Saturday, March 5, 2011

K and I are on a trip into Kentucky to see her family. Traveling, talking, visiting with her relatives, we are enjoying the trip. Being so busy, it has not allowed for having time for posting anything new. I have a good story to tell, but it will be later before I have the time to put it together. K is keeping me locked some of the time while on the trip, which is unusual. Most of the time when we are together, I am usually unlocked.

We arrived at our destination last night. K and I have not had much time for sex, but have maintained our nursing anyway. Last night, we MADE time. It was late and we were tired from the travel. We went to bed at midnight. We nursed, I ate her pussy to her having a good orgasm, had sex with me having a great orgasm, and cuddled up, me nursing, went to sleep. Ahhh… sweet rest.

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