Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking a Break

Ah, I am finally getting to write again. It has been busy,as usual. My employer is in a position presently to demand much of my time. I am working 10 to 13 days in a row, 12 1/2 hours a day. It is no surprise. It was a scheduled activity that we knew was going to happen at this time of year. And I am not alone. I work rotating shift and the facility is in a time of excessive work hours in my operating area at this time. Being on shift as as I am, I am on a crew of 10 people. And there are four crews. All of us are being called upon to work this heavy load together. It is very simply, a part of our lives, occasionally.

A few days before this work load started, I awoke in my bed with the glans of my penis somewhat numb on one side. Of course, I was wearing my CD, the "hairclip" to be exact. K keeps the "main" key on her keyring. I have a the spare key. The spare is secured in the "keysafe" I devised. The keysafe provides an emergency means of access to the key. A simple use of a hacksaw or cutters will quickly give access to the key. It is also evident if access has been attained. So, worried about circulation and tissue damage to my glans, I did indeed cut open the keysafe and unlock myself. I found that I was still numb, even with some massage of tissue to hopefully speed recovery by extra blood flow. This did not help. I therefore decided to give the CDs a break for a little while until things appeared to be healed and returned to normal. I immediately notified K of the situation and she was much agreeable to the situation.

K and I have been having a wonderful and interesting time. A few weeks ago, we went wading, looking to catch some soft-shelled crabs. We were returning through the waters when K was struck by a stingray. The pain was excruciating for her, as is for anyone who is so injured. A trip to the E.R. provided for antibiotics. A few days later, she was in the hospital anyway with a serious infection. After a heavy regimen of antibiotics and a little removal of dead skin and tissue, she went home to recoup. That occupied me for a few days, taking care of her. We both enjoyed that very much. Then comes the shutdown.

The sensation to my glans was returning more every day. However, I was not willing to be locked back up until all was normal again. This proved to be advantageous. In the shutdown activities, I climbed, crawled and gyrated through many an object and obstacle. I do believe this would have been quite uncomfortable if performed wearing a CD. Yes, my crotch was somewhat abused in some of these manuevers.

Yesterday was my first day back in lock up. All is well: I've healed and my shutdown duties have become less strenuous and hazardous to my fragile parts. It has been over a month since I was last locked up for my sweet K.

K and I had been having a little bit of a rough time. With her injury and my shutdown business, it left very little time for us to spend in lovingness. We were both missing it greatly. We felt so distanced from each other. Much of that was due to my work load. I would come home exhausted, sometimes going straight to bed. Later in the evening, I would get up, shower and spend a little time with K. This meant that she or I would have to go to each other's house, since we do have our separate homes. By the time I get up in the morning at 4:30, travel 35 minutes to and from work, 12 1/2 hours at work, shower and eat something for supper, about 15 hours of my day would already be consumed. This of course left very little time for K and I to spend together. Many nights we simply cuddled up and went to sleep, usually with me nursing at her breasts (ahhh....sweet!!!)

I had just finished working 11 days in a row, with the above mentioned regimen. My off day was this past Sunday. Saturday, we were able to have some real loving. I went home after work. Crashed in bed for three hours. Grabbed myself out of bed and pushed myself into the shower. AAaaahhh... that felt good. Now awake and feeling better, I made my self ready and went to K's house. And we had a good time of lovemaking.

Sunday was good too. More nice time spent together. More loving. And with a wonderful day spent we cuddled up and talked as we went to sleep. And the talk...... Hmmmmm...... turned to locking me up again. I am healed. Sensation has returned. All is well. Time to lock up for my sweet K again. I looked forward to it. She looked forward to it. Monday was the day. It has been over a month. The chastity break was over. And we are both glad! We both miss it.

Ironically, due to all that has gone on, I only pleasured myself one time solo, during that whole unlocked period.

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