Saturday, October 16, 2010


I often see in different chastity forums the subject of piercings brought up. Why would anyone get a piercing for the sake of chastity play? Hmmmm....

I had played with chastity a little bit occasionally in the past. My only device was the CB3000. I didn't really have an interested keyholder. I for the most part locked myself up because I liked the feel of it and the thought that I couldn't access my dick until I removed the CB. This was fun at first. I would lock the key in a safe that had a timer on it, thereby enforcing a sense of chastity upon myself. I soon learned that the CB was easily defeated. Like so many others who use the device, I found that I could pull my dick out the back, do as I pleased, put my dick back in the device, and never unlock the lock. Of course, the CB was still fastened to my body because I had been sure to adjust the spacer configuration so as not to be able to remove it with out damaging the CB. Anyway, the CB was defeated because I could still manage masturbation.

My next project in the security quest, was to devise a way to not be able to "pull out". I created several posibilities, from strings tied around my dick and locked on too, to making anti-pull out devices much like the KSD. These were somewhat effective, but uncomfortable. The most comfortable was the string option. But.... it was too much hassle and I wanted to take security to the next level. To me, that only meant one thing!

At the same time, I was going through a difficult time. Divorce was in the works and the job was being tortuous. I simply wanted to do something. Something different. Something out of character.... for me, anyway. I had a wild and crazy attitude running through my veins at the time. With divorce pending, CB play wasn't as important, as far as participating with the soon to be ex but, I still wanted to have the security if I were to ever find the right lover that would also be interested in chastity play too. Amongst all that, it became clear that the one thing that I could do that met all this criteria was to get myself a PA piercing. I was convinced....almost.

I started doing a little research. I did definitely decide it was the PA that I wanted. It was supposed to be the quickest to heal, appeared to be the preferred for chastity, and some reported enhanced sexual sensations. I checked out the shops in my area and found the most reputable one. I called them several times, asking lots of questions and gather information. Finally I went to the shop and told the piercer I wanted a PA. I then asked more questions and found out about their sterilization procedures. It included sterile packaging and autoclave. Okay, I was good to go. We went to the piercing room. I pulled down my pants and layed down on his table. Why he was getting everything ready, he turned to me and said that he was now ready to start. The problem then surfaced!

I had been laying there thinking about getting the PA. One thought kept sounding in my head, "You want him to poke a hole through your WHAT??!??!?" I told him that I had second thoughts and decided not to get done right now. He said okay, and that he understood.

I left!

A week later, with perfect resolve, I went there again, layed on the table, and he punched a hole in my dick!

Did it hurt? Yes. Did it hurt badly? Uh.... Yep, pretty bad. My ass immediately came off the table about a foot and I repeatedly said "FUCK!" about 300 times while it was being pierced. That lasted all of about three seconds, honestly. The pain was gone. He then placed in 16 gage CBR and I was done. All in all, nothing to it. Surprisingly!

I have had it now for two years. I am glad I have it. It is fun to have. It does definitely give security. Also, for me, it does give some enhanced sexual sensations and a stronger orgasm. Would I do it again? You bet I would. Was the pain worth it? Yes, all three seconds of it. Really folks, it hurt, but it wasn't that bad. If you are wanting it, do it. It only takes seconds and you will have it as long as you want. And the really cool thing, you can remove it anytime and it will close up, almost undetectable.

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  1. I just want to know how you managed to say FUCK 300 times in 3 seconds! LOL


  2. You'd be amazed how fast a man can say "Fuck!", screaming like a girl when a piece of steel is being shoved through a most precious possession. Lol. Truthfully, it wasn't THAT bad (no I didn't scream). What amazed me was how quick the pain was over.