Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ugh…. 750 miles from K!

The trip to family is complete, in that I have arrived, 750 miles from K. It has been a good trip so far, enjoying my kids on the way and visiting with Mom and Stepdad. Hmmmm…..

Now it's time for bed. Waaaa….. I am missing K. I am so accustomed to nursing to sleep and awaking to nursing before my day starts. It appears that without it, sleep is not nearly so sweet. I miss those breasts. There is something about them, pressed to my face, sucking the nipples sweetly, her baby in her arms, that is so comforting and loving to my heart. It relaxes me and gives me love on the deepest of levels. I am going to have to do without them for a few days and THAT will not be easy.

I just got off the phone with K. We are both laying in our respective beds, getting ready to go to sleep. We talked of the day's busy-ness. We talked about nursing. We slightly mentioned my not being locked on this trip. She mentioned that she had not yet read my other two posts last night. I can believe that! If she had read the one where I talked of masturbating, she may have well had more to say about locking! She will laugh when she does read them though. She does keep up with my posts. I miss the locking. I do like it when I'm locked and she has that key to my pleasure. If you want to know more about all the trip unlocking provision, you will have to read the previous two posts.

I am doing a little investigative trial run tonight. I am wearing Kali! It is not locked on with a lock, but rather is "locked" on with a plastic tie-wrap. Oh yes, I do have K's lock with me, ready to be used when permissible. That is not tonight though. If I were to snap the lock shut, it will be there until I get back to K…750 miles away! Nope! Not happening tonight! I especially do not want Kali locked on, unremovable, until Saturday. This is a trial, after all. I am going to see if it is possible to wear Kali all night and find what the results may be when morning wood occurs. If it is too troublesome for good sleep, off it will come and I will be able to rest well. I am not into sleep deprivation at all! If Kali works out okay, I may leave it on tomorrow and again tomorrow night. And, so the trial may continue. I have my doubts though.  It may be a little interesting  at the gym.  I will be using the local gym while visiting family here.  I have not had to be concerned with concealment of my worn devices in the past. The gym I will use does not afford quite as much privacy.  I can manage though.  It will actually be kind of fun to work that out to avoid discovery.

Ah, yes, another thing we talked of somewhat. K is continuing to work her breasts. I did my best to encourage her. We really do want the milk. However, if she doesn't have me to nurse, it is difficult for her to muster the motivation to work on the inducing by herself. If she only knew, if she were only convinced, how much I really do want her milk: I may actually want it more than she does.

And another thing: we talked of her purple friend. That my dear reader, would be her wonderful vibrator. I asked her if she had used it yet since we parted yesterday morning. She said no. I said that I imagine that it would be happening soon though. She replied with something that indicated that I was probably right, but wasn't sure when. Hmmmmm…. I KNOW I'm right! But good for her. I do believe that a woman should take good care of her pussy. Just because her favorite device for her orgasms is not accessible……750 miles away….. doesn't mean that she shouldn't take care of herself in SOME way (wink, wink). Oh, so what is her favorite device, you may ask? Well…..I wish I could say it is my dick (oops, excuse me, her dick ).  But alas, it is not.  Her favorite orgasm inducing device is my tongue.  That is okay though.  I get to participate.  By the way, have I mentioned, I love to eat K's pussy?  Uh huh, I sure do.  It is one of my favorite pastimes.  So she will be using the next best thing available; the purple friend.

She knows that I will be taking care of myself too, while on the trip.  I sure am glad I have that privilege afforded me.  I know I'll need it.  Sooner or later, Kali will come off and fun will be had!  But what about the lock I have with me?  That is for later.  I told K, that if she wanted to, she could order me to lock up the morning of departure back to her, maybe even the day before.  Then, I will be needing that lock ready for use.  It will be nice to be back under lock and key for her again.  I do long for it when not absolutely locked for her, by her, at her bidding.  It is a confusing paradox.  I can imagine that I will be horny out of my gourd if I am locked for her on Friday, I have to sleep here, and I have to travel all the way home Saturday with Hairclip fastened securely to HER dick.  I will be SO ready to eat her pussy!!! I had better end this blog now:  I'm getting horny just thinking about it.

I am looking forward to Saturday, my trip back to K who is at this moment (you guessed it)…..750 miles away!


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