Wednesday, February 2, 2011


K came home Saturday evening. She had left Thursday to do some consulting work. The two days and nights she was gone, I was locked securely in Hairclip. The send-off I gave her was wonderful for us both, with orgasms for all.

I had to work Saturday and would have to work Sunday too. When I got home from work, I quickly got my stuff together for the next day's work and went to K's house. I wanted to get there in time to take a shower and be ready for her arrival. Well, as it turned out, She arrived shortly after I did. It was so good to see her. We talked a little and I told her I was going to get my shower. She unlocked Hairclip so that I could clean her dick well too. After the shower, and after she freshened up her pussy, we met in bed.

We had been talking the past couple of weeks how we both needed a haircut, how it was time for us both to get the bushes trimmed. Again, we mentioned it. I then asked, "Why not now?" She agreed. I got out the clippers and it was my turn first, to trim her. K had told me previously that I should give her pussy haircuts in the future, and do so, how I preferred. This the first time ever though, that I have ever, ever given a pussy a haircut in any way. It was a little tricky. The hardest part was that K is ticklish. When the cold clipper metal and the vibration hit sensitive skin, she had a hard time holding still. She squirmed and squealed. She kept putting her hands "down there" as a reflex to protect herself from the tickle. I tried. I mean I really tried, to make it easy on her, but she had gotten to that ticklish place where even the thought of it made her squirm. Now, here I am, trying to be a good lover, trying to give her a pussycut. I couldn't do it. She wanted me to, but because of the tickle, she couldn't let me. It became frustrating to me. I had to stop many times before I even got started, simply because of her guarding. I was about to give up. I told K that if she pushed me away again, I was going to quit and she would have to do it herself. Well, I guess that interjected enough seriousness for her to settle down a little and I was actually able to do the job. It was actually fun. I enjoyed it. I clipped and trimmed. Around the lips, I cut it very close, leaving a near-bare appearance. The hair above the clit line I trimmed short, but it was still apparent. Then, directly above the pussy lips, I left a nice little short tuft of hair. I have inclinations to let that grow a little, both in size and length of hair. Ahhhh….perfect.

Next it was K's turn. She got up and washed off the hair. I laid down on my back and she got her evil hands on those damn clippers! And she had no mercy! She dove in with both hands, clippers a buzzing. Oh My Goodness!!1 That shit Tickled!!! I squirmed. I breathed hard. I gritted my teeth. I growled. All in an effort to endure MY haircut without stopping her. I did okay, I guess. I never did stop the progress. She finished some of the tickle spots and moved to her dick and balls. Now I had control of the tickle. I was able to squash it in my mind. She finished there and moved down between my legs some. It started to tickle again, but as I said, I now had control. I mentally pushed the tickle away and it was all just fine. Soon, it was complete. I was "bald". There was NO hair left. She took it ALL off!

K loved it. Since K loves it, I love it. It is actually pretty cool. This is not the first time she has given me a haircut. She has trimmed my bushes three other times, each time making it shorter and shorter. The last time, she had nearly taken it all off. She wondered at my response and suspected that I was upset. I wasn't. I was very surprised though. She interpreted my surprise as possible dissatisfaction. That certainly was not the case. Now she has probably given me the most hair-removing haircut of all, all that is possible with a pair of clippers. I think that the only way to get it any closer would be to shave it. Hmmmm…. I wonder if that will be what she will do next time.

Speaking of that, here is why I wonder. In the past, when we talked of "haircuts", we both agreed that we wanted SOME hair. We BOTH said that we did not want the other to be hairless. Seems though that K has changed her mind. Each haircut has been shorter than before. Now, I am hairless. It has eventually developed into that. I mentioned to K after this haircut how I thought she had said before that she wanted some hair to remain. She simply stated that she had changed her mind. Well, I must say, I like it. Would I like being shaved? Hmmmm…. It is food for thought. Being hairless feels good. I can feel so much more of what happens now. The hair got in the way, I suppose. Without the hair there, I can feel everything that contacts the skin, to a greater degree. This means that it is more stimulating, and sexy. Shaving? Yeah, I'd go for it. If K wanted to give it a try, I would definitely let her. I could suppose that it would feel even more sexy, being able to feel my skin smooth against her. I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. K and I often comment how our relationship is all an adventure. This would simply be another path of discovery, as it has already been.

After MY haircut, I got up and showered off my crotch again, for loose hair removal purposes. Then it was time to do some loving.


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