Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Things

Lots of good things happening lately for K and I!

I had to work for the past four nights. K came to my house a couple of times and I went to hers a couple. We hate nightshift because it limits our time together a lot. Friday, I had only a little time in the afternoon. The local cable company came to install new internet service and left late. K arrived at the same time he left. Problem was, I only had 25 minutes to get ready for work and spend time with K too. I hurried through my shower and K and quickly laid down on the bed. Nursing was the desire of us both. We had no time for anything else. I was still locked and there was no sense in taking it off. We cuddled up for ten minutes to nurse. It was wonderful. It is a place of peacefulness for us both. After ten minutes, I jumped up, hurriedly got ready for work and left. Rush, rush, rush.

K and I have been enjoying nursing more and more. Part of this is because she is beginning to make milk! Woohoo!!!! We are happy and excited about this. It has been one of our goals since about June of last year. K's breasts are already a nice "D" cup, but with the activity of her starting to make milk, they are seeming to fill out a little and become firmer. NICE! (huge smile) This particular afternoon, I was able to taste more milk than usual. It was evidently dripping slowly into my mouth as I nursed. I am looking forward to the day when it freely flows, squirting from her breasts as it would from a mom nursing her baby. I AM her baby after all, when held there at her breasts, cradled in her arms, nursing.

Later, K and I "talked" via texting. K had driven 30 minutes to my house and 30 minutes back to hers, all for 10 minutes of nursing. I have done the same kind of thing in order to see her too, driving a lot to see her only for a few minutes. We enjoy each other's company that much, even after over a year of being so romantically involved. It is worth it, to us. Nursing makes it even more worth it.

As I have said before, nursing is part of who we are.


  1. Congrats! Nursing is a worthwhile activity in and of itself, but milk does make a difference. So happy for you both. :)

  2. Congrats on getting some milk flowing!