Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Anal and Spanking Story, part 1

It started Thursday.

I had bought K a cute little crop for Christmas. Instead of the usual loop of leather at the end, it has a pink oval-shaped pussy-cat face fixture. We've played a little with it since I gave it to her, but nothing much; just a few wacks here and there, on either of us.

Thursday night, I guess it was time for more. The "pussy whip" was laying on the kitchen table (isn't it nice when the kids are grown and you don't have to hide everything?) innocently. I picked it up and playfully swatted K on the butt a couple of times. She jumped and laughed, while I investigated the pussy face print on her ass. Yep, there was definitely an imprint. She then got ahold of the crop and printed my ass up with a few swats. Wow! I loved it!

We migrated to the living room. K has a big chair with a big ottoman. It is almost big enough to call a loveseat, with the ottoman being matched to it. I laid back on the ottoman and waited on her to come from the kitchen. When she did, she touched me lovingly, holding the pussy-whip (PW) in the other hand. She then told me to turn over.

Let me back up slightly. K had a birthday earlier in the week. I treated her to dinner and dancing at a fine restaurant, coffee at one of our favorite coffee shops, chocolates, and lingerie from Victoria's Secret. That evening, I also told her that as another gift, I was going to give her a month of being her subbie. This meant that I was to be at her disposal for any pleasure she desired. Now, it didn't have any connotations of being her house slave, cleaning, cooking, and all that. It was more along the line of being her sex slave, ready to eat her pussy at any time, being denied if she desired, and anything else she could consider wanting in the line of sexual fantasy, play, and fulfillment. I offered this gift to expire on the same day of her birthday in March. She said that she only wanted it for two weeks instead. I said okay, if that's what she wants, two weeks it is (whew!). The next day, she did say that she might want to extend and accept it to the full month, depending. I said ok, maybe: after all, she made the modification, changing it to two weeks.

Okay, back to the story. As a good subbie, I complied, rolling over on my stomach on the ottoman. She then scooted my hips back so that my legs bent down to the floor. This posed me in a position of kneeling on my knees and bent over the ottoman, a perfect spanking position. She then proceeded to use the PW. She spanked me, turning my ass a bright read. With many of the swats, she would giggle, apparently enjoying the session, and enjoying reddening me arse. K commented that my ass was getting whelped up a little bit. That didn't stop her though. She would pause a little, inspect my ass, rub it a little, then spank some more. Some of them stung pretty good; okay, a lot! I could hear PW whipping through the air with most every swat. Each landed with a thwack as the rod and pussy face landed on it's mark.

I loved it.

K appeared to love it.

I loved it that K loved it.

K then had to go to the kitchen to take a prepared dish from the oven. I just stayed right where I was. She returned soon, PW in hand. She then proceeded to whip my ass some more. It wasn't long though until she was done. She then rubbed it softly again, soothing the redness and whelps. Wow! What a woman! Those that enjoy spanking will most likely relate to what I say next.

This is the first time K has ever really spanked me. I had casually mentioned it to her before, and that I thought I would like it. The thought of it turned me on. I had seen some of the videos that had been posted on the Serving B blog. The thought of being spanked so much excited me. I will say though, I'm not so sure that I want my ass quite so worked over as that, even though it is a thought. And, if K liked it, I would let her wear my ass out as much as she wanted too. I have commented to her a few times that sometimes I wish she would spank my ass such that I would feel it a few days, or at least all day!

The spanking was wonderful! When K was finished, I felt so close to her. I was so in love with her. I don't know why. I don't understand the mechanism. Don't ask me to figure it out. All I know is that after that spanking, I loved K more than ever. It endeared my heart to her more and stronger than ever before. I felt so madly in love with her. She spanked me in such a way that she showed me love. She even commented some of the time while spanking, that she loved me. It was profound. I really do love the spanking and the results I feel in my heart from it. I felt like K had given me a wonderful gift of love. I felt humbled by it. I felt like I was on the correct plane, where I should be. Us men have a nasty little habit of trying to be "one up" on everybody. Even if it is not "practiced" on everyone, the mentality is often times still there. That is the last place we should even start to think of ourselves with our loved one. I suppose the spanking puts me in the right mindset with K because it creates a pure honesty between us, creating equality in our hearts.

We moved to the bedroom and made love. Of course.

(Big Smile)


  1. I had to do some editing, so I reposted this comment from foxy. Foxy, if you want to repost the comment so that it looks right, feel free, and I will delete this that I have re-commented for you here. L&N

    foxy said…

    I'm so happy for you that you enjoyed the spanking.......but can't quite stop laughing at the term "pussy whipped". How playful and fun! :)

    February 23, 2011 6:24 PM

  2. nah. that's ok. what you did works. and now I have a visual to join my amusement! LOL

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