Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crashing, Denied

K and I got back from our trip Sunday night. It was a little late, I had to unpack, and get to bed: I had to get up at 4:15am to get ready for work the next morning. We crashed at my house, cuddling up to nurse to sleep.

Monday, during the daily grind, I had time to text with K some. We discussed my gift of being her "subbie" for two weeks or a month. The end result was that she could start over with it, starting Monday for a fresh four weeks. This was in part due to our lives having been too busy to really even take advantage of it. So it's official, I am a subbie until April 4th.

I got home from work and made a quick trip to the gym for a workout. I was back home at 7:30pm and K was there soon after. Since the weather had cooled some, we enjoyed dinner (sushi and wine) in front of the fireplace. We then started a little loving. K took the tie from my robe and collared me with it, which provides a leash also. She led me to the fireplace area, where we had an air mattress already ready on the floor. She laid down on the mattress and pulled me to her. We cuddled, caressed, and kissed different parts of each other. She pulled me toward her breasts, making me stop short by a few inches, took one in hand and teased me with it, not letting me touch, lick, or suck it. I was crazy with desire, stopped short, only able to look at her wonderful breasts. She then gently took me to her breast and nursed me for a short while.

Next she started moving me to her pussy, slowly, stopping me along the way to pay attention to places along away. At her pussy, I began to lick and suck her clit. K then changed positions, rolling me to my back and getting on top and putting her pussy in my face. I ate her pussy there for a little bit. I was sure I would be allowed to bring her to orgasm at this position. K stopped.

She got up and put me on my knees, bending over the mattress, and told me to stay there. She retrieved her paddle and started spanking me. K started lightly and slowly, warming me up. After I was nicely pink, she started in a little harder and faster. It was starting to warm up pretty good. K then stopped and loved on me some, caressing me and my ass. Next, some more whacks. Then stopping she caressed me some more. She then moved between my legs and played with her dick and balls. Mind you, I am still locked in Hairclip. She fondled them, teased them, licked them, and sucked them. We BOTH like that. She spanked me one more time, much harder, until I was collapsed on the mattress, whining for the intensity. Again she stopped and I got back on my knees as before and she loved on me again, giving me the pleasant ball treatment, caressing my ass, back, and chest. She moved on top of me laying on me, rubbing her pussy on my back and ass. I felt her warmth. I felt her wet pussy lips pressing to me. I felt her breasts brushing across me. It was all good.

I then made request to use the new whip I had bought for her. It was a leather cat o' nine. I had bought it off of It was only $7.60, shipping included. What a bargain. K obliged me and started to swing it carefully, since we had not as of yet used this one. She started lightly, gradually increasing force, as I indicated to her if it was okay or not. Soon she was making it whoosh through the air like a pro. It was stinging pretty good and I was too wrapped up in the sensation to indicate whether I could take more or not. K continued. She built intensity slowly from there. This all did not last long. K inspected my ass and said that it was nicely red and had a few light whelps. She then motioned for me to get up and we were heading for th bedroom. Asking me what I thought of the whip, I said that it was interesting and good. I also said that she was light with it, that she didn't really do that much. She said, "Really??? Come here!", as she pulled on the leash.

K took me to the couch and said, "Bend over there. I show what I can do. Let's see if you think this is light. Let's see if you think I can do more or not!" I bent over the couch, still standing (like a good little subbie). She began again with the whip. Harder this time. Then harder. And harder. It was singing pretty good. It was STINGING pretty good too. She was working on it. I started to whine a little. She stopped to inspect my as again and said that I was whelped pretty good. "Now, how was that?" she asked. I said that it was much more intense and rubbed my ass, both soothing the stinging and feeling for how much the whelps were evident. She chuckled and we went to the bedroom. K unlocked me and we cleaned up a bit got in bed.

While in bed, I commented to her that I was surprised that she didn't want to finish getting her orgasm. She replied, "Who said I wasn't?"

I said, "Oh, okay." K then pulled me to her breasts and I nursed. That's the last thing we remember. We fell asleep quickly, still tired from the trip.

It was a good night. We had good sushi by the fireplace. I got to be her collared subbie. We had some good lovemaking, sans orgasms. We had a spanking/whipping session. We nursed to sleep with me being very horny and denied. I believe this is the first time I have ever been actually denied deliberately. Wow! That was an experience.

Tuesday morning, I inspected my ass. No apparent damage. No apparent markings from the fun the night before. No presence of sensation left from it all. Apparently, I was unscathed.

Oh well, better luck next time!

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