Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Promised Saturday Story

Okay, here is the Saturday story, as promised.

K and I went to a Mardi Gras parade, went out to eat and were home about 9:30pm. We went to the bathroom and freshened up. Or course, this included getting naked and comfortable in house robes. While washing at the sink, still totally naked, K brought the paddle and lightly spanked my ass, causing it to only slightly sting. When we were both ready and in our robes, K then motioned for me to come closer. She took the waste tie from my robe and tied it around my neck to form a collar and leash. YES!!!! I have wanted her to do this to me. I had confessed in an Earlier Posting that I have had a fetish for being collared. She leaned over and took the paddle in hand and led me to the living room. There, she motioned for me to get on my knees and then to bend over, laying on the big ottoman. She then lifted my robe over my back and started to spank me lightly again.

This was going to be a different spanking session from any previous, I could tell. We had both already learned so much in our previous sessions. This time K warmed me up some. She took it easy on me at first, spanking lightly as I lay there on the ottoman. Ah yes, it was good. After my ass was nicely pinkish red, she began to swing a little harder. These stung pretty good. We had been playing a game for the past few days. I am always teasing K that my dick is so small, often times holding up my fingers about two inches apart, indicating how pitifully small I am. (feel free to reference pictures below to see for yourself and make your own judgements.) K now has been telling me, every time I make such a tease, that it is now ten more swats added in the next spanking session. This has accumulated to 40 or 50: I lost track.

When she begins to give me the harder swats, she tells me to start counting them for her. I chuckle and begin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! She then stopped, laid down the paddle and began loving on me, but not in a sexy erotic way. It was in a caring, loving, care-taking way. It was so sweet. She told me that it was all okay, that it was good to get spanked, that she loved me very much, that I needed this spanking. You see, I told her previously that I needed her to tell me it was okay, that I should cry, that I needed to let go, that I needed to break down my walls and let out the pain accumulated over years. I had told her that I needed her to encourage me to cry, and to make me know that I was "safe". Being safe is a special thing for us. It means that we are safe to share ourselves deeply without being judged, demeaned, or looked down upon. It is an important place to be, to be safe, to know that you can show who you really are, deep inside. K and I have used "safe" terminology ever since we met. It is one thing that we "get" about each other.

After K loved and assured me, she resumed spanking. Another several swats and she again loved on me and comforted me. It was working. I was feeling the emotional walls come down. This continued until about 50 had been counted. She then again comforted me, loving me, caressing my red ass (smile). Many of the swats had been strong. They had left their "presence". I would feel them for a while. K did such a good job with it all, spanking and loving me the whole time. At no time did it feel like punishment or anger. It ALL felt like love. During it all, I could feel the sense of weeping coming up in me. K did not comment about that, but I'm sure she could sense it in my voice as I counted the swats, getting more soft in my voice, more humble, and more emotional. Now she quit.

K motioned for me to get up with a soft tug on my collar. Standing, we held each other, my heart melting as we embraced in such an emotional state of love. It was exquisite. Using the bathroom and talking, K said she wanted a turn. She had previously mentioned that she might like being spanked too. I said, "Now?" She said yes. I took her to the ottoman and motioned for her to kneel and loved on her as she bent over. I raised her rob and caressed her ass. I cuddled beside her as she lay there on the ottoman. I talked softly to her, telling her that she needed to be spanked too. She needed me to show her love in this way too. I told her that I was going to spank her now and show her that I love her so very much. To each thing I told her, she became humble and nodded, affirming that she did indeed desire and need to be spanked too.

I started softly. I am a strong guy. Unfortunately, I do not know my own strength. I told K that I was going to be careful, starting very softly, and build from there, asking her for feedback, not wanting to overdo it. She nodded. With each increase in force, I asked her how it was. Finally, at a point sufficient, she said that it was hard enough. Often times, I came to her, laying down the paddle, and showed her my love. I caressed her butt, soothing the stinging pain, telling her how much I loved her, that she was safe, that she was okay, that it was all okay. She took it all in. She accepted my love. She accepted the spanking, apparently enjoying it. After a little bit, with her ass nicely pink, she said it was enough. I took her into my arms and loved on her more.

K then had to go take care of some clothes in the washer. When she returned, I had laid back over the ottoman. She came to me and asked sweetly, "Do you need some more, Sweetheart?" I nodded yes. She said, "Awwww…okay." She got the paddle and began again to spank me. I needed it. She knew it. She spanked hard, my ass already being warmed up properly. She resumed the same routine, spanking, loving, back and forth. She added to it, also telling me I was safe. It was all I needed, and all I needed to hear. I started to cry. She spanked a little more, talking to me softly, telling me it was all okay. I crumbled. I wept sweetly there on the ottoman while she came to me, caressing me, loving me, telling me to let it all out. I cried there in her arms, weeping, soaking up her love. After crying there with her, we moved to the bedroom.

We made passionate love. We were now both ready and primed for over-the-top love making. And it was. We nursed. I ate her pussy to a most excellent orgasm. We caressed and kissed. I entered her pussy and we made love WHILE we had sex! I had a most excellent orgasm myself!!! It was wonderful, sharing passion with each other. Afterward, we cleaned up again and cuddled up for the night, with me nursing sweetly at her breasts. We nicely, closely drifted to sleep.

This has GOT to be the best lovemaking in my whole life.

And that, my friends, is the Saturday story.

(Can't stop smiling about it)


  1. Definitely one of the most interesting, tender posts I've ever read- thank you so much for sharing so honestly. A rare talent for words. So interesting that you BOTH are getting into spanking, so I guess that neither is 'top'. Thanks for showing how spanking and loving can go together, with kindness. I'm tempted myself.

  2. Tallestrina,

    It is an interesting experience, indeed. It opens up so many emotions and bonds us so uniquely. I definitely recommend, if there is an interest. I would suppose it is too evident to say (but I'll say it anyway), I'm sure not everyone could handle it. K and have the most fantastic relationship, filled with love and care for each other. None of our play is ever done in a scene of anger, hate or disdain, but rather in total care, honesty, and love. That is why the experience was so special.

    Thanks for commenting,