Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I wrote earlier today that we have again started a regimen of locking again after a month or so of non-chastity. If you want to know more about that, refer to that post.

So yesterday was the first day in a while. I can't believe how much I missed it. It was as though something was missing. It was as though losing the presense of my beloved K, with her hand no longer carefully holding my cock. And as I wear the "hairclip", I am aware of just how much I missed K having the key to my orgasms.

Sunday was a good day. I'm working a terrible amount of hours right now. Sunday was my day off after working too many days in a row. We made the most of it. Saturday, I went home after work, crashed on the bed and slept three hours. I got up, showered and got clothes together for Sunday, then went to K's house for the night. By the time I got there it was about 11:00PM. Then the fun started!

We started making love. Good sweet love. For the past almost four weeks, we have only had short quick lovemaking sessions. Time and fatigue did not allow much else. Now, we had time, and I was not so tired, having just slept a three-hour nap. It was on! Clothes came off quickly. We carressed each other, sucked, kissed, nursed, held, and any other thing that came to us at the time, for about two hours, as we finally finished with sex that was fantastic. It had been a while since we could spend that kind of time. Although we have spent more time than that many times, Saturday had been a while.

We drifted off quickly to sleep as I lay there at here breast nursing. OH! How sweet it was.. We both could feel the love exchange. What a way to go to sleep, with a breast pressed gently in my face, sucking on her nice nipple. It doesn't get better than that.

When we woke Sunday morning, we layed there and enjoyed each other's closeness for a little while. She took me and moved my mouth to her breast again. It seemed so full and tender to my face. I wished that her breasts gave milk and I could suckle there, receiving her love through receiving her milk. It is a fantasy we both share. Maybe someday..... Who knows. We have read that it can happen, given the right circumstances and care. It has to be very deliberate though, evidently. But, It would be nice. In some ways, I am her "baby", and we both enjoy that. Hey, it is our life, and our relationship, and our pleasure, right?

We did get up eventually and shared coffee on the back porch, another common pleasure for us. We both love coffee, especially in the morning. We sat there and talked, drank coffee and enjoyed the cool morning air that a cold front had brought us. We got up, readied ourselves for church and left. After church, we ate sandwiches, went to a hotel resort and walked the grounds enjoying the scenery, took a walk in the woods, went to my house to get work clothes for Monday, returned to her house, prepared supper, built a fire in the fire pit in the back yard, ate dinner there and relaxed talking. We then retired to the bed room and had more excellent loving. More of the same. More of what we had Saturday night. And more of it than we had Saturday night. More time for loving. More loving on each other. And it ended in more of that good wonderful sex that we enjoy.

We have an understanding. As a rule, if there is going to be sex, she is going to have her orgasm too. There is not going to be a situation where I get my orgasm and she does not. Most of the time it starts with me giving her oral, then when she has her orgasm, she pulls me up to her for me to enter her and a good time is had by all! And for me, they are always wonderful orgasms. Hmmm... uuuuh.... yes,..... I am a man......of course they are wonderful. There is no such thing as an orgasm that is not wonderful. I must say however that there is rarely an orgasm for me that that is less than a 7 on that worn out scale of 1 - 10. Sometimes however the order of things is not the same. Sometimes it is sex first. That means that then the vibrator comes out and K finishes her orgasm with it, along with me pleasuring her with hands and mouth on breasts. It is still a joint venture. (NO! I do not eat my own semen. No, I'm not eating her pussy when I have just had my orgasm in her. No, ours is not one of those relationships where I am required to clean her up with my tongue. I think most of the time, that is the writings of someone wrapped up in a fantasy. Note I did say "most of the time")

The main thrust of this post is to simply say that my day off Sunday was wonderful. It was a time of renewal for us. We needed it, both of us. We had been so busy for the past month, with shutdown, with her foot injury, with all the business we have had, we NEEDED that day for ourselves. It was truly like a one-day relaxing vacation, where we both renewed in each others love and care, coming together again in heart and soul, with some wonderful physical satisfactions thrown in.

What a day!!!

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