Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not Denied Wednesday Morning!!!

Tuesday night, we had dance lessons. K and I met at the studio and enjoyed the lesson. We have being studying ballroom for several months now. When the lesson was nearly over, K took me by the neck and jokingly said that it was one way to lead in dance. We all laughed and I commented, "I like that. I'm done with dance now. Let's go home. I've got other things in mind for that!" Everyone present laughed. Ha! If they only knew!

Earlier in the day, K has told me that she wanted an orgasm tonight. She didn't want any fireplace and wine. It has put her to sleep Monday night. None of that tonight. She wanted an orgasm and she didn't want ANYTHING to hinder that.

Arriving at K's house we got ready for bed. One of the first things to happen was K unlocked her dick. K collared and leashed me with the robe tie again and led me to bed (I love it). We nursed, loved and cuddled. And,……..

We fell asleep!

Again, we were soooo tired.

Wednesday morning, K woke me up, loving on me. She got up and let the dog out and came back to bed. She started rubbing all of me, stopping sometimes at her dick and balls. Needless to say, I got very hard. After a trip to the bathroom for urinary relief, I returned to her. I started at her neck and began kissing, moved to her breasts and nursed and soon K was pushing me to her pussy.

K was hot. K was horny. She moved me to her pussy slowly. I teased her a little by not going quickly, but rather, stopping along the way to kiss and caress. Finally, arriving at her pussy, I kissed and rubbed my cheek along the insides of her legs, and pussy lips. There is a spot that I love there on her body. It is the curve of her leg where it transitions to her pussy lips. It is a little hollowed place and presents such a sexy curve, that I love to spend time there kissing and licking. Next I moved directly to her pussy. She tasted so good and smelled wonderful. K was ready. It was not long until K had an orgasm. She later commented that it was a good one.

Being in subbie mode now for the next four weeks, I didn't know when I would get my next orgasm. After the events of Monday night, with my first deliberate denial, I didn't know if maybe K had a plan in mind for long-term denial, at least longer than I've previously experienced. Previous experiences were simply from being locked up and not able to have sex due to work schedules, and life interferences. These are not so much deliberate as they are unavoidable. Now, in subbie mode, the thought of course has occurred to me that I might not get an orgasm for four weeks, thinking that K might want to actually experience what I might be like in a longer term denial period. That is fraught with various emotions, anxiety for not being able to come for that long, happy that K would take that kind of control, wondering if it would have good effects on my demeanor, thrill of the fantasy aspects, concern that I might not like it, and on and on. Regardless, a promise is a promise. I am committed. My word is my bond. I am willing to do and perform whatever K should desire. Even if it were to be 24/7, four weeks, of lock-up and denial, I'm going the distance as her subbie. I'm sure of one thing. I will have enjoyment with K in one way or another. K simply likes lovemaking too much to do with out. Whether or not that means ORGASMS for me may be another story.

So, K just had her orgasm. She wanted more. I asked her if she wanted another orgasm. No. She wanted me. Hello!???!! I said……She wanted ME!!!!! She pulled me to her. She pulled me into position for entering. She said, "No! I want you. I want YOU!" She said this as I slid into her. AHHHH…so good! So wet. So warm. So tight. So engorged. So wonderful! We made love there, but shortly, K wanted me to enter from behind and rolled over onto her knees. I entered her pussy there and made love to her more. Then old age kicked in!!!! Yep, I lost it. I wilted. Grrrrr! I wanted this orgasm. It had been five days since my last and I wanted this one, dammit. I went and got some viagra and quickly came back to bed. I knew that on an empty stomach, it would not take long to recover. Laying there, loving, with in ten minutes, things started happening. I got my erection back. K decided to get on top and ride me. And, she did.

She rolled me to my back and climbed on. She directed her cock into her still wanting pussy and began to move up and down. Now, of course, I love this position. I get to see her fantastic figure. I get to caress her breasts. I get to hold her in in any manner I please. I can hold her by the neck as she is riding me (K likes this!)!! I caress her and do all the above. K takes me by the neck too (which I love too) and rides me orgasm. It was good. Now, I must admit that it was not an over the top orgasm this time, but as all men know, there is no such thing as a bad one. After the height of passion was complete, we cuddled. K then said she had to get up for work. I went to sleep soundly.

As K was finishing readying for work, she came and woke me. "Where is Kali?" I told her it was in the car. She went to get the black bag that all our toys are in. She gave me hairclip and said I needed to put it on. I asked what happened to Kali. She said that because I was still sleeping, she would use Hairclip instead. Isn't she so sweet. K knows I don't sleep well in Kali. Locked in Hairclip, We kissed good bye.

K left for work.

I went to back to sleep with a smile on my face.

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