Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How It Turned Out

I suppose you read my post The Weekend In Atlanta Well this how the night turned out. We began making love. I sucked her nipples and caressed her pussy. I spoke softly to K, loving her. This was her time. I told her that I wanted her to come, to have a wonderful orgasm. It was my primary goal, my main desire, to see her come. She had been without orgasmic celebration since Thursday morning. She NEEDED to come. I needed her to come. I did not care at all if I had no orgasm. I even said to her that I would NOT have an orgasm until she did. THAT'S how important it is for her to be satisfied. With a little more loving, it was time to get the vibrator. Nope, it was not already convenient to the bed. I quickly retrieved the purple friend and came back to bed. Caressing and loving on K more, we then activated Purple Friend. As she used PF, I sucked and fondled her nipples and rubbed her pussy.

I didn't take long. She came quickly. All that pent up frustration came out…… Rockets soared! Fireworks exploded! Screams were heard (okay, loud moans, maybe!). KABOOM!!!!!! She came wonderfully. K came long. She was now happy, relaxed and fulfilled.

All this time, I am still locked in PK. Now she was happy and drifting off to sleep. I gently reminded her and she took off PK. She took me at my word. She sweetly went to sleep, not concerned about any sexual pleasure I might conceivably need. Well, I didn't need any. I was happy too. I was fulfilled. I got what I needed: K had her orgasm. It was all good. I cuddled up to her and we both slept well all night.

We awoke this morning. K made coffee and we stayed in bed a while reading various items of interest. K got involved in reading Thumper's blog. Must have gotten her going! She attacked me! She started sucking her dick. We made love again. Her period was now over and I ate her pussy for a while. PF came out again and eventually she got another orgasm. MY TURN! I went in her and had a WONDERFUL orgasm for my self. Dust settled down around us as my primal grunts and groans shook the rafters! Yes, it was that good. Now we both felt GOOD.

Later, K mentioned something about still feeling the "aftershocks" from her orgasms earlier. I suggested that she meant to say afterglow, that aftershocks were what came after bad earthquakes. She said, "Exactly! The earth moved this morning!"

And THAT'S the way it turned out! (big smile)


  1. "orgasmic celebration" - I really like that phrase. :)

    So glad K finally had reason to smile! I was smiling while reading. (of course I'm happy for you, too, that she decided to share!)

  2. Sharing is a good thing. K and I share regularly. I like it when K smiles. I love it when I'm the one who helped cause that smile.

    Thanks for commenting,