Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Having Lots Of It

Okay, here is another quick note. Sorry, but I don't have much time right now. I just got home from work and am about to go out to dance lessons (K and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons for several months).

Life is still very busy. Work is keeping me running a lot. Still, K and I spend every night together. Sometimes I nap first before I go to her house, or before she comes to mine. We then have fun; lots of fun. I am, as usual, locked all the time, unless I am with her. Then she decides when to unlock me. This is usually followed by some good lovemaking. GOOD LOVEMAKING!! A couple of nights ago, I think I had one of the best orgasms of my life. Last night was a good one too. I get to nurse during our lovemaking and again as we go to sleep. Then, when I get up in the morning for work, I usually nurse for a quick 5 - 10 minutes. Yeah, I know, it isn't much, but it sure is good (big smile). It is a nice way to start my day.

The end is in sight. Our busy time at work is coming to an end within the next week or so. We'll get a little breather and then back to a busy time again. It will be over some time after the first of the year. Until then, we get as much time for nursing and lovemaking as we can. MMMmmm.....good!

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