun intended, LOL). We actually ended up a little aggravated due to her tiredness and my own sensitivities at the time.

We awoke today. We were still feeling distant, but not liking it. I was somewhat emotionally shut down, a common trait of us menfolk when struggling with "feelings" (isn't this all so sickening, (laughing)). We still talked and petted on each other, feeling the stress. I finally told K that I needed her to love me, love on me. I told her that if she would indulge me, she would be glad. At this time, it became real to me just how MUCH I was emotional hurting. She took the cue. She began to pet me more and try to soothe me. It was helping. I rolled to my stomach and she climbed on me to rub my back, massaging and holding me.

I then turned over. K was still on top of me. She held me. She laid on top of me. She put her breasts in my face and held me more (K somewhat knows that I respond to her breasts, and that with them, she can do amazing things to comfort my heart). I showed her how to move them on my face. It is nice, to me, to have her wonderful breasts in my face. However, I directed her to move them from side over my face, "dragging" them back and forth slowly, lovingly. Within seconds, I crumbled. It touched me. I began weeping in her arms. She had gotten through. I was able to pour out the hurt. We petted and loved each other. We held each other in our arms and both wept as she began to break down about her own hurts. It was a time of renewal. We both more clearly realized what we had been through over the past week. Those sorry bastards had insulted us both and done what they could to reject and hurt us. Grrrrrr….. (Ha, I can laugh and make fun of this now!!!).

After a little time of emotional healing, we progressed to love making. I nursed at her breasts, genuinely enjoying it. K massaged my balls and her dick. Hmmmmm……maybe she owns the balls too. Anyway, we began to make love again, from our hearts. After a little time for nursing, I began to massage K's pussy, moving my fingers to her clit. She was wet, and became wetter quickly. She began to whimper, indicating that she wanted me to do something for her. She then began to indicate that she wanted me to eat her pussy (YESSSSS!) by pushing on my shoulder and head in the direction of her desire. I went gladly. I ate her….ahhhh. She was wet and tasted good. Her aroma filled me. I teased only a little and went to her clit. She was again, ready. It didn't take long for her to come. She had a great orgasm, according to her motions and sounds. She gripped my head with her legs and squeezed. AHHHH…..I'm in heaven at last, AGAIN!

After K settled from her orgasm and returned to the present world, I came up from between her legs and entered her. It was so sweet. K really does have a WONDERFUL pussy, and it felt GOOD! I lasted a little, but soon came. It was a good one. We settled into each other's arms, relaxing in post-orgasmic bliss. We were healed. We were now okay. We were now in touch with each other again. We talked and petted a while longer. Along the conversational path, I asked K, "Now, do you see and understand how much power you have in your breasts to make my heart feel good?" She responded with an "Uh huh, I do," indicating that she was getting the picture more clearly. I believe she has more to learn about that, and I am willing to teach her about her power (Big smile). We talked of our love and need for closeness to each other, both physically and emotionally, and about how the week had affected us. Then…..

It was time for coffee! We got up and made coffee and enjoyed it on the deck. We lounged there awhile, enjoying a pleasant morning in the south. (Uhhh….I don't think I have mentioned our location previously, but we live in "the south", along the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico.) We were okay now. We had come back together with each other in our hearts: the distance was gone. We now felt that we could face the assholes at work and it would all be okay (again, I am able to smile and laugh about all of them now).

All that stress and tension had been relieved.


  1. See? All better. :)
    Everybody should know about this.
    It's truly the most intimate thing I've done, and continues to heal and improve my marriage everyday. When I read something like your post today, I can't help but smile knowingly to myself!

  2. Foxy,

    Thanks for commenting, however, I'm not sure which part you are referring too.


  3. That was vague, huh? Sorry. I meant that everyone should know about ANR. :)