Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So here I am. On a trip with my two kids (adults). We are holed up in a hotel and will complete the journey to family Tuesday. Not quite sleepy enough yet, I'm doing a little writing to my blog. I am missing K….. a lot. I don't have her with me to cuddle with. No nursing for me for a few days. Hunh, no pussy eating or sex either.

We have teased each other since I left home this afternoon, texting. I have teased her that she can make do with her vibrator. Also, as manager of her dick, I will be sure to keep her dick in good practice!


I haven't told that part yet.

I discussed with K that I felt that I need to be unlocked for the trip duration. She allowed for it. My two biggest reasons were that I sleep much better when not wearing a CD, and that since there was NO way to get to her, if I was overcome with horniness in her absence, I NEEDED to be able to relieve myself. She knows that I can get VERY distraught if I cannot get to her when I need to. I once kind of had a sort of emotional crash after having to do without her for 3 days in a row. NOTHING would do until I could be with her. She understands that. It's tough to explain, but maybe I will attempt it in a future post. So, the idea is that if I need relief, I need to be able to have it. When we got up this morning, she got ready for work. I made her coffee and built a nice fire in the fireplace. We enjoyed the morning and off to work she went. Before she walked out the door, I gave her the keysafe to unlock. This gave availability to the key that was inside; the key to Hairclip. She looked at me puzzled. I said that just maybe she might like me to be locked up before I left Mom's. With the keysafe opened, the key available, I could lock Hairclip on and then lock the key back into the keysafe. She smiled and gladly unlocked the keysafe for possible future use.

Now, as you may know, I have stated that this blog is a complete effort to TRUTHFULLY represent our lives in chastity and nursing. K has in essence indicated that it is okay for me to have a few days off from CD usage while on the trip. If you read the previous post, we had great loving the past two nights. Only one thing lacked; my orgasm last night. Soooooooo…… yep, you guessed it. Monday morning, I took matters into my own hand. Ahhh… that was the first masturbation since October 10th. Felt good. Real good. Honestly though, it does not compare to sex with K. It certainly does good when there are no other options though. (big smile)

So here I am. Unlocked for a few days. How much will I take advantage of it? How often will I masturbate? I was not a frequent masturbator before CD play anyway. Depending. What does each individual call frequent. It is relative, after all. Me, rarely ever would I do it three times in a day, and then only after I hadn't done it in several days. Other than those exceptions, I would estimate my tendencies to 5 times a week, on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. Will I masturbate on any more occasions on this trip? Most likely, yes. Gotta keep the juices flowing, right? Gotta keep the Dicky Doo in good shape. Use it or lose it, huh? He needs practice to maintain his ability to please on demand! That's my story and I'm sticking too it

Hmmmm….. Can't help but wonder when K will start insisting that I be locked back up. I do know that she is very considerate of my needs, and that she will not be overbearing in the matter.

Oh my…….


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