Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Fun Day Monday

We had a fun time Monday. I am on vacation and have been enjoying the time off and relaxation. We had spent the night at K's house and slept in that morning. When I awoke, K was already up and not in the bedroom. I crawled out of bed and went to find her. She was in the living room doing some of her paperwork for her occupation. I came in, kissed,IOnd hugged her good morning. We enjoyed coffee and K finished up her papers. Meanwhile, I got out my laptop and started doing a little writing on the previous postings I've done.

As I relaxed on the couch writing, K got dressed and ready to leave for work. She informed me that I needed to get locked up. I teased her by whining that I was on vacation and that I should get a break from locking too. She said, "No, you need to lock it up," and pulled out Kali. She then locked Kali on her dick for safe keeping, kissed me goodbye and left. I remained on the couch, typing away. I had a lot to write and was going to be there a while. The writing juices were flowing.

After about an hour K returned from work to stop in for a few minutes. Sometimes she gets to do that, depending on where her job duties have demanded her attention. She came in and found me there on the couch. I was still in my robe. K came to me as I reclined there and started to play. She kissed me passionately. I mean PASSIONATELY!!!!…..using lots of tongue. WOW! She hadn't kissed me like that in a while. I could feel the passion, at the same time feeling a little tease. She then moved to my nipples. She sucked on them hard, giving me lots of strong sensations that make me squirm and my toes curl. (Did I mention that I had put down the laptop!) She moved farther down slowly, kissing and caressing, teasing. By now, her dick was painfully attempting full alertness! I groaned in the ecstasy of it all.

She made her way all the way down to her dick. She then began to fondle balls and caressing her dick. Oh My Goodness. It felt so good. I was enjoying it all. (Did I mention I was wearing Kali! You can refer to the pictures at the bottom of the page if you are not familiar with the name.) Kali was NOT liking all the attention K's dick was receiving. The dick loved it, Kali did not! The more the dick loved it, the angrier Kali got. As K's dick stood up to attention, acknowledging the caresses K was giving it, Kali bit in. The spikes of Kali are rounded somewhat, so as not to cause any piercing damage. However, Kali can hurt like hell. I began to squirm a little. I was enjoying everything K was doing. It felt so good. K then began to suck on her dick. DAAAAAMN! THAT FELT GOOD!

As K sucked, licked and caressed, her dick became more and more hard, becoming more and more painful, as Kali bit harder and harder. Those teeth of Kali were getting almost unbearable. K continued. It continued to feel better and better. Harder and harder! Biting harder and harder. And so the vicious cycle continued. As it did, I moaned louder and louder. I did not want K to stop, at the same time, barely being able to stand the "torment". When it becomes intense, I cannot even hardly move because of the pain. With any move of my legs or hips, it causes muscles and blood flow in K's dick to change. This causes flexing of tissue in the dick. This is excruciating. The "problem" is that every time K licks, squeezes, or sucks, it causes the same effect, or worse; worse being that it causes somewhat involuntary contractions of DICK muscles. These contractions are the most painful of all. At times I will even some what scream for the pain, though not at my full volume scream.

During the whole time of tease that K is doing, I am at varying degrees of pain, the most being when she sucks harder on her dick, which pulls more blood flow in, which in turns causes an increase in penile size and hardness. At one point, I was reduced to a whispering whimper, breathing fast, trying to compensate for the pain. I could not fend her off if I had too. I pleaded softly for her to stop! It was all I could muster. She continued!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!!! I wondered if there would actually be holes pierced throughout the skin, regardless of the teeth of Kali being dulled.

K continued to tease, sucking, stroking her dick, sometimes taking her balls in hand, pulling and squeezing them too. It was truly fantastic. I had never experienced anything this extremely intensely pleasurable, yet so painful at the same time. The pain had two effects: I loved it, being very erotic, yet it was terribly painful, which of course, as stated before, hurt like hell! Add to that the wonderful loving K was doing to me with all the soft and firm attentions to her dick, it was an exquisite, over the top, indescribable pleasure/pain, paradoxical experience! This continued for maybe 30 minutes, I lost all association with time. K finally eased off, reaching for her keys, she unlocked Kali from her dick.

K took her dick and loved on it. She kissed it and inspected it for just how much damage may have been done. Hmmmm…..There was a comment that it looked somewhat like a colander!!! HA! She loved on it a little more and then took me to the bedroom. K was horny. "Tormenting" me by teasing her dick while wearing Kali really turns her on. Of COURSE I was horny too. It was all pleasure. When we arrived at the bed, we laid down and K moved me to her pussy, and it wasn't her dick she wanted at the moment! She wanted me to EAT her pussy. I was happy to oblige. Being locked in Kali and being teased like that, makes me so horny. Even more than that though, it creates huge desire in me to eat her pussy. It is more important to me than being in her, than my own orgasm. It's all I want. I want to taste her pussy juices, to smell her, to feel her wetness on my face and her pussy lips pressed to my lips. Oh Yes!!! I gladly went down. I was not disappointed. She was wet. She smelled good, having the aromas of being turned on, hot and horny. And, so I ate. Ahhhh…. so good.

And K came!!!!!!!

By all appearances, it was a good one for her. I loved it.

Immediately, K wanted her dick. I was happy to oblige that desire (big smile). I entered her. I did not last long, of course. I have said this before, but this was one of the best, best, best orgasms of my life. Powerful. It was one of those loud, strong, growling, grunting, moaning, draining orgasms. K had built me up for one of the most powerful of my life. My eyes rolled back in my head, and my heart stopped for about 15 beats. My jaw dropped to the bed, while I was still upright on my knees!!! My toes curled so hard that I could feel them scratch the back of my head!!!

Yep, It was GOOOOD!!!

K locked me back up and left to do more of her work.

I reclined on the couch and smiled. I typed more, and smiled. I reflected and smiled. I smiled. I eventually left her house and smiled. I smiled the rest of the day. And night.

I still smile!!!

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