Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nursing Is Who We Are

This blog is obviously about two things, chastity and nursing.  Neither is more important than the other to K and I.  Both parts are important to us, and without either of them we feel like there is something missing. The chastity gives us a connection by my feeling the device choice of the day holding my dick and K having the knowledge that I am being held chaste for her, with the evidence of the key being on her keyring.  Though it provides many benefits to us, one is simply the fun playfulness of control given to K.

Nursing is equally important.  Without it, we feel too far apart.  It has become one huge part of our relationship, defining us to each other.  We more and more realize a need for each other.  Nursing connects us when we are together.  It gives closeness like none we have known before.  There holding each other, me nursing at her breasts, we give and receive attention, love, and caring, on a level unknown otherwise.  We love each other:  we both know that our love for each other is powerfully strong.  Often, we will lay there in bed and nurse to sleep.  We set the alarm clocks a little early so that we can enjoy nursing as a wonderful start to the day.  Starting the day with nursing sets the tone for us, and gives us anticipation for the two of us coming together at the end of that day.  Other types of lovemaking may not happen in any given day, but the day ALWAYS includes nursing, if we see each other at all  (rotating shifts prevent that sometimes).

It is just who we are.  We realize it more every day, literally.  It is a beautiful part of our relationship; one we do not want to be without.  When we have not had our nursing, we are not ourselves.  We miss it.  We long for it.  We look for the next opportunity, often creating one when there would not normally have been one.

Ahhhh.... Nursing!  Gentle.  Caring.  Loving.  Sharing.  Completing.   Being one with each other.  Beautiful.

We are hooked!

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