Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Kali Night

Last night was a good one. Wooo Hooo!

I came home from work tired. These long hours are getting tough. I decided that I would lay down and take a little nap before getting together with K for the night. When I got home, I stripped the bed and put on clean sheets, cleaned the kitchen, and got things ready for going to work today. Along the way, K and I did some texting, a frequent activity. We decided that she would come over at her convenience instead of my going to her house for the night. That is a relief for me since I am working the excessive hours that I am. I layed down for my nap before she came over.

I slept about 20 minutes and could not go back to sleep. I decided to take a shower and do a few more things around the house. I went back to bed, clean, in clean sheets, ready to try to sleep more before K arrived. I had no idea when she would actually appear. I had been laying there about ten minutes when in she came. She was already undressed! She came over and slid into bed with me. She took me and moved me to her breasts and I nursed there for a little while. AHHHHH,.... heaven. I'm clean, she's clean, the bed is clean and comfortable, and I am laying there nursing at her breasts: we are both happy. Then the real excitement began....especially for me.

I began to get an erection. Simple, huh? No. I was wearing Kali! (That is what we call our KTB) That was powerful enough as it was. The extra excitement was that a little earlier, I had taken a little bit of Viagra as a preparation for K's arrival. (Viagra is my friend, especially when extremely tired. I don't use it often. I use it more as a little insurance when I suspect I may not be able to perform as well as I would like too. This usually only occurs when extremely tired or stressed.) I don't use much of it per dose. I only take about 25mg at a time, divided from larger tablets.

Wow, what an experience!! I became hard very easily. I was excited to see K! I was excited because I had on Kali, and had been wearing her ever since that morning, when K had locked it on me before I left for work. I had felt Kali's weight and spikes all day long and it had a nice arousal effect. I had taken Viagra. I was nursing. K was feeling me up. K was.....enjoying the experience! She was having fun with teasing me, exciting me, knowing I had Kali on, and that getting too hard meant a painful response. With all the exciting stimulating circumstances, I could not help myself but to get hard. The most intense part of it was that I would sometimes nearly uncontrollably flex the muscles in my dick. This would result in intense pain. I would do my best to immediately stem the flexing before the full force of Kali bit in. Due to all this, and extreme effort on my part, I did not ever get completely hard, thankfully. K, realizing all the time what is going on (except the Viagra: I havent' mentioned to her yet that I had taken some), enjoyed the responses. I was in quite a bit of pain, wimpering often. Yet, she continued to tease me and increase the stimulation. I finally rolled away from her because of the increasing pain. I could not put my legs down, or even hardly move without it causing painful movement in my dick! She reached to tease me a little more and then relented. She unlocked me! Whew.

Then we made love. She immediately wanted me to give her oral. I went down on her and she was WET!!! I commented, asking if she had enjoyed the experience of the pain Kali can cause. She said yes, in a somewhat reserved way. Hmmm... are we discovering a new exciting facet of my dear K?

I don't want this to sound cliched. There is plenty of fictional stories about the orgasms of women and the experiences of men. Poo! This is all true, as is all I write here. But, yes, she came quickly. Very quickly! And it was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed with her, stimulating her while she enjoyed herself. When then moved into position to have sex. I entered her. She was "tight". Another verfication that she really had enjoyed the Kali experience. Now, it was my turn. And I came hard. I do have to say it was exquisite....over the top. Wow!

Before now, Kali has not been involved in our chastity play very much. I've got a feeling that Kali may participate more in our play time in the future.

After a little clean-up, we snuggled up for more nursing, and we drifted quickly to sleep.


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