Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Leaving On A Trip, Loving The Night Before

K and I are separated for a few days. She is working and could not get off. Her job demands are high this week. I have vacation! I grew up about 750 miles from where I now call home. I still have family there: mom and step-dad, two sisters, nieces and nephews. I don't get to visit them as often as I like. Usually I get to visit in the summer, but that didn't happen this year. So, it has been almost a year since I have seen them. This is what I consider my holiday trip. I will not be able to travel there at Christmas due to my own job constraints.

K and I spent the last two nights at my house in preparation for my trip. I have been locked according to our custom since the new PA5000 arrived. Last night, I took good care of K. She was horny, and so was I (duh). Hmmm... she deserved it, definitely. She had taken care of me the night before. You see, I have had a nasty cold and sinus infection for a few days: I've felt like crap. I think that K, knowing this kind of took it easy on me. She knew I needed rest badly. So, Saturday night, we had a little loving/nursing, then enjoyed sex, with me having an orgasm. She was content with having pleased me. Instead of asking me to give her an orgasm before I got to come, she opted to use the vibrator after sex. Out came the vibrator and she had hers. We cuddled up and while I nursed, we both fell to sleep. Sunday, I mentioned that it was her turn for an orgasm from me orally: she was due. Oral is her preferred path. She was excited about that. Now, I don't want that to sound like we take turns having orgasms. The norm is for us both to have one. Only occasionally, only one of us does.

Sunday night, she came over to my house after I had gotten home from work. My kids were due in any minute too. As she walked in, up they drove. We enjoyed the fireplace and all of each other's company. Then, K and I retired to the bedroom. Somewhere in all that, she referred to my taking care of her orally. I responded with a positive reinforcement that I wanted to please her well. So, off we went. In bed we cuddled and enjoyed foreplay. Nursing. Playing with my dick and balls. Excuse me, her playing with her dick and balls. One of the things we enjoy is that while we cuddle and I nurse, she is facing me. She lifts one leg for me to place her balls and dick between her knees. She then holds them there firmly, sometimes squeezing, sometimes squeezing hard! Depending on the exact placement of balls between knees, the squeezes will deliver varying amounts of pressure and pain to the balls. She rarely overdoes this, and then by accident (of course, sometimes it may be to do exploring of the pain threshold). She understands that it is possible to be TOO painful. However, she does enjoy administering SOME pain. I enjoy it too. I do have a little masochist in me. As she squeezes, it feels good. As she squeezes harder, the pain increases. As the pain increases, I get hornier, and I get more excited in my nursing. My breathing changes as pain increases. K seems to know exactly where that threshold of pain is to where she will not squeeze to much. This is all a hugely nice tease to me. K loves the excitement it builds in me. Perhaps, she may actually enjoy the giving of pain somewhat too. Yep, I do believe so. To me, that's a good thing.

With all the nursing and ball play, K gets really horny and wet. Soon she will be ready for my tongue. She pulled me on top of her. I wasn't sure where to go next. She pulled me to her, to enter her with her dick. In I go and stroke some. She then stops me and moves me to eat her pussy. AHHHH! Wonderful pussy eating! I love it. I ate her well. I evidently got it right. LOL. She came quickly and from all appearances, she had a GOOD one (she later commented that it was indeed a very good orgasm). Now it was my turn. She pulls me back to her to enter her. She plays with her dick to ensure readiness and in I go. I begin stroking in and out. This lasted a little while. As in this case, when I last long before coming, she will want to change positions. So to the position of her on hands and knees and me entering her pussy from behind (yeah I know, but K doesn't like to call it doggy style). I began working it in this position. Then it happened. Too many negative forces came into play. I was sick. I was overly fatigued. I was tired. K even noted that I felt like I had a fever. AND…..down I went! Mr. Dicky Doo fell from his perch, and I rolled over on my back gasping, tuckered out. K loved on me, climbed on top and tried to coax Mr. Wiggly back into action, but unfortunately, I had given all I had. Time to cuddle up and nurse to sleep. We both went to sleep happy.

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