Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loving It All

Of course from the name of this blog, you can already know that it is about adult nursing and male chastity.

I am loving all of it. K loves it too. Even through the tiredness brought on by the excessive hours I am working, we maintain nursing, even in the absence of other lovemaking we would prefer to have too. Hey, it would be nice to have it all, ALL the time, right? Too bad that isn't the "real world". Oh no, did I burst someone's bubble? You mean it isn't "real world" with fantasy mixed in? Ha! This is MY real world. All that I have written here in this blog is thus far " REAL WORLD ". No, I have not embellished, I have not added elements of fantasy to try to make it interesting. Hmmm... maybe I should? Again, HA! I intend this blog to contain the whole truth. Yep! That's right! The WHOLE truth. If I say it, I lived it.

This is not some writing of a deprived person, wishing that the things here in print were a truth in their life. No, I won't be writing some far out pieces of blabber about being locked in the basement, tied to a cold concrete wall, naked, beaten with my butt on fire, wondering when poor poor me will be released and unlocked so that I can again masterbate just one more time,to my peril of never being unlocked again, to never have another orgasm....blah, blah, blah. Oh yes, it is entertainment, but so much of it is so unreal that it is hard to endure much of it, at least for me anyway. K doesn't beat me....well not very often anyway, HA! My balls haven't been stretched to my knees. I am not deprived of orgasms for months at a time. As a matter of fact, I am not deprived at all. Oh, the shock of it! Not deprived??? No, I am not deprived. Yes, I am locked up. No, I am not deprived. We make love on a regular basis. No, I do not mean that we make love in other ways rather than have sex. I am talking about...... listen closely..... hello......making love.....with all the trimmings ...... fondling....... kissing..... holding........ hickies (smile)...... teasing...... speaking sweet nothings...... carressing...... and the best sexual intercourse ever!!!!!

And we are loving it all!

I am locked up 24/7 unless I am with her.... and then she decides when to unlock me. Most of the time it is at the beginning of our lovemaking sessions. After she does unlock me I usually remain unlocked until we part. Most of the time that will be the next morning when we go to work. When I leave for work, I put on the CD of her choice and then go to the bed side with her set of keys, wake her, and she locks the CD on me. The CD is usually the "hairclip". Our arrangement is wonderful. We both love it. There is no abuse. There is no demeaning of the other. It is all love and passion. The purpose? It is to enhance the feeling that we belong to each other. She "owns" my dick and my orgasms. Yet, she loves me so much and enjoys lovemaking so much that we make love often as possible. Who wouldn't love that.

Oh, and the nursing!! It is wonderful. It has so much become a part of who I am. It is such a sweet way that she administers her love to me. I lay sweetly at her breasts and suckle, many times so moved by the emotion of the experience that I find myself making little wimpering sounds with the pleasure. And she too makes many of the wimpering sounds too, as she feels the shared love and connection with each other. It is a connection and bond that cannot be described. It is powerful. It seems to be one of the fullest expressions of care and love that we can possibly share with each other. I lay there at her breasts and suckle, being petted and loved on, being given such full love and care by K that my heart melts, my nerves calm, my mind and body relax, and we become as one with each other as it is possible to be, matched only by pure lovemaking we also enjoy. It is pure love. It is pure acceptance by the one that loves you. And it is reciprocal. We both feel these same feelings as I nurse at her breasts. And who wouldn't love that too?

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