Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Weekend in Atlanta

K and I had a good weekend in Atlanta USA. We spent the day Friday with my kids, opening presents, eating, enjoying each other's company. That afternoon, K and I went to Atlanta, about five hours away. K had unlocked me Thursday night, and since we were together the whole time, did not re-lock me Friday. We made it to our Atlanta hotel at about 1:00am and hit the sack, nursing to sleep. Upon waking the next mooring, went to the continental breakfast, ate, got coffee, and headed back to the room to get ready for the day.

Once in the room, I wanted to nurse some more. K was sitting on the couch and I went to her and laid across her lap and nursed for a little while. After we were done with that, we loved, cuddled and talked. I told K that I was going to go ahead and get a shower. It was getting on past noon and we had a dinner reservation at 2:00: time to get moving in that direction. As we broke our embrace, I was feeling very much in love. I turned to K and said that after my shower, I wanted her to lock me up in Kali. She smiled and said that she thought that would be good. I said that it had been since Thursday night and I missed it (this was now Saturday afternoon, Christmas day). After showering, I was at the vanity and K got up from the couch. She walked over to me innocently and looked down. She took hold of her dick gently and carefully locked on Kali. Oh how good that was! It was a little surprise for her to so deliberately come to me, without a word, and take it in her own hands to affect the locking of her dick. Sweet!

We spent the day together enjoying each other. We went to see Christmas lights. It snowed nicely, something we don't get to see much of in the deep south. We made it back to our hotel room and settled into some loving. Nursing. Petting. Cuddling. K teased my dick some, as Kali bit in several times upon my attempts to get hard. After quite a bit of moaning, K unlocked me to have sex. I tried. Dickie doo just would not cooperate. After enough trying, we settled into trying to get K's orgasm. She is on her period, so eating pussy was not happening. Her flow is minimal because of medical procedures performed a few years ago. Still, eating her was not an option for me. Out came the vibrator and we tried. It just would not work for her. Neither of us got any satisfaction in the way of orgasms.

Sunday, we enjoyed much of the same, cuddling, seeing the city, eating at unique little places, enjoying the Sundial Lounge at sunset (this is the tallest restaurant/lounge in the western hemisphere). For some reason, K and I just couldn't seem to get on the same emotional ground. It seemed we were disconnected emotionally. Neither of us really understood why. We finished the day that way. As we cuddled, both of us could feel the distance. K turned to me and said that she wanted me to go get Kali for her. I had not worn any CD all day. I got Kali for her and she made short work of locking her on. We cuddled, nursed a little, then broke apart to sleep not quite so attached. Hmmmm…..something was still strained.

That morning at about 3:00am, I awoke to pee. K woke also. She began to fondle me and I caressed her to. Her dick became hard quickly and I moaned for the pleasure/pain. At on point, she sucked and stoked. It was pleasurable misery. Then, she began to stroke me more intensely, at my coaxing. It hurt like hell, but still tolerable. And then…….OUCH! I did one of those involuntary flexes of dick muscles as she touched one of those super sensitive spots. I Jumped and exclaimed loudly in pain. He covered my mouth somewhat because of my volume. I was in pure pain. No fun. PAIN. It took a couple of minutes for the hardness to subside. When I had settled down enough to keep from moaning too loudly, K unlocked me. We then tried again to have sex, after some more cuddling and loving. It still would not happen. It was frustrating to BOTH of us. We eventually went to sleep.

We awoke around 10:00 Monday morning. It wasn't long, with K rubbing her dick, I was hard as a rock. I promptly turned over on K and we tried to have sex. She was too dry. She had not had enough stimulation that morning yet. Getting some lube, we did get the job done, for me anyway. I needed that, an orgasm. I had been frustrated with the multiple attempts for a couple of days. There was just one problem. K still hadn't had an orgasm. She felt left out. I offered to get the vibrator for her to use. She declined. She wasn't feeling it, and the vibrator on hand wasn't working too well for her.

We talked and loved and petted. I did my best to make her feel loved and appreciated. We both got out of bed feeling better, but K was still needing some orgasmic relief. I hurt for her. I wished there was something we could do. There were no options. To me, it was kind of sad. I really wanted her to be satisfied. We packed up and left the hotel, ate at another local restaurant, and returned to home, a five hour trip, plus stops. We went to my house for a few minutes. It was there that she reminded me of the need to fix her vibrator.

Thursday, K's dog had gone on a chewing spree! Doggie got ahold of K's vibe. Oh no! Chewed the wire in two. The vibrator we now had been trying to use was another that I had on hand. It wasn't the same. K now wanted her's repaired. Out came the soldering iron, solder, and glue gun. I had it repaired in 10 minutes.

At this writing, K and I are in bed. Vibe is on hand. K needs some attention. NOW!!!!!!! I am locked in PK.

I'll let let you all know how it turns out.

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