Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 2

Friday was a continuation of Thursday Night.

K and I went dancing Friday night. During the dance, K mentioned that she needed a new vibrator. Her Purple Friend had bit the dust. PF is a necessity at times. Sometimes, K can't seem to have an orgasm, no matter how much effort we put into it. Then, only PF will do the job. No PF, sometimes no orgasms, and severe frustration for K. There is a "toy store" up the road about five minutes away. Turns out that it closes at midnight. K and I agree that we will leave the dance when it ends and will go peruse the vibrator department of the toy store.

Arriving at the store, we went upstairs where the toys are kept. At the dance, I mentioned to K, that in light of last night's spanking, she may need more spanking implements. She smiled. The first thing we came to was the whips and paddles. We looked them over and investigated the ramifications of each. Many of the whips had accoutrements that we feared would damage skin too much if used to forcefully and for too long. We settled on an apparently well made leather paddle. It was heavy and stiff. It was K's choice. I told her to pick the one she liked the most. The paddle won.

As we turned to look at vibes, something shiny caught my eye. K continued toward the vibes. I stopped. K did not see what I was doing. When I turned to see what was shiny, I realized it was a metal collar with a neoprene lining. It was designed to fasten closed, secured by a small lock. Ooooh….! This tickled my fancy. I have had a fetish for being collared ever since I have known about such a thing. I picked up the collar and put it around my neck and closed it up, yet with no lock to fasten. I then turned to K and showed her. She laughed and said to I should put it back. I laughed and left it on, walking around the small room shopping. I stopped at the little cashier's desk where a couple of ladies were looking over stuff under the glass and talking with the attendant. We all had quite a conversation. I asked about Chastity Devices. Out they came. They had a CB-6000 and a 7 Gates of Hell. The ladies were surprised, shocked, curious, and amazed. We discussed them. The attendant said that she knows of other CDs she has seen. One of them had little spikes in it so if the man gets hard, it pokes into him, making him not want to get hard. I smiled and replied that I was wearing one. She looked at me and smiled, and said good, that's a good man. We all laughed as I could hear K chuckling in the background. The two other ladies simply listened in disbelief. I ended up getting in quite a conversation with the attendant about chastity and the related fun.

The conversation took a turn when I mentioned an interest and intrigue of anal play. K had rejoined me and attendant lady sang anal praises. Informing her that I have NEVER even considered such a thing until lately, I asked her what would be a good toy to get started with. Went over to the small anal play section. There she pointed out an anal toy that would be a good start. It provided for about four inches of insertion and had a vibrator incorporated in it. It was made of a very soft flexible silicone. I turned to K and said, "Well for $27.00, it might be worth a try to experiment with it. If I don't like it, we can trash it." Along with the paddle, in goes the anal toy to be included with our purchase. We then looked at vibrators with the help of the attendant. We ended up selecting two: a wivibe and an egg that resembled K's PF. A bottle of cleaner included, we purchased and left. It's time to go home and try out our new stuff!

And try it out we did!

Continued in The Anal and Spanking Story, part 3.


  1. toy shopping is a favorite past time of ours. sounds like you picked up some good stuff! that paddle is serious looking.