Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ah, Returned Home

I had been gone on the earlier described trip...750 miles away... and returned Saturday. By the time I got home, unloaded the car, unpacked, and got to K's house, it was late; about midnight. Oooh, was I tired. I crawled into bed with K and we snuggled, I started nursing and was out like the proverbial light. We awoke Sunday morning and were quite lazy. It started off with our usual nursing session. Ahhhh....gotta love it! Go to sleep nursing, then wake up and right back to nursing again. After a little while of nursing and loving on each other, the pangs of coffee desire started to make themselves real. Hmmmm....I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that we LOVE coffee. Not just coffee, but good, strong, custom blend, custom roasted coffee, which we buy from a local store that markets their own line. Then we have to pervert it somewhat with some Crème Brulee creamer! Hey, we know what we like!

During the coffee, we resume our loving. Another cup of coffee is taken in. AND....the loving continues. We love on each other for not just minutes. We stretch it to a couple of hours. Mind you, I almost always sleep unlocked with K. I was therefore still unlocked, since lovemaking was surely imminent. And loving we did! Nursing. Sucking. K on my nipples. K on my dick. Eating K's pussy. K having a good orgasm. Then.....we had sex. Yep. Me, her dick, inside her pussy. AAAAHHH! I had a good orgasm. YESSSSS! It had been since Tuesday, I think. It did feel good! (Big smile).

We got up, ate breakfast, went shopping, and did all sorts of things through the day. We ended up at my house that night and went to sleep, peacefully nursing. I awakened at 4:20, assisted by the rude alarm set a few hours earlier, at which time we did our nursing session for 15 minutes. We both got incredibly horny. I had very little time but K agreed that we could have sex, even though it would definitely have to be a quickie. We tried. As powerfully horny I was, I could not believe that I could not get a decent erection. I couldn't even maintain an adequate one long enough to even get inside K, let alone have sex with orgasm. UGH!!!! It was terribly frustrating. I was so damn horny, and we did try really hard. It just wasn't happening. I couldn't understand why I was having this failure. Finally I had to give up and get ready for work. I still loved starting my day with nursing, and it is supposed to help with inducing lactation if we nurse as often as possible. So, off to work I went, happy to have enjoyed those wonderful breasts again, with coffee in hand, locked in PK (plastic Kali (Femdom's MCD)). Frustrated, but happy.

PK talked to me a few times through the day. She told me that I had better not get hard, not even a little bit. I had put PK on a little extra tight that morning. I wanted to see what it would be like to be held even tighter than usual. Well, I will report that PK was much more noticeable all day, even though my job position for the day was sitting at a computer. And, when I started to get hard a few times, PK said "NO!" It's a helluva tease! I never knew until chastity, how much I enjoyed a little bit of a masochistic bent. There's probably more to say about that!

I still wondered about the morning. Why in the hell couldn't I get it up? Then it hit me. I'm taking some medicines because of sinus infection and a cold. I looked up the meds that I was currently taking on the www. One was an over the counter combo which contains Sudafed. There it was, the information I needed. The side effects said nothing about causing difficulty with erections. What it did say was that it was a vasoconstrictor. Hmmmm... That's exactly opposite of Viagra. Viagra is a vasodilator. Makes perfect sense to me. If increased blood flow by dilation causes easier erections, then constriction would seem to make it more difficult. I would think this to be especially true if the man is already having a little trouble once in a while anyway. Yeah, yeah, I do take very low doses of Viagra (25mg) on rare occasion. No, I am not a doctor. No, I do not give medical advice. No, this is in no way supposed to say that I am qualified to explain drugs, medical facts, or anything else you have to be licensed to do. (How do you like that for a disclaimer?) I am only telling of my own unscientific deduction. Sure made ME wonder.

Where was I? Horny. Frustrated. Happy to be nursed. Wearing PK. At work. PK bites occasionally. Yeah. So, I finished out the day and crashed at K's house that night. It had gotten a little late when I finally made it there. I went to bed with her and again fell asleep quickly, nursing. With PK on! Yeah, that's right. PK remained on her dick all night. I woke once to pee, with a not-so-raging erection. PK's presence made short work of that. I went to pee and considered taking PK off. I needed sleep. I was disturbed by PK. K was asleep. PK is fastened on with only a nylon zip tie, by design. The thing that verifies that I have not removed it is that there is an "eye" in the zip tie that K puts her little masterlock into. If I were to cut off the tie, there is no way for me to open the lock to put it on another tie, hence I would be caught. This was 2:30 in the morning though! K and I had agreed that I would not have to sleep in any CD when together. Hmmmmm.... I'll just cut it off and go back to bed, explaining it in the morning. I got out the cutters, paused, and put them back up. She had locked her dick. She had failed to unlock me that night. That was MY fault. I should have reminded her. No, if at all possible, I will continue to sleep and maybe K will remove it in the morning. And sleep I did. I briefly awakened a few times due to PK's presence, but sleep was satisfactory. It worked okay.

The next morning, K commented that I had slept all night with PK on. I said yes, that I had fallen asleep nursing, thinking it would come off before sleep came. There wasn't much else to that conversation. She unlocked the padlock from the zip tie, at which time it indicates that I can cut the tie. Cut, I took a shower and cleaned everything up well. I had a doctor appointment and K was going to take me, then take me home afterward. Well, she then commented. "You are going to be at the doctor's office for a few hours. You need to be protected while we are apart, from all those predator women." ("Predator women" is a joke that K and I have, about all those women out there who are ready to take advantage of the unprotected male.) "You need to lock it up." When I asked what was her device of choice, she responded, "Kali!" Kali? "Yes, Kali." Oooookay, I sure wouldn't want to be unprotected. I dutifully placed Kali in position on her dick and she nicely clicked the lock shut. "There, all safe and protected," she said. She then gave her dick a little kiss, as usual upon locking, and I finished getting ready for the doctor office visit.

After the office visit, we had some REAL fun. Ahhhh, but, that is the subject of another post. HA!

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