Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why We Like Nursing

Why is it that some of us men enjoy nursing so much? And then there are others that don't seem to get much out of it. Well obviously, I cannot speak for all. As you know, I am a man, at least the last time I looked (this afternoon). Talking amongst some men that I know, there are some that love it, and some that can take it or leave it. There are usually two distinct camps. Don't get me wrong. Most men regardless, enjoy a woman's breasts. It's just that some of us regard them more highly than others. We all like the figure of a lady in our own way. To us breast men though, having adequate breast endowment is important. All the rest is nice about a lady's figure, but the breasts are very high on the "criteria" checklist when we are looking for the lady that meets our desires. Much of that is simply because of what we like to look at, being the visually motivated creatures that we are. Now, my understanding is not from scientific research at all: I wouldn't know how to even pursue that endeavor. However, us men do like to talk too! Those that seem to prefer breasts over other features of the female anatomy, seem also to like to do their share of suckling. I doubt there are many men that consider it nursing or suckling though. This is probably due to the idea that it would make them more of a "baby". Men! They don't like being thought of in any way that could be contrived to mean that they are less of a man or weak. BUT, regardless of what you want to call it, they like to nurse.

"Why?" is still a question. Hmm...

Maybe it is because deep down inside us, there is still a little boy that desires acceptance and love. Maybe it is because we like to feel like someone is taking care of us. Maybe it is because we like the closeness it creates. Maybe I could say "maybe" for a long time. I won't. I can however tell you about ONE man's perspective. It is all the above, in one way or another. I have had discussions with K about the little boy within. Yes, I am a man. I wrote one post that was dedicated to that thought. Still, there is deep within a man, a child that desires closeness, love, acceptance, and care. This matters most in the relationship of his lover. The big strong man still has the child, in my opinion.

The man who does not recognize this inner child, is missing the ability to know himself. I suspect that same man does not know very well how to connect with his lover, and his relationship may be more superficial, or maybe I should say that it may not be as deep as it could be.

K and I enjoy the deepest of relationships. Beautiful. She understands the inner boy, as I do the inner girl. Nursing addresses all the desires of my heart. I feel loved, accepted, cared for, and desired. She nurtures me there at her breasts. She loves me there. She knows it. She can comfort me with her breasts, even with simply holding me there close against them, or between them. And with nursing, she ministers to my heart. It is such a connection that really cannot be described. It is amazing what it does for both of us. It is so powerful, that it can relax us both after a stressful day and have us falling asleep within minutes. It is a form of pure peace!

I know I have said this before, a few times. I must say it again. I love this lady. Nursing is a HUGE part of that. ( And I smile)

Please feel free to share your ideas and comments. Oh, and thanks for reading.

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