Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Rest Of That TUESDAY Story!

So, there we were. I was locked in Kali. I had just been to the doctor's office for a three hour appointment. Finished we made our way home after getting a bite to eat. Arriving at my house, K was hanging around for a few minutes. She needed to get back to work soon. Hmmmm….but she was hanging around. Next thing I know, we are n bed, me nursing, still locked in Kali. We were really enjoying it! Her breasts were so full and firm. It seemed that they should be giving milk any minute. I was really getting into it. K was too.

As I nursed, she began stroking my locked cock. She teased and teased. She then sent down and sucked on the exposed head, Kali still FIRMLY in place. Oh my goodness! This was over the top. As she sucked, she touched all the right places. I was trying to get hard…well, not trying. Her dick was trying to get hard, regardless of my efforts to keep it down somewhat. And every time she hit those sensitive spots with her tongue, I spontaneously flexed those penile muscles. OW,ow,ow! It was a pleasant misery. K was loving it, the teasing she was doing, the results of the erotic pain she caused, my response of intensely gripping her body, nursing, moaning, jumping when "too" intense, all the responses she was seeing from the thrill of me getting so turned on, yet trying to control a "wanna-be" raging erection! It was giving her a sense of power and control, she later confessed. You only THINK I was horny! She was turned on even more. She was really getting off on "tormenting" me (huge smile!). Don't me wrong. I was getting off on it too. She was giving me so really erotic attention, while I was locked in Kali, which made it even MORE erotic!

While all this is going on, I started telling K that I wanted to eat her pussy. "I want to eat your pussy so badly!" She soon took my head to her pussy. Ooooooh how good it was. She was so wet! K has no problem with wetness. When she is turned on, she is wet. Extra lube is rarely needed. Rarely! Like, maybe three times in almost a year of our acquaintance. But THIS time, K was dripping wet. No, that is not an exaggeration. The thing is, not only was I horny, I was overwhelmed with the desire to eat her pussy. It was of paramount importance. Nothing else would do for MY pleasure until I had enjoyed her pussy, eating it well, enjoying her wetness, smell, heat, excitement, and bringing her to an orgasm. Hopefully, it would be an exquisite orgasm for her, and I would be able to enjoy it all with my face nuzzled in her pussy, enjoying her moans of pleasure and arousal. And so I ate!

I didn't take long. I ate her pussy gleefully. I can't remember a better time of eating her pussy to her orgasm. And I was still locked in KALI! I was so turned on! I was between her legs, licking to both of our pleasures. Her dick was still trying to get harder. Kali would not allow it because of the pain she would exact. I was loving it. Horny as hell! Eating her wonderful pussy! Getting bitten hard by Kali! Ahhhh…..such heavenly places. My desire for eating her escalated by the second. I moaned myself, as I ate her. I rarely do that, but this time, I moaned almost continuously as I ate. I was nearly beside myself. I can't explain it, but I had only one pleasure at the time: eating K. It was all I perceived, eating her and Kali biting, keeping dick under control. I too was dripping wetness from excitement. And then, K came. It was special. It was the best I have ever known. K seemed to be having one of those over-the-top orgasms and I was enjoying with her almost as if it were my own. I moaned with her. I moved with her. As she came, I pressed my nose inside her pussy and lay there as she ground her pussy in my face. How can I describe it any farther, of the union of heart and soul I felt as she came? I lived her orgasm!

After she came, she feverishly reached for the keys and unlocked Kali from her dick. I quickly became FULLY hard and entered her. I did not last long. I was too turned on; too horny! That is when something unusual happened for me. I was surprised, literally. I came. I came hard. I came with "violence". I came so hard that I seemed to enter a different mental state than ever before. My orgasmic contractions were more powerful than ever. The number of contractions were increased more than ever before. Did I count them? Do I keep count? No. It was simply that they kept coming, more than usual. If my normal orgasm is five seconds, then this one was fifteen seconds. Yes, it seemed to last literally three times longer. WOW!!!! only partly, weakly describes it.

Afterward, K got dressed and went to work, with a FFL. (That my dear reader would be a Freshly Fucked Look!) I rolled over and went to sleep, still lost in the post-orgasmic glow, feeling so good, so relaxed.

Now I reflect again on "why?" Why was it so good. I think there are a few reasons. I hadn't come since Sunday morning. This was now Tuesday. So, there had been a little time to build up some desire/horniness. I had been locked in Kali. Kali seems to be the most excitement-generating device of the four we have. Kali's teeth are perfect for causing arousal without severe discomfort during normal life. Then, during lovemaking, Kali can cause intense sensations when K's dick is trying to get hard. It is impossible for me to become fully erect wearing Kali because to become FULLY hard would be unbearable pain. So you have this paradoxical situation. I'm aroused. It causes erection. Erection is quelled by Kali. This quelling is in itself exciting/arousing. I am then in a feed back loop of excitement/prevention of full erection. Throw in K's teasing, causing flexing of penile muscles, and you have quite a system of mental arousal. Whew! (fanning myself).

Then there was K. She was enjoying this sense of control and power. Seeing this discovery unfold in K was amazing, and exciting. I liked it. I admit, I do have a little bit of a masochistic tendency. All of these goings on was working me up nicely. Seeing K get so turned on by the whole teasing event, and the power/control, had me HOT!


I think that summarizes the whole event nicely.


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  1. That sounds like a day well spent to me! Your particularly intense reaction was enjoyable to read about. :)

  2. Foxy,

    Thanks for commenting. It was even more enjoyable to live. And really, "enjoyable" is an understatement. (BIG smile!)