Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Simply, Purely, Love K

The title says it all.

I love K completely. I am so glad she likes the chastity play, that she has come to enjoy it herself. It is a wonderful thing for us, and I do believe it enhances our relationship, enriching our love. Another part of this post is simply that I love the nursing relationship we have. It warms my heart every time she nurses me. It connects me to her. No, I don't get milk, but it would be great if I did. I would like that! Regardless, with no milk, we still classify this as an ANR (adult nursing relationship). I nurse. At her breasts. Often. Often as possible. For as long as possible. And our love grows immensely.

I do, really, purely, simply, love K. Chastity play and nursing are a huge part of that. (big smile on my face)

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