Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Guess I Was Wrong

Written on Tuesday, December 28.

Today, I went for eye surgery. Nothing critical. Totally elective. Laser vision correction. LASIK. When you go in for the procedure they want you to take a Xanax. The procedure was done quickly. K took me home for a nap: that is one of the desired effects of the Xanax, to get you to sleep at least three hours.

When we got home, I was at the point of keeping my eyes totally shut all the time. It was more comfortable that way. K led me into the house and to the bed room like a blind man, literally. I took my clothes off, maintaining as much independence as possible. I crawled in bed. K took care of me all the way. She fed me a little bite to eat and was about to leave me to sleep it off. Just as she was getting ready to walk out of the room, she turned and asked, "Where are your CDs? You need to be locked up before I leave. You need to be kept safe!" I could hear her smiling! I told her they were in my duffle. She got them out, retrieved Hairclip from the mix and proceeded to install it on her dick. I had to kind of talk her through it some. She has only done it once before. The usual procedure is that I get everything on and then come to her for her to do the locking action. By the time it was ALMOST, I was getting hard. I had to then assist, still blind. Okay, we managed. The job was completed. She gave her dick an "okay, you are locked safely now" kiss, and I went off to sleep. She left and slept off the Xanax; five hours later.

It was sweet to me. I love it when she locks me up, especially when I don't expect it. I had assumed that I was going to sleep well and no lockup was in store.

I was wrong! (big smile)

I sure love this lady.

I have a wonderful life!


  1. Good for you! My wife doesn't lock me up on her own, but I was excited yesterday when I asked her if I should lock up and she said "yes". And even better, she allowed me to bring her to orgasm orally while locked up this morning.

    P.S. Enjoy your blog!

  2. I have found that giving K an orgasm while still being locked is really hot. And when being locked in Kali, giving her an orgasm is the height of hotness. I love it when K does the whole act of locking herself. It makes it feel even more that she owns this dick and takes responsibility for it. (big smile)

  3. I'm curious about your plastic Kali device. I believe it was you that mentioned ClubFem's device, but the picture you have posted isn't the same as the one they're selling.

    Also, can you post a pic of your plastic Kali in use? Beside the fact that it's different than what they're selling now, I'm not sure how that secures by looking at it.

    Great blog though, I'm glad I found it the other day.

  4. Yes, PK is from Clubfem. They sell it with a style of zip ties that have a tab area for the KH to sign. To make it simpler and more cost effective, I buy a tie at the hardware store that has a mounting hole in it. K then places her lock in the hole. This proves for her that I have been faithful and not cut the tie. With K having the only key, there is no way for me to put her lock on another tie if I WERE to cut the one off and replace it with a new tie. For us, this makes a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to lock me up in PK.

    I looked at Clubfem's site again and they are still selling the same device that I have named "PK". The true name of their device is Male Chastity Device, also known as MCD.

    I will try to get some more pictures up soon of PK, as you have requested.

    Thanks for commenting,


    Thanks for commenting,