Monday, February 28, 2011

Spanking is a Delicate Thing

We continue to explore the spanking possibilities and how to incorporate it into our love making. It has been something that K and I have had to work on to get right, and that is still in developmental stages, with great progress.

Thursday night, K had another little session. We were in the bedroom at her house, getting ready for bed. I was already laying on the bed (hoping for a little spanking). K came to bed and fetched the paddle. We had mentioned that the "best" place to spank was probably kneeling over the big ottoman in her living room, or at least bent over the bed. This would probably give the best positioning for the proper application of leather to ass.

I however, was laying ON the bed, on my stomach. We proceeded anyway, which was ok with me. I found that it was much more intense. I had to tell K that the angles needed changed, don't strike quite so high, that might be too hard at that particular place on my butt, and so on. The laying on the bed obviously was making it more difficult for K to know exactly where to apply the paddle.

Now, I know you might think that I was doing too much in the way of trying to control the situation, but it needs to be understood what the damage CAN be by this particular paddle. It is very heavy, for a paddle of this sort. I think that I have a fairly high level of pain tolerance (K says that I do, if I want to). I actually enjoy the spanking when it is right. Why? I will explain that later. While laying completely prone, her angle of application had a tendency to be straight down. This was putting forces to the wrong places of the anatomy. It felt like it was compressing the buttocks into the body in such a way that it was bruising down in the muscle. I also felt it in my tail bone, with compression of inner tissue, to the point that it could bruise dangerous places internally. The overall effect was not only the pain, but was to cause a genuine concern in me for possibly more serious injury.

With this in mind, I drew my knees up under me somewhat to expose more of the bottom of my bottom. So now, I am positioned with my ass in the air and my chest still on the bed. K continued to spank, with force. In this position, now my butt was stretched tight. This gave the effect of causing a hardened ass, with very little give. So now, the spanking was more abrupt causing more of a jar to the spine, even seeming to be bruising muscle tissue in that area against the pelvis boney area.

With all this in mind, it did hurt. It stung. It was felt deeply. Although it was having a good effect on my heart, it didn't finish as we would have preferred. I had told K the day before, after some spanking, that if she had kept at it, I would probably have broken down and cried, letting out pent up emotion, and feeling a cleansing effect. That was the direction we were headed this night, but with all the detrimental circumstances of me laying on the bed, it caused me to shut down instead of opening up. K sensed it. After we were finished with it for the night, I commented that it may have been too hard of a spanking, considering all things. This upset her. She felt that she wasn't able to get anything right. I had to actually comfort her and tell her that I was only trying to give her feedback, since we were only starting to learn about it all. We had quite a discussion about it, both of us shedding some tears. After all was said and done, she understood the circumstances, and I understood that I must not give her "too much" feedback.

It is a delicate thing we are undertaking. Spanking is an enjoyable activity for us both. At the same time, it makes both of us vulnerable because we are actually sharing deep emotions with each other. It is turning out to be precious. I believe we will both enjoy it more as we progress.

Saturday night, we had another session. Ahh…but that is the subject of another post.

Just know, it was all good!

(Smiling, with deep love in my heart for K)


  1. I would be interested to find some good resources on spanking technique. I'm learning too.


  2. Dev,

    If you do find any, I'm sure all of us spanking enthusiasts would love to hear about it. I never would have thought that spanking could be so complicated.

    Thanks for commenting,