Monday, December 13, 2010


Being the nursing couple that we are, K and I look around for related blogs. One she found of interest was It is two married women who write of their experience in ANR with their husbands. Of particular note to me was their use of the word "bosoming ". I have given a little thought to the term.

My interpretation of bosoming Is much like nursing. These are my takes on the words and there differences. Bosoming to me, would be the enjoyment of the breasts by one's mate. This would include all manners of such, as in being held in the breasts, sucking the breasts, and so on, for as long as desired. However, it doesn't have any connotations of a baby suckling or of the loving and interaction on a level providing such exquisite care as can be seen between mother and child. This could possibly make it more palatable to those who aren't so understanding or open minded. After all, there are people that think that adult "nursing" is "wrong". So, to say "bosoming" would seem more "grown-up" or "adult-ish". I can see where that would be a desirable effect, especially if one is wanting to discuss it with others that are outside the realm of understanding. This could even be a useful term for those who consider the joys of nursing but are hesitant because of the infantile reference.

Nursing on the other hand is a little bit different. It is much like bosoming, in that it includes all that it is. To me though, it also includes some other important aspects. I consider nursing to be COMPLETELY what it implies, although from an adult perspective (hence ANR). It is an adult nursing at an adult's breasts. It is bosoming, with possibly the thought of having all the other enhancements. Enhancements? Uh huh. Nursing provides for all the loving, care, nurturing, connection, dependence, and the need to provide to that dependence, much like in the case of a baby/mother, yet on an adult level. Do not confuse the two. ANR and infant/mother nursing is obviously two different things. I only mention the infant case for a comparison, to explain the provisions and emotions involved in ANR. It is as strong an interaction between two adults as it is in the infant case. POWERFUL!

One other thing: nursing, to me, more so implies the receiving of milk. Yep. Just like a baby. Talk about a loving connection! K and I do not have that benefit yet, but it is one we both strongly desire. Can it happen? Can she start producing milk without pregnancy? There is a lot of information out there that says yes. We are trying to make it happen for us. If it does, it will be the icing on the cake of our ANR! I do realize that there are plenty of people for whom the thought of milk does nothing to pleasure them. For the rest of us, it does. To each their own, eh?

Now don't get me wrong. I am not making light of the term bosoming or those who use it regularly. I think it is an appropriate word to use. I will use it occasionally myself. For K and I though, we'll most likely use the word "nursing" between us. For me, it conveys the truth about what we enjoy.

I wish I had her to nurse me now at her breasts: I would partake of all those wonderful intimacies in her arms....

and, I would wish for milk!

Nursing it is!

As always, comments are most welcome.


  1. Bosoming is an interesting term but like you, I think nursing better describes the activity. And yes, milk is a hot fantasy but since I would be the bearer of said milk, I am not sure I really want it to come true. Been there, done that as they say. :-)


  2. It is always good to hear from those that also enjoy nursing/bosoming. Milk is not just a fantasy for K and I. We are actively trying to make it happen. We have had some long discussions about it. We are both willing to do whatever we can to induce lactation. It is a pure desire within both of us. We do definitely want it to come true. Thanks for the comment