Friday, December 17, 2010

Awesome New Ground

GFriday Morning.

Tomorrow I leave to return home from my family visiting, on vacation, 750 miles away from home, and K. I'll hit the road with my two kids and make the trek back home. It will be good to see K again. (Hmmmmm…. can you tell that I am crazy about this lady?)

Last night, I locked her dick back up, at her insistence over the phone. Wow! What an experience. I am 750 miles away from her. There is no chance or choice to be unlocked now. Well…. of course I could break out of it, but what's the fun in that? Besides, I gave K my dick a long time ago, so how could I break out without GOOD reason. That would be breaking trust and ruining the effect of her ownership. I am locked, because she wants HER dick locked. I complied when she insisted last night. I am now hornier than ever. I'm not sure how to explain what is in my head. Let's see….

I am far away from K. There is no chance to get a key and unlock. It is a done deal….locked! Can't undo it. I can't escape, as stated above. Knowing that I am completely, inescapably, undeniably secure until I get home, is really playing with my mind. When at home or at work, I knew that K was not far away. The key was reasonably within access, in that K was was within access, and so was her loving and care. Now, that is not the case. K is NOT within access. I am out here. NO access. NO escape. No way to get releif. Hairclip is secure and security is with a PA piercing. There's no way to undo that. OH My Goodness! I'm so FUCKING horny!

K and I were texting earlier today. She got out her purple friend and got her an orgasm. We talked of nursing, of lovemaking, holding, caressing, her holding my balls, squeezing them, pulling them, and eating her pussy. OOOooohhh… I love to eat her pussy! That hot wetness pressed in my face when she comes! The way she moans. She grips my head tightly with her legs and I bury my face deep into her pussy lips and enjoy the wetness, smell, and hotness. It is my little place of heaven on earth. We talked of how I will be home tomorrow night, but it doesn't seem soon enough. And, we talked of the fact that I was locked up and had no choice now but to wait for my next orgasm. I was pretty worked up by the time we were done. Horny as HELL! Afterward, I went to take a shower (Might should have been a cold shower, ha!). I had precum oozing from me, and Hairclip. Yes, I was severely turned on aver the "conversation". I cleaned it up good, wishing that I could have masturbated.

As I write this, and am reminded anew of the intense emotions that I'm having now that I'm undeniably locked up 750 miles away from K, I'm horny all over again. AGAIN!?!?!? Ha! I think I have been in a perpetual state of horniness since I locked her dick last night. Right now, I would imagine that I have a fresh new wet spot in my drawers!

Hmmm… Locked and far away. No chance for unlocking or orgasm…NONE! This may not be all that exciting for some who read this, that have stricter levels of chastity arrangements.

For me, it is awesome new ground.

As always, comments are welcomed.


  1. I just found your blog today through Keyheld. Other than my relatively new fascination of male chastity (we are non-practicing), my real attraction was the topic of ANR (of which we are practicing).

    It's so nice to get a male's perspective on this type of relationship. You have a very good blog voice and I enjoy your no nonsense approach.

    Good luck with your lactation efforts (it's possible for anyone) and may I recommend you visit if you haven't already, or your K might enjoy

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Foxy,

    Thanks for your comments. I'm glad that you too enjoy ANR. I do consider ours an ANR even though milk flow has not happened yet. Of interest though, is that we are beginning to see slight beads of milk now when K manually massages her breasts. I am thrilled about this and am looking forward to more development. we are already readers of I will be also checking out the site. Thanks.

    If you are truly interested in male chastity, I'll predict that your interest will develop into desire to give it a try. It is a relatively inexpensive "kink" to get into, with some choices below $100. Don't get put off by those that may have ideas or directions in male chastity that are terribly different than what you might have in mind. It's all fun and games, with a possibility to enhance the relationship. The beauty is that you get to decide the rules: you get to do it YOUR way.

    Have fun!